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  1. cram

    Recording setup plans *had* to change

    isolate the speaker & mic it. I've seen the guitar head just outside of a closet door to facilitate the cab and reaching the head through the cable etc. Even with a loud setup with sound flanking through the floor into your performance & monitoring spot; you can still function within a...
  2. cram

    Cascading open string soloing concepts (excluding Country or Blues)

    OP - years of sitting on the acoustic and needing my own accompaniment gets me in the territory here. Many of my songs pedal on a root with the open ringing high and root notes. In addition, if you flip context of chords and resulting 'key' - it creates tension if you depart for a bit and...
  3. cram

    Norah Jones

    Fully love her music. Her original guitarist is GREAT! I used to get tickets for a theater because a friend's business was in the same building and I got to see them 2 times early on. WAY cool and amazing shows. Variety in set list from night to night. Really cool.
  4. cram

    Help? Backline Panic! JCM800 to Fender Twin

    hehehe - you have similar pedals and amp as I do. watch the lows that the BD-2 will create - seems you're targeting light OD with it,which is what it's best for. The 808 will have your mid EQ range and that rat can get you that nasty crunch you may need. I'd be looking to hear/feel how the BD2...
  5. cram

    Help? Backline Panic! JCM800 to Fender Twin

    Then get nimble with your pedalboard options, put a confident, optimistic attitude on and nail this S*!!! :) I know you're cold to the setup at gig time, but I bet you have a great time and your sound will work. I'd be asking around to find someone with a twin - hell, even a music store to...
  6. cram

    New David Lee Roth Interview on Joe Rogan's Podcast

    It's not the smoking. The smoking is a routine/ritual that aides in providing an incubation phase after a milestone. For humans this is important. - This stems from being cyclical in nature; you can rationalize this down through evolution and having our day/night pattern on this rotating rock...
  7. cram

    Old Peavey speakers thread - Black Widow, Scorpion, etc.

    I have a renown 400 that is relegated to a corner table at this point in the studio... You're saying I should put those scorpions in some cab or similar? :)
  8. cram

    Letting people try your guitars?

    public vs private (qualified) action and decorum. what hangs in the balance is one of the tools to your livelihood; choose well!
  9. cram

    New David Lee Roth Interview on Joe Rogan's Podcast

    big fan. I've enjoyed hearing him reflect so we can learn what the show was all about... or is this a show as well? :) Upon reflection - I believe he was the one to craft a vision for their band. The VH brothers met a perfect person to organize and attract for the show. There is a lesson to...
  10. cram

    Best quote I've ever heard for those seeking "that sound"....

    Thinking of it as zero sum is where people get too simplistic in their claims. Even some replies here aimed at how much technique is against gear. or what percentage of the whole (0 sum) is this v that? I find it to be additive toward one's potential. Good - Hand me someone's fancy rig and...
  11. cram

    What can a JCM 800 do that a Silver Jubilee can't???

    JCM800 TGP Research Within are some of these topics you may enjoy: Marshall silver jubilee or jcm 800 What are the diffs between Jubilee and the JCM800? Jubilee vs Jcm800 Marshall Jubilee or JCM 800
  12. cram

    Is Analogman the current king of Fuzz Faces?

    I am happy with my fulltone '69 for the purpose of this thread. I'm not as nuanced as most here with respect to tone - it was much of my goal there. It stands out against what I was able to get in hand - I had a dunlop fuzz face to compare with. I borrowed a few others. This one cleans up...
  13. cram

    I hang my guitars backwards

    Bad Guitar... Bad, BAD Guitar!!!
  14. cram

    I have no desire since Feb to play my Strat which is when I purchased my 335.

    Y'and I are in the same scenario. I'm 5 mos in to my es335 and even un plugged there is a reaction/overtone from the body of the guitar which is natively insipiring to me. But when I try the strat, the contour, the amazing sounding frequency it has on it's own is something I want for. I recorded...
  15. cram

    Weird G string sitar noise

    Noisy things on the guitar. - nut slot too close to frets so there's a whisper of contact while open. - similarly on fretted; fret level/truss. - bridge saddle issue mirroring the nut problem, although is not likely. - sympathetic or residual noise from behind the nut (cloth dampening or...
  16. cram

    Flat (Satin) Finishes

    I like observing/noting hard preferences with this - whatever flips yer burgers and all, but - usually; a guitar with a satin finish is days away from your wonderful #00000 grit forearm skin buffing that to a gloss. Hot day? well, you're wet sanding that bad-boy. I'm 5 months in on a satin...
  17. cram

    Songs you had no idea were covers

    That's awesome! It seems I could go all day posting in this thread! Attention span a gnat!
  18. cram

    Songs you had no idea were covers

    amy winehouse version of Vallerie. I think it was elvis costello.
  19. cram

    Experiment with Spaced Repetition (Anki) for committing licks to long term memory.

    That's a model toward a potential reality - if you're gigging and immersed in the craft you get that encyclopedic knowledge of music and the patterns and flow therein. For me; I have a huge predisposition toward forming intervallic and repetitive iteration. I also have strong opinions on...
  20. cram

    Hip Strap anyone?

    I think shirt-tuckers are the only folks who would use these effectively. if you're among the extreme caricatures of body types.... Prototypical skinny rocker - no hips and possibly having a back with a crack at the bottom instead of an actual ass. things could go south quickly... Wasteline...
  21. cram

    So many bedroom players threads...

    true (implicit) critique, but lay off now; many have been over a year relegated to home/apartment/condo/van down by river because of this nasty bug that's going around y'see? :)
  22. cram

    Marshall 4010 might be your ticket for “Bedroom” volume...

    Eq in front to firm up the sound at low gol has helped me. I have a 2204 with the same observation. I'm sure a powerbrake or something would help, but it is doable. Low input like first reply - I've never found it to work well for me so far. Sometimes for getting a cleaner tone, but not for...
  23. cram

    Simplest thing you learned to improve your playing

    chord tones over changes to actually speak coherently through the instrument.
  24. cram

    How many of you also play Bass

    Playing bass was the biggest gift to my guitar playing. I've gone through exercises of figuring out how to construct bass lines that lead through common chord tones among changes and this has lead to a greater comfort in melody and harmony. Much learning was gained in the low end! I now only...