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  1. bricel24

    Sold Mesa Boogie 2:Ninety Power Amp

    Selling a Mesa Boogie 2:Ninety power amp that I no longer use. It's in great shape and fully functional, no issues. Mesa Boogie 6L6 tubes. TGP price: SOLD Will hook it up for local pickup in Sacramento CA area.
  2. bricel24

    Sold 2012 Paul Reed Smith P22 Custom 22 with piezo

    Trying to move this guitar. Please be reasonable with making offers. Make and Model: Paul Reed Smith P22 (one-piece quilt top) Year of Manufacture: 2012 Colour: Whale Blue Pickups: P22 (53/10 as verified by PRS) / LR Baggs piezo Neck Profile: Pattern Regular No of frets: 22 Fretboard inlays...
  3. bricel24

    Building a stupid simple and cheap wireless IEM rig

    I know there are a few threads on IEMs but didn't want to derail the OPs on those with their inquiries. I am planning up on putting together a simple and inexpensive wireless IEM rig and would like to know what others in here think and correct me as well if I am wrong on my perception about the...
  4. bricel24

    Sold Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Pickups

    Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB/SH-2n Jazz combo set for sale. Over 12" of lead wires left. $OLD
  5. bricel24

    Sold Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS7 power supply

    Selling my 1Spot Pro CS7 power supply as I changed my setup to a CS6. Please see pictures. The power supply itself is not perfect cosmetically. It was mounted to my pedalboard with velcro, so when I removed the velcro from the chassis the adhesive peeled off most of...
  6. bricel24

    Sold Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive *MINT/BNIB*

    Selling a brand new in box Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive pedal, Mfg date 9/1998. Only tested for functionality. I have another SD-2 that I use so I do not need to keep this one. $OLD
  7. bricel24

    Sold 2005 PRS 20th Anniversary Custom 22 10-top Matteo Blue

    Hey guys, Trying to fund another purchase and this was more of like an impulse buy that I don't need to keep so I'm trying to move it. 2005 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 20th Anniversary 10-top Matteo Blue Birds in Flight inlay Dragon II pickups Stoptail Some more specs here...
  8. bricel24

    Sold MESA BOOGIE Mark V:25 head

    Mesa Boogie Mark V:25 head in almost mint condition. Includes original footswitch, slip cover, hang tags and box. $SOLD (Thanks, Ryan!)
  9. bricel24

    Sold TC Electronic Flashback Delay/Looper

    Excellent condition. No box. Velcro on the bottom. SOLD
  10. bricel24

    Sold MXR Phase 90 Pedal

    Fully functional. Some cosmetic chips. Velcro on bottom. No box. No trades. SOLD
  11. bricel24

    Sold Visual Sound ONE SPOT power supply + daisy chain

    In like new condition, bought new and used at home for about a month. I went with a isolated power supply unit and no longer need this. Includes 5-port daisy chain and original box. Sold.
  12. bricel24

    If I like the Jekyll & Hyde v2 pedal....

    ... what else can I try that's similar or better? I tried the v3 J&H and while I thought it sounded great, I was not that impressed to justify keeping it and kick the v2 off the board. Same with the Fulltone GT500. What else is out there in a 2-in-1 housing with similar or better tonal shape...
  13. bricel24

    Sold Mesa Boogie Maverick Combo

    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Maverick combo 2x12 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers Excellent functional condition; all original Footswitch NOT included. I recently bought it but unfortunately it does not work well with my pedalboard setup and still prefer my other Mesa Boogie rig. Please keep in...
  14. bricel24

    N(cheap)GD: Austin ATC200 Telecaster

    Bought this thing today on impulse after checking out a local mom & pop shop next door where I had lunch. I have been sorta on the market for a cheap tele to mess around with and I have been shooting for a Squier Affinity but couldn't find one cheap enough on Reverb or Ebay, and the local GCs...
  15. bricel24

    NGD: So I just stole this guitar (OLP content)

    Figuratively speaking. I have never been really a fan of EBMM guitars let alone their import lines -- OLP and Sterling -- even though I know they are great guitars, or so I've heard. Today I hit up a local pawnshop while on a business trip out of town which is what I normally do and try to...
  16. bricel24

    N(old)AD: Mesa Boogie 50 Caliber+

    My first Mesa. It's loud. But it sounds damn good. The EQ does wonders, I'm glad I lucked out. I got it as a trade, straight for my Blackstar HT40 combo that I could just not bond with. I'm happy with this much better. The amp has been mounted in a custom chassis/road case. I was hesitant at...
  17. bricel24

    INCOMING: Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber 20

    I ordered a used Mesa Studio Caliber 20w from GC yesterday for a good price (I think, compared to what they are going for on Ebay and Reverb) out of impluse as I've wanted to own a M/B for some time now. Should be arriving next week. Couldn't find a whole lot of reviews about this particular...
  18. bricel24

    Start them young

    Wanted to share this pic I took of my 10-month old daughter. She easily gets bored with a lot of stuff quickly, you know, being a baby, but each time she sits on my lap and I start noodling she can sit there forever and "appreciate" the activity. I guess it's the sounds and string vibrations...
  19. bricel24

    CRAIGSLIST: Larry LaLonde (Primus) Guitars

    Just ran into this on CL, for those who may be interested anyway. No affliliation. I don't even listen to Primus much.
  20. bricel24

    Let's Revisit the Line 6 M13 Reliability

    Since it has not been talked about a lot in here lately as it is an older unit, I'd like to revisit the longtime M13 users here regarding these areas: Reliability after having it for some time now How content are you with it? For the most part I've owned mostly Boss MFX units, and they are...
  21. bricel24

    NMFXD: Boss ME-80

    Joined the wagon today, acquired a Boss ME-80 from a local GC after retiring my beloved Boss GT-8. I auditioned the floor display for about 45 mins through an Acoustic 30W amp and a PRS S2 Custom 24. While I wasn't blown away, my first impression is this unit does sound really really good...
  22. bricel24

    Digitech RP7 Valve

    It's always been in my 'to-get' list so I scored one from Ebay for a great price in top condition and awaiting for the seller to ship it out. All these years I've mostly heard really good things about this unit especially how it has an onboard 12AX7 that supposedly warms up tones significantly...