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  1. datguytim

    Help an old timer build a rack please!

    Thanks guys! Yes - I have several cabinets: 4x12s and 2x12s. I plan on getting a killer tube preamp (Bogner Fish, CAE, or Myasnikov clone) and a VHT/Fryette Power Amp. Think I'll go with the Samson SM10 & then decide between which 2 FX units to get: leaning toward Lexicon (PCM ??) and...
  2. datguytim

    Help an old timer build a rack please!

    I've been playing for over 40 years - most of 'em professionally, and have seen all the trends come and go....and I'm finally ready to build a Rack Rig! Always wanted to, dabbled weakly in the waters back in the early '90s, but to no avail. I'm now ready to take the plunge! SO - I plan on...
  3. datguytim

    Page Vs Blackmore

    No contest: Pagey POR VIDA!!!!!!!!
  4. datguytim

    Why I like Black guitars

    Black is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
  5. datguytim

    1959 Fender Strat Tone? Reissues?

    FWIW - I generally don't like Strats, as I'm a Les Paul guy, BUT I did play a real deal 1958 Stratocaster years ago & it was possibly the best sounding & playing guitar I've ever laid hands on. It sounded & felt NOTHING like any Strat I had ever played - CS & American Reissues included. So I...
  6. datguytim

    Are Zemaitis Custom Shop guitars better than their A Series Japan production models???

    I've played many of the models - from the cheapo models to the midrange models to the Japanese Custom Shop models. The Custom Shop models - especially the Pearl Tops - are head and shoulders above the rest. They have a resonance, feel, sound, and playability that is far superior to the non CS...
  7. datguytim


    I got turned on to the Ramones when I was a kid via the movie "Rock N Roll High School" - the live Ramones footage near the end of the movie made my friends & I realize that WE - at the age of 12 - could play in a BAND!!! So we did - all Ramones songs w/a few Pistols tunes to boot. I owe a ton...
  8. datguytim

    Show me your Les Paul

    Here's all of mine at the moment
  9. datguytim

    CAROLE KING - 1971 - Tapestry

    Great LP - still love it.
  10. datguytim

    What does contribute the most to a good sound on a strat?

    That would be the person playing it.
  11. datguytim

    Is a pedal tuner more accurate than a polytune clip on?

    My age and vanity won't allow me to buy a clip on tuner. I think they look wack. I have used them on occasion (my singer has one & father in law has about 5) and they work ok, but my stomach churns when I see one left on when someone else is on stage. I live & breath a TU-2 now for about 20...
  12. datguytim

    Can we talk about Aerosmith?

    They were killer from their debut through Live Bootleg. Rocks & Toys In The Attic are the standout LPs. They pretty much ruled the late '70s as I remember - only KISS and Led Zeppelin were bigger than them. And those 2 were as big as they came.
  13. datguytim

    Guitar Center for a refret

    Hell no!!!! Stay away from GC!!!!!!!
  14. datguytim

    Is the Fuzz Face the best pedal ever invented?

    Nope. That would be the Univibe IMO. Or Echoplex.
  15. datguytim

    R.I.P. Martin Birch

    Damn....another major loss - he was one of my favorite producers. Fly On, Martin!!!!!!!
  16. datguytim

    What's the deal with shaking or swaying your guitar when playing sitting down?

    Shake it...make it sway....natural vibrato au natural. Absolute sound manipulation. just another way to make it happen.
  17. datguytim

    Anyone prefer SINGLE COIL bridge rock tones over Bridge Humbucker??

    The dogear P90 in my CS LP Jr. gets a meaner nastier rock tone when cranked up than my R9, which was my previous benchmark for killer rock tones.
  18. datguytim

    Your favorite album by The Stooges?

    Tough call, but Fun House by a small margin. The raw mixes of Raw Power come a close 2nd place, but "Gimme Some Skin" which ain't on either one, is my top Stooges track, played LOUD AS F^CK!!!!!!!!!
  19. datguytim

    What backline amp do you request?

    For the past 10 years it's always been 2 amps on the road - in stereo: Fender Twin Reverb & Vox AC30. Both are usually available Internationally. I can make do with a decent Twin Reverb if there is no other amp avail.
  20. datguytim

    Vintage Champs

    Late '50s tweed Champs are some of my favorite amps - one knob and the TRUTH!!!!!!
  21. datguytim

    Are younger players turning away from the Les Paul?

    I could give less than a flying f%ck!!!! Les Pauls rule.....always have! Let the kids play their toy guitars! The younger generation generally doesn't know crap about guitars IMO, so go have a sandwich!
  22. datguytim

    Bridge Replacement for 2016 LP Trad

    I put a Creamtone ABR-1 with Nashville adaptor posts on my '78 Goldtop - sounds even better for some reason & looks the part:

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