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  1. bricel24

    NGD: 2021 Gibson ES-335

    Very nice! Congrats!
  2. bricel24

    Have you ever sold a keeper?

    All the time :( I was heading towards a hoarding mode a few years ago, acquiring more guitars than I can ever have the skills to play but just like most of you we just enjoy gear. Some of the guitars I've sold and regret were a PRS DGT and a PRS P22. They are keeper guitars for sure...
  3. bricel24

    Presonus Driver

    LOL OK. Windows 7 has no updates and security patches being deployed to anymore but I'm sure you know that already. Just ensure you have backups of your data "just in case". But sure you know that too.
  4. bricel24

    Presonus Driver

    Are any of the driver packs not working for you? FireStudio Project | Downloads | PreSonus UC_1_7_6_ReleaseNotes.pdf ( I have a StudioLive 16.0.2 firewire mixer and still works with my 2017 Macbook Pro using dongle adapters. I usually just use the Universal Control driver...
  5. bricel24

    Wanna start a home recording setup for myself. Is this laptop not enough, perfect, or overkill for my needs?

    This model Macbook Pro is dated however no matter the specs. Apple will stop supporting those sooner than the later models, let alone using the latest OS. I would get at least a 2015+ year model.
  6. bricel24

    After a 4 year hiatus, I’m playing again. Man, stuff got expensive

    Very cool that you kept your gear while in hiatus. I stopped playing and ditched the hobby in 2005, sold the few gear that I had so I can afford and focus on a new hobby (I got into modifying cars and motorsports). Got back into the music game in 2013 and had to start from scratch. Funny I look...
  7. bricel24

    Did anyone else realize there was one wrap on PRS locking tuners when restringing ?

    Been playing a few PRS for a while now, have had all Phase I, II and III tuners and have not wrapped any. I recently got a 2007 Custom 22 with case candy (rare that I get them when I buy used guitars) and the 'manual/card' shows how to restring the Phase II tuners. No wrap mentioned. The...
  8. bricel24

    NGD - Modded PRS Content

    Very nice!
  9. bricel24

    PRS DGT Opinions

    I once owned a 2012 DGT Standard and really liked it.
  10. bricel24

    Any lazy guitarists out there?

    I love playing. I love gear. I have a so-so home office/"studio" and record from time to time just for learning experience. I have not gigged for over a year now, that contributed greatly to my motivations. In my younger years that's all I did aside from going to school and hanging out with...
  11. bricel24

    Does anyone else’s Guitar Center currently look like this?

    Supply and demand. This goes the same with gun stores and bicycle stores in my area. Barely anything in stock.
  12. bricel24

    Finding a new love for used guitars...

    My #1 gigging guitar is a '98 PRS CE22 that I bought for a steal from GC 3 years ago. It was beat up, smelled, electronics barely worked. But I love getting into project guitars rather than buying new. I loved hitting up pawnshops when I traveled a lot for work back then and would score a lot of...
  13. bricel24

    PRS DGT - Previous Owners

    I loved the DGT standard I had a few years ago and had no issues with it. It's just that after a while I pursued a P22 for versatile tones and at that time the only way for me to afford it is to sell the DGT.
  14. bricel24

    Sold Mesa Boogie 2:Ninety Power Amp

    Selling a Mesa Boogie 2:Ninety power amp that I no longer use. It's in great shape and fully functional, no issues. Mesa Boogie 6L6 tubes. TGP price: SOLD Will hook it up for local pickup in Sacramento CA area.
  15. bricel24

    How is your 2020 year in gear ending?

    I have been good this year, sold off a few guitars. Only stuff bought is a new audio interface, a cheap pedal for recording and a headphone amp. Acquired a Mesa 2:90 power amp from a friend. Oh and cheapo Alvarez nylon string guitar from a SDOD purchase early this year.
  16. bricel24

    What's the most fun guitar to play that you own ?

    Would have to be my 98 PRS CE22.