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  1. 1radicalron

    When a guitar picks *you*

    Don't fight the power. You only live once.
  2. 1radicalron

    Love my reissue 57 gold top but can't bond with "non custom shop" models. Am I a snob?

    R7 has a solid Mahogany body, Most other Les Paul Goldtops are weight relieved.
  3. 1radicalron

    Shipping an SG Without a Case?

    Incredible Ebay deal I could not pass up - I just had a 2001 LP Special shipped to me with no case. It arrived safe and sound. Lots and lots of Bubble Wrap, and it was double boxed. = I just found a LP Gator case cheap on Craigslist, going to pick it up later today.
  4. 1radicalron

    Smaller set screws for Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge.

    Yes, this is correct. The M3 8mm fit my Old Suhr Strat perfectly. There is a supplier on Ebay selling them in 100 pack.
  5. 1radicalron

    POLL: You decide my next pups (Rolph 59's or Godwood/Darkburst)

    Those ole wcr darkburst sets just knock me out! Like paf on steroids kinda tone. Those Rolphs have a nice vintage vibe. Suggestion = Fralin Pure PAF Alnico 4 = Very clear and uncolored.
  6. 1radicalron

    How do older PRSs hold up as they age?

    How does tone get older?
  7. 1radicalron

    This CL guitar was made from an Ugly Tree

    Clearly made by someone who had way too much free time.
  8. 1radicalron

    What's the deal with the G string?

    I intonate my G string just slightly flat to compensate for the problem.
  9. 1radicalron

    Perfect albums start to finish

    Hendrix Electric Ladyland Allman Bros Live at Fillmore East John Coltrane Love Supreme Pink Floyd Animals, DSOTM Rolling Stones Exile On Main Street
  10. 1radicalron

    NGD - Gibson LP Special CL Score!!!!

    Try setting the P100 fairly close to the strings.
  11. 1radicalron

    NGD - Gibson LP Special CL Score!!!!

    Wow - Congrats on the Gibson score! Indeed that is a Gibson Les Paul Special JR Lite. Those Guitars were only made 99-01 and YES, that was a very good period for Gibson. Those mini trap inlays are super cool. = I own a couple of the DC version. I actually love the P100 Pups. They have a rather...
  12. 1radicalron

    Tone Pros wraparound bridge question

    I take off Bridge off the posts. Insert all 6 strings, then put the bridge back on the posts.
  13. 1radicalron

    I'm having a set of Holmes Humbuckers (450/455) put in my R9...

    I find the Holmes to be smooth, sweet and silky. Sort of like a Les Paul Jazz Tone on steroids. The rollback tone is to die for.
  14. 1radicalron

    New Eric Johnson semi-hollow strat out next year?

    Eric Johnson always sounds like Eric Johnson, no matter what Guitar he plays!
  15. 1radicalron

    One piece back?

    Looks like a 2 piece to me.
  16. 1radicalron

    Do you lower the middle pup on your Strats?

    I lower the middle pup a good bit. I find it increases the quack in positions 2 and 4.
  17. 1radicalron

    No Danocaster for Christmas!

    I just went with a Fender Custom Shop. Cuz, There is nothing like the real thing!
  18. 1radicalron

    Guitars with the best resale value

    Certain Gibson models will always command a price.
  19. 1radicalron

    Using an external DAC for home MP3 listening- How necessary is it?

    No matter how hard you try, You can never turn **** into ice cream. = If your source is streaming mp3, no External DAC will help.
  20. 1radicalron

    Identifying metals in hardware question...

    Welcome to wonderful world of ZINC, Or perhaps a chrome plated version?
  21. 1radicalron

    R.I.P Greg Lake

    O' What a Lucky Man He Was!
  22. 1radicalron

    Which body wood for a shred plank?

    Basswood all the way for a shredder!

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