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  1. Windup 43

    FS Pigdog Destruction Department

    Owned one of those, wish I still had it!
  2. Windup 43

    NGD the wife made me..

    You are a lucky man, congrats!
  3. Windup 43

    which Boss Chorus: CE-2W, CH-1, CE-5 for dirt and clean?

    I’ve owned both at the same time, I feel exactly the opposite...CE-2 FTW.
  4. Windup 43

    Thinking of passing along my DMM Big box

    I have a few from the 90’s and early 2000’s, they’re not going anywhere ever.
  5. Windup 43

    When do you use Digital Delay over Analog Delay for guitar?

    I use both for different with cleans can be a great sound, usually analog or tape types with dirt.
  6. Windup 43

    Kingsley Pedal or Revival Drive

    Kingsley without a doubt, Harlot v2 for me. Wouldn’t mind another Page eventually, equally outstanding.
  7. Windup 43

    New Fender line: American Professional II

    I’ve had all three of these, multiples actually...I far and away prefer the Pro to the other two, to each his own. I do like the big headstock as well as the smaller however, I have an old Highway One with the 70’s headstock.
  8. Windup 43

    Heaven help me, I'm craving an SG

    I bought a 2020 ’61 Standard also recently and it exceeded expectations straight out of the box. I have plenty of other guitars, but I played that thing exclusively for two straight months after I got it, very addictive sounding/playing guitar.
  9. Windup 43

    Fender FSR with nitro finish feels "grabby"

    I’ve used virtuoso polish on nitro necks to great effect, but only use it if the neck remains sticky after many hours of play time...most of the time it loses the stickiness with hard play.
  10. Windup 43

    New Fender line: American Professional II

    They look very nice to me, not sure about the contoured heel though...I’d have to try one first. I’m pretty set in the Strat dept. though, but digging these fresh color combos.
  11. Windup 43

    Your favorite strat or S style guitar?

    I have that same little Vox amp, sounds surprisingly nice for such a little thing! Great guitars too, love the Blackmore...big DP/Ritchie fan.
  12. Windup 43

    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

  13. Windup 43

    Your favorite strat or S style guitar?

    My ‘62 Hot Rod, although I just picked up an Ame. Original 60’s which is giving it some competition.
  14. Windup 43

    ...but it's Japanese

    I own multiple MIJ guitars and have owned others I’ve sold...the MIJ quality has been consistently stellar for many years and decades, I don’t see why this is some new or great revelation. Prices have always been very solid on the secondary market, which reflects this perception of high quality.
  15. Windup 43

    New Boss Pedal OC-5

    I like what I’m hearing from Brett’s demo. I doubt I’ll ever part w/ my OG OC-2 (earliest Octaver version), but I could see this being a useful tool. And would also like to compare it w/ my Mooer Tender Octaver (first version also).
  16. Windup 43

    PSA: Fender Professional Strat $999.00 at Adorama

    Thanks! Yeah, I wasn’t loving the cream colored plastics so I swapped them out for a blackout look...I actually bought this one from Adorama a few years ago when they were running the same deal, although they had other colors for the sale price as well.
  17. Windup 43

    NGD: 2008 SG Classic

    I wish Gibson would reissue these with the thick neck, c‘mon Gibson and do it!
  18. Windup 43

    Fender Japan Jaguars and Jazzmasters

    Both great guitars, love ‘em!
  19. Windup 43

    For those who think the SG is the ultimate guitar

    I’ve been mainly a Les Paul and Strat guy for a long time, although I’ve owned multiple SG’s throughout the years...but they’re never been my go to guitar. But lately, I’m finding a new found appreciation for them...the weight, ergonomics, tone, fret access etc. Definitely a guitar nowadays that...
  20. Windup 43

    PSA: Fender Professional Strat $999.00 at Adorama

    Whoa hey now! :wave
  21. Windup 43

    Albert Lee & Edward Van Halen...Epiphany

    Funny thing, was just listening to some early Albert Lee could tell he was going to have a big career from the very start.
  22. Windup 43

    Neil Young Tone

    The Durham Crazy Horse is great and the Peppermint Fuzz also cops some of his tones very effectively. A sub octave pedal will help also as well as some delay and verb. For his earliest material and Buffalo Springfield era you’ll need some primitive fuzz, fuzzrite/maestro etc.
  23. Windup 43

    Tube Distortion pedals that come close to the real thing?

    I’ve never owned anything else that rivaled my Harlot v2, just sounds like another (superb) amp channel...and feels like it too.
  24. Windup 43

    Adorama experiences

    Two of my favorite Ame. Fenders I bought from them sight unseen, very positive experiences.
  25. Windup 43

    Green Thang! Post your green thingamajigger

    Think we just did this the other day? But ok, here are mine again:

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