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  1. r9player

    FS Knaggs Blue Heron Kenai T1

    Gorgeous, also big thumbs up great seller here.
  2. r9player

    Post your best smelling guitar

    Rosewood, even now after many years of owning this guitar, I can still smell it.
  3. r9player

    Who else made questionable COVID purchases they now regret?

    uhm no gear trade purchase I regret .. I did buy a cheap garden hose and attachment that leaks and bought into a scam on ebay but got the money back ...
  4. r9player

    Show your custom-built guitars Thread!

    Charis SJ John Page P1 #002
  5. r9player

    Acoustic recommendation for ~1k

    For price to quality, I'm a big fan of Seagull guitars. Alvarez also quite good above a certain range. A used Martin or Taylor is also a great way to go.
  6. r9player

    Help - Looking for amp advice for a gift for son

    From the type of music he plays, if he isn't using any effect pedals etc. then I would recommend a dual channel. Wattage wise, very dependent on the amp and its break up profile and the type of music being played. Since you want American ... a classic American route to go would be a Marshall...
  7. r9player

    Paint, Or Not To Paint

    Nice progress ... I've done a few and the part that is always hard is patience ... it takes a lot of time to do it well. You seem to have plenty of it, keep it up, looking really nice so far.
  8. r9player

    Klon Centaur, should I let it go??

    Soul Food still blows me away for the sounds vs. $
  9. r9player

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Let's see ... Out (traded or sold) Gerber RL-16 Bolin JB Recording King RDS-15 PRS CU24-SE In Rohlack hardtail strat Alquier Space Wow DTM Rising Phoenix Also someone mentioned about a new house ... we also moved during Covid from sunny Philly to HotLanta! Alquier by r9player posted Aug 6...
  10. r9player

    Unofficial Pickup Directory

    No real experience, I've had regular lollar imperials which were great.
  11. r9player

    Unofficial Pickup Directory

    Lollar Imperial Low Winds?
  12. r9player

    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    Cool and very unique, nice specs. What inspired the color choice? Which goes great with the PU covers!
  13. r9player

    FS McPherson M4.0XP Adirondack / Beeswing Mahogany

    I'll just say this is a great deal on an amazing guitar. If you are looking for an 'end all' acoustic ... McPhersons are at the top of my list
  14. r9player

    The truth about a graphite guitar

    Love that fact about graphite guitars, my one issue with one was that the action was 'sky high' and couldn't easily be adjusted.
  15. r9player

    How to make lower volume playing sound better

    What do you feel is lacking in your sound at the lower settings? Not to be evil but pedals, EQ and even post production can fix a lot of 'balance' in the sound output. What can't be replaced is the 'feel' that happens when you are moving a good amount of 'air volume' or the direct sounds.
  16. r9player

    FSOT Traded: John Bolin - Classic Hollow

    No longer the pristine prettiest, but an amazing guitar I have it listed as an auction but please feel free to make offers Asking $Traded
  17. r9player

    Anyone have the nova NM-1 from TC?

    Bumping this really old thread wondering what people think of the TC NM-1 looking at one potentially. Thanks!
  18. r9player

    Is the answer always Princeton?

    Princeton is great, however a someone mentioned, major dislike on the 10". I got myself a custom built amp at the cost of a princeton that is based on the princeton circuit, is a 1x12 combo and is twice the power and features a half power switch.
  19. r9player

    Guitars that are “hard work” vs “easy to play”

    I started out with an acoustic that had a terrible setup, only later on did I learn about luthiers and setups ... so my early problem on electrics was pushing strings down way too hard. I'll take an easy to play any time though.
  20. r9player

    Holland Bassman Copy value?

    Oh yes how can I forget, the reverb! Not sure what he did with that, but the Brentwood had 'godly' reverb. Brentwood I believe had a three knob reverb. (been too long) Do note that not all his stuff comes with it, I think the Gibb Droll standard doesn't have it?
  21. r9player

    Holland Bassman Copy value?

    Had two Holland amps, a 2x12 Brentwood and something that was a bit of a one off. Don't think I've ever heard a better clean than the 2x12 Brentwood. These amps are ... really loud ... and heavy. I never looked inside the guts, but I think they are superb. Is this a good value, sorry not sure...
  22. r9player

    What's the cheapest pedal you currently own, use, and love?

    EH Soul Food great for just a bit of boosting and can get pretty dirty and cheap!

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