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  1. ~sounddjinn~

    Plexi type of tone

    I had a Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII and just bought a Ramble FX Marvel Drive 3. Both are great. The Marvel has no control for mids, so is a bit middy sounding, like a Plexi. However, being able to blend the high gain and low gain is awesome. If I had to pick one... It'd be hard. I...
  2. ~sounddjinn~

    New XactTone board build!!!

    That Winford Drive is wicked good. It has a harmonic richness I haven't heard in any other pedal.
  3. ~sounddjinn~

    Better boost? Timmy, Archer, RC Booster

    Thanks guys! I play strats with bridge humbuckers. Most of my rhythm playing is on the neck pup. As far as amps, I rotate between blackface & JTM circuits. The 'boost' is always on when playing blackface and used as a cleanish, solo boost when playing the JTM.
  4. ~sounddjinn~

    Better boost? Timmy, Archer, RC Booster

    How much output does the Timmy have? I know the other two have plenty.
  5. ~sounddjinn~

    Better boost? Timmy, Archer, RC Booster

    I'm talking boost, to edge-of-breakup, as a foundation. Always on, or on most of the time. I wish I could buy them all at once, but my wife would kick me out and I'd have no rent money!
  6. ~sounddjinn~

    Tim And Pete's Guitar Show, Ep#5 with Scott Henderson

    Thanks Pete! I'm so grateful. So much good information, shared in an organic way. I like these shows more than Walking Dead, seriously :P
  7. ~sounddjinn~

    Rory Gallagher Birthday would be 68 today Bad penny

    I'm about to blaspheme.. Better than Hendrix.
  8. ~sounddjinn~

    Marshall In A Box?

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the XTS Atomic.
  9. ~sounddjinn~

    What's this pedal on Guthrie Trapp's board?

    Might be something from XTS.
  10. ~sounddjinn~

    Timmy alternative?

    Trust me. You want a J. Coloccia ID ~ Check out Pete Thorn's demo. John Coloccia posts here. Also, the green color of the ID is not indicative of any association with the ts circuit.
  11. ~sounddjinn~

    Gravity Guitar Picks - Gold...20% Off (No Affiliation - just a PSA)

    V-Picks are a bit brighter than the Gravity picks. They have an edge to them. I'm referring to sound. I like them both, but prefer the V-Picks. The V-Pick 3mm Screamer is sweet. Three picks in one!
  12. ~sounddjinn~

    Pete Thorn's Japan tour 2015 thread

    Hey Pete ~ I don't know what kind of discipline Tsuyoshi has, but Yoga is the fountain of youth. I like Ashtanga ;) It's the secret ingredient to playing until you're 90!
  13. ~sounddjinn~

    I need an "always on" overdrive

    I've tried many of these. The Wampler Euphoria in the "open" setting does an excellent job and it has a bass knob, which is essential for an always on OD, imho. I used it for a time, but I think I found one even better. The J. Coloccia Horus. It is very transparent and has a "grind" knob that...
  14. ~sounddjinn~

    How do you prefer to set volume levels on OD pedals relative to the amp?

    Depends on what I'm after. The grit & warmth you get from hitting the front end with a pedal is certainly different than unity, using only the pedal's grit. Generally, for edge of breakup, rhythm sounds, I'll leave it at unity. I think lead playing sound & feel is generally better when it's...
  15. ~sounddjinn~

    Re-radius fretboard?

    I think it would feel kinda scalloped, mostly in the middle of the fingerboard. There would be less fret height at the edges, which might feel strange.
  16. ~sounddjinn~

    Re-radius fretboard?

    bridge could be adjusted. you could do a full refret and put more radius on the frets only, or now if there's enough material. i don't know how it'd feel, but it's doable. i've often wondered about this..
  17. ~sounddjinn~

    Neil Zaza

    I was talking about Vai, lol.
  18. ~sounddjinn~

    Neil Zaza

    He's never played their guitars, as far as I know.
  19. ~sounddjinn~

    Timmy or Euphoria?

    Thanks for all the info! I think I'll start with a Euphoria. I have two different rigs and the Euphoria seems like it will work well with both.
  20. ~sounddjinn~

    Timmy or Euphoria?

    I'm looking for a rhythm, always on kind of overdrive, so no mid hump, obviously. I know both pedals are like this, but I'm wondering which one is better at hot clean, with a little bit of hair, or edge of breakup sweetness. It seems to me like the Euphoria is maybe more versatile, in that it...

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