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  1. mc5nrg

    Cort vintage Flying V with preamp

    I'm afraid your post should have a trigger warning for some folk. I didn't recall a preamp in those guitars but searched "Cort Flying V" and first thing that came up was a nice blue one on Reverb with a fair amount of info showing the switches and what they do including turning on the preamp...
  2. mc5nrg

    Blondie does Get it On (Bang A Gong): “Dirty. Sweet. Yeah.”

    Been a while since I watched that but I recall it as a sort of off the cuff performance. For what seems on the surface a rather simple Chuck Berryish tune the changes are a little tricky. Likewise the lyrics.
  3. mc5nrg


    I have purchased an MIK Squier just for the neck but NOT sans frets! Having to fret the neck seems like way more trouble than needed. I gather the OP is not in the USA but even in the current pandemic here there is no shortage of used Squier instruments that come with necks with frets.
  4. mc5nrg

    Replacement Tuner Options for Ibanez JSM10

    My guess after looking up JSM 10 is that it's either the nut needs some attention or perhaps stringing method.
  5. mc5nrg

    Chinese Dan Armstrong Replica

    By the way, the famous story about the Ampeg Dan Armstrong was that when they showed it at a NAMM trade show they were surprised to find that there already was a MIJ copy there too.
  6. mc5nrg

    Chinese Dan Armstrong Replica

    Yamaha bought Ampeg...? At least the bridge on the Champeg copy is way better than what was on the original Dan Armstrong. I had one that I sold to the replacement Replacement. RIP Slim Dunlap.
  7. mc5nrg

    That SG Special Original series has an awesome neck pickup but...

    If the pickups are both the same model P90, the bridge will normally have less output due to the strings having less arc of motion near the bridge. You can possibly help some raising the pu or polepieces. Or put in a different pu.
  8. mc5nrg

    What is this thing on the neck of this epi?

    Scarf joint. Headstock is glued on.
  9. mc5nrg

    Wild Psychedelic Estate Sale

    There are people that buy and resell 1/2" tape.
  10. mc5nrg

    Wild Psychedelic Estate Sale

    Generally, the way estate sales work is that there is a line or sign up list for people to get first crack when the sale begins. Lots of people waiting means limited numbers in at a time til the crowd thins. The pro pickers check the ads or get notified by the estate sale folks email and are...
  11. mc5nrg

    Help rare old Epiphone

    I don't think that left the Matsumoku factory looking like that. Note also that the tuners are on backwards. I tend to agree with Mr.Quinn-guitar is a parts guitar from different guitars
  12. mc5nrg

    I've got $50 bucks to do some upgrades, what should I get?

    Magic spray and a file or what can smooth the saddles. Might have enough left for a pickup.
  13. mc5nrg

    Is there a model guitar that you find harder to play?

    60s Mosrites...need more fret for real strings.
  14. mc5nrg

    What brand and model is this guitar....?

    Gets too blurry when I enlarge the photo. Looks like a Mosrite which fits with the Buck Owens/Bakersfield origins. Not a Ventures model and one of the other brands related to Mosrite and that area of CA could be candidates. Hall etc.
  15. mc5nrg

    Wild Psychedelic Estate Sale

    I wouldn't call that a hoarder situation. If you want to see a real hoarder house, check out the "Potter's House" series that the Curiosity Inc. guy has on his YouTube channel. I'd include a link but am too much of a Luddite. If I lived near the sale in the above clip, the mention of radio...
  16. mc5nrg

    Slow move too fast....

    Only the deaf can write fully original music.
  17. mc5nrg

    Blizzard Of Ozz 40th anniversary release

    While it is close, Don Arden was probably worse than daughter Sharon.
  18. mc5nrg

    Fret Leveling Refinishing Kit Thomas Ginex Cheap Works Well VIDEO

    This product goes back about 50 years. Have no idea if it works.
  19. mc5nrg

    Help identifying possible fake Les Paul!!

    The numbers are legit but not the guitar.
  20. mc5nrg

    Help identifying possible fake Les Paul!!

    What model is that supposed to be? But yeah, that looks like a fake. How about pix of the truss rod and control cavities?
  21. mc5nrg

    Epiphone Genesis?

    I think a decent used Gibson Les Paul Studio would be a better choice.
  22. mc5nrg

    ...but it's Japanese

    I think the reason MIJ has become a feature is that the main source of made in Asia instruments currently is mainland China and after Cort left Korea, Indonesia. MIJ production became competetive qualitywise with USA circa the late 70s.
  23. mc5nrg

    Is the overdrive sound different using 12AX7A in Tweed amp instead of a 12AX7?

    So the amp is telling you to try the AY7 or a 5751. Also as you turn up a Fender amp roll back the bass knob.
  24. mc5nrg

    Fret leveling - SOLVED

    Back in the day a reasonable setup came with purchase. From your description you may have enough of a valley in the neck that you have a buzz. Tighten the rod a tad or ask the store to evaluate your neck relief.
  25. mc5nrg

    Is the overdrive sound different using 12AX7A in Tweed amp instead of a 12AX7?

    Use your ears. With a 5 watt amp you are probably working the power tube for dirt.

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