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  1. CapnRex

    NGD! Schecter PS-PT Tele!

    Thanks! I appreciate it. Since I just had a baby I have temporarily stopped buying guitars. I feel lucky that my last purchase for now turned out great. As an update, I still really like it, still no flaws. I am considering swapping the bridge pickup, though - it's good for light stuff but...
  2. CapnRex

    Is my strat body a goner?

    Sorry for your (potential) loss. Honestly I don't know, but I do know wood glue is powerful stuff and that guitar bodies are almost always 2-3 pieces glued together. Why can't they glue a crack together? I am not a luthier, just a guy that plays guitar, drinks whisky, and stays up late getting...
  3. CapnRex

    Post your purple guitars

    Every time you post that JP I feel even more jealous. You are a bad person and you should feel bad.
  4. CapnRex

    NGD: Suhr Modern Set Neck is Finished!

    Fair enough. I forgot how bad it is in America. Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. CapnRex

    NGD: Suhr Modern Set Neck is Finished!

    Wow man. You know a one-way trip to Mars is estimated by NASA to take 21 months? You could go to Mars, have a nice day in the cold sun, and be just 2 months and a day from home in that time.
  6. CapnRex

    NGD: Suhr Modern Set Neck is Finished!

    I don't have enough patience to wait in line for more than 15 minutes at a restaurant.
  7. CapnRex

    NGD: Suhr Modern Set Neck is Finished!

    That's sick, man. A 12-month wait, though? Did they have to go procure some of the parts from the ark of the covenant?
  8. CapnRex

    Looking for the right Suhr bridge humbucker

    Fair enough. Still, the Gravity Storm bridge sounds pretty much like what you're describing, unless it's still too hot.
  9. CapnRex

    Looking for the right Suhr bridge humbucker

    Me too, honestly. Tried ssv+ and aldrich. The thornbucker looks interesting but honestly Dimarzio just rules. The Gravity Storm is about as good as it gets.
  10. CapnRex

    D'Addario O-Port

    Wait are you saying a company put out a cheap looking plastic guitar gadget for profit rather than as a way to help us guitarists totally enhance the whole guitar experience and make us question how any pro could have lived without it?
  11. CapnRex

    One Really Awesome Expensive Guitar Or A Crap Ton Of $$$Cheap Good Guitars?

    1 Gal Gadot or 5 Hillary Clintons in pants-suits?
  12. CapnRex

    Considerations when replacing guitar pickups?

    Ooh sacrilege! The coveted silver sky bridge pickup! What's next, are you going to bathe in sheep's blood?
  13. CapnRex

    Before and after pics of repair

    Before: After: True story.
  14. CapnRex

    ESP LTD H-1001 sexiest guitar ever?

    I love superstrats. Absolutely adore them. I thought this was a cool guitar like 15 years ago. Then I started buying high-end guitars. Now this guitar looks so cheap to me. Like who is it trying to fool?
  15. CapnRex

    Ibanez now using Meranti

    My j.custom sounds like the 2nd coming of Christ - whatever version of mahogany, maple and ebony they used sure is working well.
  16. CapnRex

    Non American Guitars

    Ibanez. I also like my Schecter PS-PT tele
  17. CapnRex

    New 2K Fender professional with unleveled frets. Is that to be expected?

    Send it back. You know you will always feel ripped off with this guitar. Get a replacement.
  18. CapnRex

    Your Prettiest Guitar

    Ibanez J.Custom 8820
  19. CapnRex

    How is your tone today?

    For my main tones, great. Kemper is a great device. Also rely on a fuzzface a bit for rolled back volume pot cleans.
  20. CapnRex

    Fender Player Series (and Deluxe, and Vintera)

    If this is his first guitar, he will probably play on it exclusively for a little while. If he plays any rock, I really recommend going HSS. Hard to beat, really. I love my SSS BUT I have an HSS that is definitely my most versatile guitar. I also would say that of course playing each guitar...
  21. CapnRex

    Fishman Fluence Open Core - user reviews?

    Had moderns and classics, not open core. Got tired of the tones before long. Same with EMGs. Passives just sound richer to my ears. Nothing wrong with them for certain applications and probably in a mix they would rock. But for playing alone...I couldn't keep them.
  22. CapnRex

    How to brighten EMGs?

    Did you try pickup height?
  23. CapnRex

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    I usually don't like solid colors, but the neck flame gives it enough character. Looks good!
  24. CapnRex

    As much as I want to be a ____ player , I always end up being a ____ player

    As much as I want to be a sponsored player, I always end up being an unpaid bedroom player.
  25. CapnRex

    Dimarzio air zone

    Oh I see, AN. I had one before. I thought you were talking about the AZ air zone bridge.

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