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  1. smilefan

    Songs covers better than the originals...

    No metalheads on this thread? Priest's "Green Manalishi". They took a creepy blues and morphed it into full metal bombast. Owned.
  2. smilefan

    Just bought some Pyramid strings

    Pyramid round wound "Nickel Classics" (.11's) are my go to string brand since the Snake Oil meltdown. They hold tune great, are extremely long lasting, and the rich sound balances nicely with stainless steel fretted guitars (which all mine are) to my ears. Plus, you can get them anywhere in...
  3. smilefan

    That great piece of gear I never should have sold

    Misery loves company. Drip edge silverface '68 Fender Bassman head. Owner's girlfriend threw it out a window after she caught him with another girl. He just gave it to me for free. Replaced the broken power tubes (the preamp tubes survived), and it sounded awesome. Big, fat crunch for days...
  4. smilefan

    That great piece of gear I never should have sold

    Ditto! I had an all black ES Artist that I found at a pawnshop for about $900 in L A. Electronics sounded terrible, but the instrument was magnificent and played itself. I was a fool not to keep it.
  5. smilefan

    That great piece of gear I never should have sold

    So many I let slip thru my hands via the ignorance of youth. '65 sunburst Telecaster. My first good guitar, bought for $325. It had "the" sound, but I couldn't be seen playing a "country" guitar. Traded for a total POS 70's Strat cuz' it had a trem bar. Idiot. Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve...
  6. smilefan

    Bands you liked in your youth, but now you hate (or softly have distaste for their music now)

    The Nuge. In my youth, I wore out the grooves on Cat Scratch Fever. But in retrospect, his schtick, and even his old material have not aged well with me. I now find it painful to listen to his old testosterone laments like, "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang".
  7. smilefan

    Ford/Landau sounding like "them"

    Totally agree. Isn't that possession of a "signature" style the very thing that makes an artist a "guitar hero" to us all? When only a few notes tells you, "its Mark Knopfler", "its Stevie Ray Vaughn", or " its Yngwie". I don't understand how someone achieves a wide success (as Joe B. has...
  8. smilefan

    Ford/Landau sounding like "them"

    Inspired by all the Joe B. threads where I felt like I wasn't hearing any signature "him". My buddy asked, "who does sound like 'them'?". These guys! This is "signature" guitar playing from both. I couldn't take my ears off this.
  9. smilefan

    Bonamassa - This Rocks!!!

    His playing is damn good. His live tone is as good as anyone has ever gotten. Just monsterous perfection. But, amidst the covers, quotes, and cool references in his playing, I keep waiting to hear "him". Some original signature or style to expand the pantheon of blues rock. But I'm not...
  10. smilefan

    Favorite overall PAF HUMBUCKER currently made?

    After years of experimentation: 1. Tom Short "Mark Ford" Tombuckers 2. Lollar Imperial Low Winds 3. Fralin "Pure PAFs"
  11. smilefan

    Favourite International Bands with non English Vocals

    Haters gonna hate. Per Billboard magazine (Aug. 19th, 2006); "In the States, Mana's albums consistently sell upwards of half a million copies, according to Nielsen Sound Scan, making it by far the most successful Latin Rock band on record."...
  12. smilefan

    Let's see your Collings electrics!

    Oh, hell yes!! That SO does it for me!
  13. smilefan

    Favourite International Bands with non English Vocals

    Sanrico knows Latin music! Spain's Ojos De Brujo is an awesome blend of flamenco, hip hop, jazz, North African music.
  14. smilefan

    Favourite International Bands with non English Vocals

    Viva Sanrico!! Mana are literally the Beatles of Mexico. Possibly the most famous rock band in Latin America.
  15. smilefan

    Favourite International Bands with non English Vocals

    Varttina. Finnish folk rock. These folks were all over the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack (in collaboration with A.H. Rahman). Remember the part where Frodo and Sam first leave the Shire and encounter the singing Elves leaving for the Grey Havens? That's these girls voices.
  16. smilefan

    EVM12L vs Celestion BN12 300s

    My favorite guitar speaker. I always got wonderful results out of them in big open back pine cabs. Really seems to get the best out of their huge frequency response. YMMV.
  17. smilefan

    Best all-around 12" speaker?

    This. The new EVM-12L "Classic" . Sounds universally musical in every application, from Jazz clean to annihilation Metal. Sounds particularly good with modelers.
  18. smilefan

    Gear that you traded with famous musicians....

    I sold an ancient Ampeg Echo Twin to Mike Fuller (of Fulltone effects). We jammed in my living room and talked about why he didn't pursue his budding career as a pro guitarist even after winning a Guitar Player magazine award (don't ask him, it won't be a pleasant conversation). And I sold and...
  19. smilefan

    NGD! Malinoski Hondo

    What is the scale length on that? That's a long neck. It almost looks like a baritone.
  20. smilefan

    Who influenced you to play the guitar.

    How can less be more? Less is less! I believe some weight challenged Swedish person said that. As to OP question......acoustic or electric? Acoustic - Segovia. Dad took me to one of his last performances when I was a kid. Begged for guitar and lessons the next day (I was eight years old)...
  21. smilefan

    NGD Koll Troubadour 2.1

    I don't see no pickup selector switch. Is one of those pots a "blend" knob? I love the atypical pickup pairing. Love the hear that middle position!
  22. smilefan

    I got to play Duane's Goldtop last night. Yeah, wow! Just Wow!

    Yes, do tell. Give us the TGP approved description of this piece of history. How did it play/sound compared to modern day Historics and the like?
  23. smilefan

    How come Nobody Talks About Kaki King?

    She makes no attempt to craft an "image". She is a pure musician. About her only commercial appeal outside guitar geeks is to the " Lilith Fair" crowd. She is a very "out" gay girl, which unfortunately doesn't make her relatable to Taylor Swift's demographic. I wouldn't say she has no hits...
  24. smilefan

    Abbath debut album

    Awesome! Thanks for the PSA! God love this Board. I wouldn't have otherwise known he dropped a solo disc. Abbath is my favorite purveyor of Metal music in the past couple decades. I love his simple, riff heavy style from "I" and "Sons of Northern Darkness". I wish he'd kept that " I"...
  25. smilefan

    Initial impression of the AxeFX II

    Fantastic and thorough review! Look forward to your musings and observations on the Fractal Forum!

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