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  1. Jules-RM

    "Inspired by" Klon, NOT a Klone

    I know of the Keeley Oxblood, I was just wondering if there were other Klon inspired OD pedals that don't have the term "Klone" attached to them. I dislike strict Klones for two reasons: the charge pump - tends to create interference with certain other pedals - most notably creating a "siren"...
  2. Jules-RM

    Obscura question about knob indentations

    The Bogo deal has me thinking of trying out the Obscura in the place of my DL8, but have one deal breaker of a question. I REALLY love the indentations on the knobs on my DL8 and want to know if the obscura has the same? Makes it really easy to go from oscillation back to the same delay time. I...
  3. Jules-RM

    Any JHF1 Fuzz Face clones?

    Is there someone that makes a decent small JHF1 clone out there? The smaller the better, mini would be awesome. Maybe someone can do a one off? I've tried the Mjm London Silicon before and imo it added too much low end. So, not that. I'm putting my Dunlop next to my board on the floor, but I...
  4. Jules-RM

    Foxrox TZF2 - anyone get a wait list update?

    Been on the list for about 8 weeks now, so far heard nothing. Anyone else get an update? I'm assuming Foxrox were kind of floored by demand, I know they make quality boxes and that takes time.
  5. Jules-RM

    Neck p90s... need something more clear

    I recently got a G&L ASAT Junior 2 with p90s, and so far I'm loving the sound and playability... but the neck PU (8.5k) is a little dark. Sounds pretty good with the bridge, but on its own it lacks high end and chime. I guess I'm looking for a more Tele or Jazz neck clarity. The Novak Narrow...
  6. Jules-RM

    Toneprint guys... HoF toneprint loaded into Flashback?

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to load a HoF toneprint into a Flashback (in my case an Alter Ego). I've got one delay pedal too many and could use another reverb, if I can add a simple plate reverb to the Alter Ego 2 that would solve some problems. I don't have access to it right now...
  7. Jules-RM

    FS: Alter Ego 2, Turbo Rat (LM308), DOD BiFet, Teaser Stallion, GE7, Rat/TRat Clone

    USA shipping/PayPal only. Prices include USPS Priority. ON EBAY NOW. TRADES: ONLY looking for... Barber Gain Changer HoF (regular, mini, Trinity) Digitech Polara TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 (single pedal) $100. Velcro'ed, with box and goodies. ProCo Turbo Rat $125 with...
  8. Jules-RM

    Lap steel - guitar for those with neuropahy?

    I've had cancer for about 7 years now, been stage 4 for about 3 years. Don't really know how much longer I'll be around. But playing music has helped quite a bit. I'm probably going to start another round of chemo that causes neuropahy (numbness/pain in fingers). The idea of not being able to...
  9. Jules-RM

    AC30CC shorter decay reverb tank

    I'm getting lots of conflicting information and/or old info about AC30CCs and upgrading the reverb. Right now what bugs me about the reverb is the decay is way too long, I want something more high gain friendly. I use a Wet reverb as well, so I'm just looking for a short decay base to add to...
  10. Jules-RM

    FS/T: Catalinbread Teaser Stallion, Hardwire Chorus

    USA SHIPPING ONLY, no exceptions. PayPal only for payment. Prices include USPS Priority shipping. Hardwire CR7 Stereo Chorus $75 w/ box/stomplock, velcro'ed. Catalinbread Teaser Stallion $100 No box, velcro'ed. SOLD: Bearfoot Emerald Green Distortion Machine $OLD w/box...
  11. Jules-RM

    Mini Fuzz Face - battery drain while input plugged in?

    I noticed these were supposed to be true bypass... does that mean you don't have to unplug the input to prevent battery drain?
  12. Jules-RM

    Fuzz Faces and AC30s

    Previously I kind of discounted FF type fuzzes because I was mainly a Humbucker into AC30 guy.. I could get Muffish clones to work ok (especially the Pharaoh and Catbread Manx), but was always disappointed by Fuzz Faces. I recently got a Jazzy with a pair of Novak JM-WR pickups in it... not...
  13. Jules-RM

    FS: Bearfoot EGDM, Ibanez DML10, Hardwire Chorus

    USA SHIPPING ONLY. All prices include USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees. Prices are firm, will not respond to low ballers. Items pictured, but not listed are not for sale. Hardwire CR7 Chorus $75 Like new with box and velcro attached. Bearfoot Emerald Green Distortion Machine $170...
  14. Jules-RM

    FS: Ibanez DML10

    USA SHIPPING ONLY. All prices include USPS Priority shipping. Prices are firm, low ballers will be ignored. Ibanez DML10 $115 VERY clean, almost looks new. No box, velcro'ed. TRADES: Way Huge Red Llama Barber Gain Changer Catalinbread Callisto Black Arts Coven ARC...
  15. Jules-RM

    Evidence "The Reveal" by the foot - where to buy?

    Anyone know where to buy some? My old supplier stopped carrying it. I'm starting to run out :(
  16. Jules-RM

    Gilmour neck switch mod... but with bridge

    This seems easy enough and to my mind sounds like a better idea. Add a swtich, wire it so you can have the bridge always on (wired to the output) so you can roll off some of the neck pickup for leads. Anyone try this variation? Was thinking of trying the neck first then the bridge, as it's so...
  17. Jules-RM

    FS/FT: Alter Ego x4 for Alter Ego (single pedal) or Skreddy Echo or El Cap

    USA/PayPal only - will send USPS Priority. TC Electronic Alter Ego x4 TRADED - More or less like new, has one tiny chip on the front on the upper left corner (you can see it in the pics). Includes box, power sup, USB cable, and other box candy. TRADES: Alter Ego (single pedal)...
  18. Jules-RM

    New Neunaber Mono Wet Ver 4

    Just noticed these guys were out. Any opinions on if it's sonically improved from Ver 3? My old Ver 3 has a bit of hiss with both knobs all the way up... even with it bypassed. Probably the buffer. Was wondering if Ver 4 solved that issue, besides the option to make it true bypass. With the...
  19. Jules-RM

    FS Dispatch Master (blk), Rat (Joy Div graphics), EQD Sound Shank, Boss MIJ HM2, RV3

    USA ONLY. Paypal only. Includes USPS Priority shipping/PP fees. TRADES: El Capistan Hardwire Supernatural Boss RV3 $110 Very clean. Velcro'ed, mode sticker applied, no box. EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master (Black) $160 ON HOLD Like new, with velcro, box and box candy. Pedal...
  20. Jules-RM

    Bearfoot Model H @ 12v - boost pairing?

    I've had my Model H on the board my singer uses for a while, just decided to pop it on my board and try it out. Current rig: Vox AC30 w/ 2xWeber Blue Dog 15w 335 style Hagstrom I've decided the Model H sounds better at 12v - less compression and clearer, but it seems to lower the gain a bit...
  21. Jules-RM

    Eventide H9 (SPACE, PitchFactor, TimeFactor, ModFactor) Settings Thread

    I got tired of asking/others asking for a settings thread for their Factor/H9 pedals. Hopefully others can share their settings here, I'd particularly be interested in any "pedal emulation" settings... I.E. sounds like a DMM, CE2, Wet, etc... and of course post requests for others settings...
  22. Jules-RM

    Small treadle expression pedal (for H9)

    Looking for a smaller than Wah enclosure expression pedal that's sturdy. Moog makes small ones, but they are all made out of plastic - which I'm not fond of. I'm specifically looking for one for a H9, so it has to be 25k. Any ideas?
  23. Jules-RM

    SL Drive with AC30s and similar

    Just wondered what everyone had their DIP switches set at (and general comments about the pairing as well). I seemed to have the best luck with all the switches down, tho I'm thinking of tinkering with it. The third dip switch is supposed to be for a high mid cut, might help it pair with the...
  24. Jules-RM

    Current EHX build quality

    I've had issues with a couple pedals in the past, have they fixed their substandard build quality? Past issues give me pause before laying down the bucks for a new EHX.
  25. Jules-RM

    Rat vs Giant Squid

    Which one wins? My bet is on the Rat. VS :boxer