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    Which ABY has a better buffer; Fulltone True-Path or Radial Switchbone?

    I would like to add that I've had both the radial switchbone and bigshot. I didn't like the sound of either of them. I do like the sound and feel of the Kendrick ABC but it has lots of problems - no ground lift, no phase control, construction problems. So I've been following this thread to see...
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    What amp are you matching your es 335 with ?

    I'm in the camp that likes pairing 335s with fender amps that contain 10" speakers: BFVR, BFSR and tweed bassman. Depending on room size and amount of grind desired.
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    Most musical Telecaster neck pickup?

    Out of this group I have tried 4 of the pickups and would say the stelly was my favorite. It had the best balance of volume attack and eq. Hamel Tall - louder but more scooped Big T - loudest but a bit murky, not the best attack or dynamics Twang King - cool sound but one trick pony. Always...
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

    I've had really good luck running a TC spark boost in front of tweed amps. Very versatile and reasonably priced if you catch sales. I think I got mine for $90 around xmas time. Treble, bass, gain, volume, clean-mid-fat boost modes.
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

    I've heard really good things from my amp tech about the newish jupiter 10SC. It's a 25W $59 ceramic 10-inch speaker made for jupiter condensor by WGS. My amp guy has put them in 2 3x10 bandmaster builds with reported success. I haven't heard them but would like to try them. Jupiter sells a...
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    Which ABY has a better buffer; Fulltone True-Path or Radial Switchbone?

    I think you made a good decision going with the Fulltone. I had the Radial and never liked the sound of that ABY.
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    Bent Speaker Frame

    I have a weber cali - those frames are wimpy as hell and it got bent - I think from shipping. I took it out to the garage and womped on it against the concrete floor and was surprised that it worked. It's not even that close to being true but it sounds okay. I'm just surprised at how light the...
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    Ditto here too.
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    West Coast Jump Blues RI Bassman EQ settings

    The rectifier tube thing really helps with bassmans - trying a 5R4G, rebiasing and running some tubes that give it up really help. For new production I would try the small bottle TAD 6L6WGC STRs. When rebiasing make sure you have those 6L6GCs idling at least at 60% of max plate watt dissipation...
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    All you want to know about Fender Pro Reverb!!!!

    My first PR was a late 66 with utahs that sounded great - they were about like jensen C12Ps. Overall the amp was lighter than most PRs I've played and was kind of inbetween a vibrolux reverb and pro reverb both in volume and weight. The second BFPR I bought was a 65 that had C12Ns and...
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    Gregg Allman just messing around on his guitar.

    Good lord that was magnificant
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    If you ever wanted Keef's amps settings...

    Judging by the number of knobs I'd say they are 5F8-A hi power twins.
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    Reduce stickiness of Fender nitro necks in the heat

    I followed the advise of a well known F-style guitar builder: scour the neck with white 3M pads (much more gentle than green ones) then dampen a cloth with naptha and rub it down vigorously for as long as you can stand, wipe off and then leave the guitar out of the case. Then repeat this as...
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    Not another Strymon Flint Thread!

    I owned a Flint and flipped it in favor of dedicated rev and term pedals. Both of which do their respective job better. I am giving up versatility though. So far 0 regrets.
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    I was into 60s rock in high school (80 - 84) when I started playing guitar. I got into blues when my mentor broke his arm. I filled in for him playing in his blues band so he wouldn't lose the gig when I was 17. They played a lot of T-Birds and Little Walter stuff. That was my introduction to...
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    Yup, that's it exactly. Blonde tolex and all. I'm sure glad I didn't have to spend that kinda coin for it originally nor will I have to trade something of that much value to get it back. Whew, they've gotten really expensive! IIRC, the amp has vol/tone for each channel and a reverb knob, no...
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    Speaking of which I'm about to get my early 60s 4x8" Maestro GA45RV back from a friend by doing another swap with him. Really looking forward to it. Is that the same thing as a futura?
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    While I take a full size reverb unit to gigs most of the time, I really like the wampler pedal as a backup or a substitute when the full size verb isn't practical to take to a gig or if it were to take a dump on me. A big thanks to Duke for uncovering that one for me. Pedals that I tried before...
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    I remember seeing him way back in '84 when I was in high school. It was in an old theater so maybe a 1200 seat venue. I snuck up front and SRV was so loud (dumble steel string singer, vibroverb), that when he played guitar you couldn't actually hear the PA or the band onstage. At least from my...
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    Junior Watson Goldtop - pickups?

    Junior told me he bought the guitar in Europe as is. And then he dropped some old P90s in it. But I don't ever recall him saying exactly what year they are. He did mention that he put black alnico P90s in it ala LP customs when he recorded tiger man with Wilson but yanked them out because Rusty...
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    West Coast Blues Version 16

    Ricky, thanks for the Robert Jr. That was wonderful man! Hadn't seen that one.
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    1959 Fender Tweed Pro restoration, before & after pics!

    Geetarpicker - love the thread and congrads on the amp. Also, I too would like to compliment you on your work. Nice job all around. Being a narrow panel pro and TV panel pro owner, I'm pretty interested in that 15" to 12" adapter that you got from mojo. Do you mind me asking what mojo gets for...
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 15

    The connections were tricky to make for me too. I ended up having to pull out a multimeter and measure, reterminate, measure until I got each end right. That's the only I could get them done correctly. It ended up making me question their long term integrity. Once I heard them (and threw them...
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 15

    I had the same George L experience. I bought a whole mess of it some 10 years ago when going into the studio - thinking I was improving my sound. It was awful! I immediately ditched all of those cables and haven't looked back since.
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 15

    Duke, to me hooking up a tone control (pot plus cap, R-C network) loads the pup up a bit and darkens it or, in fretshop's terms, "sweetens" it a bit. So it's there all the time, even with the tone on "10." While it really depends on wind of the pickup and the sound of the guitar, this loading...

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