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  1. bullfrogblues

    Thoughts on Guitar Fetish

    My montra: The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten
  2. bullfrogblues

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    Travellin' Shoes by Elvin Bishop I'm trying to tell you, boys These hard-headed women these days The way they try and treat a man Ain't nothing but a doggone shame I talk and talk and talk She didn't hear a word I said Gonna get Hank Aaron's baseball bat And tenderize her head
  3. bullfrogblues

    Desk Pedal Clamp

    Ask him, he's a member here.
  4. bullfrogblues

    Slow Blues No Vocals

    Not a strat, but killer!
  5. bullfrogblues

    Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

    My #1: House Of The Rising Sun followed by the already mentioned Knock, Knock, Knockin song
  6. bullfrogblues

    F$&*ing DEATH METAL

    My sons' new band, Wharflurch.
  7. bullfrogblues

    FS Custom JW Van Tele

    Oh man, that's a sweet guitar!
  8. bullfrogblues

    Acoustic that plays and feels like an electric???

    The best guitar I ever owned in this genre was a Washburn SBF 80. It was modeled, I think, after a Gibson Chet Atkins SST model. It was one of the easiest guitars I ever played. Unplugged it wasn't loud at all, so you couldn't get acoustic sounds from it that way. Plugged in, it had the typical...
  9. bullfrogblues

    PRS Custom 22 Resale value

    yeah, sucks, doesn't it? but that's the way used gear is going these days. Unless you're trying to buy! everything you have to sell is crap, everything someone else has that you want to buy is made of gold!
  10. bullfrogblues

    Cleaning frets-Mag wheel cleaner or 000 Steel Wool

    I use this all the time, with the metal fretboard protectors.
  11. bullfrogblues

    Is a Senn E609 suitable for recording an acoustic?

    Thanks for the information!
  12. bullfrogblues

    NAD: Bogner Alchemist

    Congrats! I stupidly sold mine, it was one of the better amps I've owned.
  13. bullfrogblues

    Is a Senn E609 suitable for recording an acoustic?

    Thanks @treeofpain . where would you place the mic for recording if it were you?
  14. bullfrogblues

    Is a Senn E609 suitable for recording an acoustic?

    If so, how would you set it up? I only have a Presonus Audiobox USB 96 into Garageband, but would like to record my Blueridge BR-160CE into a track or two. My first attempt didn't result in usable tracks. Any suggestions? Thanks
  15. bullfrogblues

    Rosewood essential oil for a fretboard?

    I've been using Now essential rosewood oil for over 20 years, and still have 2/3 of a bottle. And it smells so good!
  16. bullfrogblues

    New GarageBand user needs some help please.

    That's the one that worked! thanks so much!
  17. bullfrogblues

    New GarageBand user needs some help please.

    I'm very new to GarageBand and I'm trying to do some track recording. I have 2 tracks I'd like to edit, but all of a sudden the tracks came up with a yellow line right in the middle, and I can't specify a region to trim/cut/edit with that line there. I realize it has to do with automation, but I...
  18. bullfrogblues

    Latest Tim Pierce Vid

    He was Joe Cockers' guitarist for 6 or 7 albums and recently did a video of how he played on Joe's cover of John Hiatts' Have A Little Faith In Me. Great song, and what Tim did in the song is also great.
  19. bullfrogblues

    WTB PRS Custom 22 Soapbar

    I had these three, but have since sold 2. The only remaining is the antique burst with rosewood fb. Thought about selling it every now and then. My NF3 is going out next week. The CU22 Soapies are great guitars.
  20. bullfrogblues

    WTB PRS Custom 22 Soapbar

    What is your budget?
  21. bullfrogblues

    NGD - Warmoth Strele

    @Axeplyr , Congrats, that's a great looking guitar. I've made 6 or so "Strele" type guitars with the same body style. Strat on top, Tele on bottom. Great combination and ergonomically comfortable.
  22. bullfrogblues

    Concert for Bangladesh

    I saw Leon open for Dave Mason about 10 years ago and he started his set with Jumpin' Jack Flash! It was a killer show!
  23. bullfrogblues

    Orange crusher 35rt.. question

    I tried both the 35 and the 60, ended up buying the Crush CR60C. It didn't have a tuner, but I thought the clean and crunch setting were better than the 35, and also better suited for the gigs I was playing at the time.
  24. bullfrogblues

    Clean guitar after transtint

    If you mixed the dye in alcohol, I would think it might interfere with the dye, dissolve it or whatever the term might be. Use Naptha!

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