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  1. bjm007

    Anyone else find Strat into Marshall as ...Meh?

    Everyone's tastes are different, but years ago I had the same experience with single coil pups into Marshalls from 1990-present day. The way the amp would begin to distort, was not nearly as musical as a humbucker through an EL-34 amp, which is generally an easier combination to produce musical...
  2. bjm007

    "best" plexi head

    YMMV but for my money its Germino, hands down.....
  3. bjm007

    Your favorite "looking" amp?

    There ya go............;)
  4. bjm007

    Your favorite "looking" amp?

    Gotta love the look of an old Plexi Marshall into a 4x12 cab............
  5. bjm007

    "ONLY" 1 Electric Guitar -> 1 Amplifier

    ES335 and a '65 DR......... That said, I'm digging my Fender Custom Shop HSS Strat with a Duncan Antiquity in the bridge. Really flexible "cover all the bases" guitar with those pups in there. That guitar going into a Fuchs ODS is pretty damn cool sounding rig :)
  6. bjm007

    5 best Boutique amps...

    65 Deluxe Reverb Germino 55LV Germino Headroom 100 Fuchs ODS50 Vox AC30
  7. bjm007

    What amp's clean channel has wowed you.

    1) Twin Reverb 2) Fuchs ODS-100 3) Two Rock Custom Reverb 100
  8. bjm007

    boutique Marshall but not Marshall...

    agree 1,000%
  9. bjm007

    boutique Marshall but not Marshall...

    Easy... Germino Headroom 100, or ANYTHING made by Greg. IMO, one of the best builders on the planet for Marshall type amps.
  10. bjm007

    Speakers for a VOX AC30 HW?

    Celestion Blues
  11. bjm007

    What's your favorite 6V6 amp? and why?

    As many others have said, my '65 Deluxe Reverbs are one of my all time faves for a 6V6 amp... I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Divided by 13's SJT 10/20. Sweet amp to be sure =)
  12. bjm007

    Divided by 13 cab question...

    Can you take a Divided by 13 2x12 cab, with the dual inputs on the back, and bridge them so you drive the cab from an amp with a single speaker cable? I could use a "Y" cable, which i think would work, but I'm not exactly sure what would that do to the impedence? I am using this in a...
  13. bjm007

    Volume sputtering - '65 Deluxe Reverb ?

    I'm having a hell of a time with something i can only describe as "volume sputtering" with one of my original '65 Deluxe Reverbs. Until it "really" warms up (30 minutes plus, most of the time...) the volume sputters (jumps back and forth between normal and and much lower level at random)...
  14. bjm007

    I need that Marshall sound.

    The reasons I always come back to Germino and Metro are: 1) Old Marshalls are hit or miss. Some are wonderful, but to get a '68 Plexi, it's gonna cost you some $$$ for a really clean, unmolested one with all original transformers. 2) There are a million boutiques that use the same circuit...
  15. bjm007

    I need that Marshall sound.

    one word... germino =)
  16. bjm007

    Used Germino Arrives - Not Working. Advice Needed.

    1) Check tubes 2) Call Greg 3) =)
  17. bjm007

    classic EVH, which amp'L do me?

    Any of these, with the exception of the HW, will do fine. Like many others who have posted, I have owned them all, and to me Ed's amp was more old-school than most people believe. The sound he got on record had WAY more to do with Ted Templeman and Don Landee than anything else... Out of...
  18. bjm007

    2009 World's best AMP BUILDER AWARD goes to...

    Greg Germino
  19. bjm007

    What are your favourite 1x12 combo amps?

    5E3 or '65 Deluxe Reverb......
  20. bjm007

    Found my sound - Clark Beaufort 5E3!!!

    I love my Clark...... Perfect desert island amp!
  21. bjm007

    What is your favorite Fender amp?

    Blackface Deluxe Reverb Tweed Deluxe
  22. bjm007

    DRRI & Tweed Deluxe Differences?

    Get one of each.... Only way to do it!
  23. bjm007

    Do you ever crank a 100watt amp on stage?

    I play my 100 watt Marshalls in my bedroom from time to time.......... :cool:
  24. bjm007

    Eddie Kramer workshop at Sweetwater

    If you want tons of opinion and insight into Eddie's current approach to engineering/production and these clinics in particular, you might want to go to Gearsluts... (Google it if you need to) 90%+ of the people there just bash the crap out of him and these clinics he does now. Most all of the...
  25. bjm007

    Post Your Rig AND Occupation...

    Real estate....... So that's NOT a good thing at the moment :worried

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