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    Tell me about the Ampeg VT 40 Scroll down the page. There is a section on picking up radio signals. Make sure you pick up some spare 6k11 tubes. They're not too difficult to find but they aren't made any more and that's your midrange circuit - which is where the magic is in...
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    Replacement suggestions for 7027A

    The JJ's should be fine. I've been running them in my V4's and VT40's for several years. No issues.
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    W.A.S.P 2019

    I think he's been on guitar for a while.
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    We owe the Monkees an apology!

    Eight pages and no mention of Clarence Walker?
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    Are guitarists more particular than bassists regarding authentic build for vintage favorites?

    I've been playing bass almost as long as I've been playing guitar. I really don't care for Gibson basses. I don't like the sound or the feel of most of them. The only vintage Gibson I've ever played that I thought was worth the money was my buddy's old Triumph. That is a great bass. Other than...
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    Dual showman reverb Bass rig idea: nuts?

    I run an old dual Showman sometimes through and 8x10". It's got plenty of power and headroom for loud gigs. As walterw said - get a better cab (probably not an 8x10") and you should be fine. A 4x10" is a good choice for a loud bar.
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    BYO Dummy Load Resources?

    I used those style of resistors when I built a heat sink a few years ago. No issues with them. The heat sink is a good idea.
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    BYO Dummy Load Resources?
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    Driving cross country with guitars/gear. Safe place for motel nearish Cleveland on the 70?

    There is a cluster of hotels just off the exit in Richmond, Indiana. That's the last (I think) exit before you get into Ohio. It's only a few hours to Columbus from there. I've stayed at the Best Western there a few times with a 12 passenger window van (no seats) loaded with items. The front of...
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    Cloning vintage knobs... This guy posted a cool video.

    That was fun. Smooth-On makes good products. He orders from a third party on Amazon. You can order directly from the Smooth-On website or they're distributor Reynold's Materials. Mold Star is a platinum based silicone. It has a long (approx 20 yrs) library life so your molds will last a very...
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    1974 Ampeg V2 (master volume mod help)

    From the V4 forum: "For under $5.00 one can unleash the beast in a V-4 or VT-22 amp by adding a master volume control in a very convenient location (R21 and R23 get replaced with a 100K pot and 10K resistor connected to the wiper arm)" There is more info in the forums also...
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    Ronnie Wood Faces Tone

    The blue check Ampegs do have fantastic cleans. But, if you hit them with humbuckers and get the volume up to around 6 or 7 they have a really big, garage-y break-up. I've got a few blue checks with different power tubes and they all have a similar break-up. The V-Series amps are different...
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    Who has a “Mike Ness bassman”?

    It used to be common practice to mod the bass channels make them more usable. Switching it to a more "marshall" sound isn't too complicated and it's easily reversible. You can also just up the plate resistor and get more gain if that's what you're after. I don't have any experience with the Mike...
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    Old wood vs new wood vs plastic

    I wish I knew. I've been searching for another Jazz bass that sounds and plays like my old one but I'm not having any luck. The newer basses all sound "stiff". I can't figure out whether it's the wood, the pickups (I've swapped them out) or a combination.
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    P.W. Long and Reelfoot

    Wow! Now there's a nice surprise. I saw PW Long several times "back in the day". I always made sure to get to his shows. GREAT stuff. Thanks for jogging my memory.
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    traynor guitarmate YGM3 speaker

    I have a Celestion G1230 in mine. Sounds good to my ears and MUCH better than the stock speaker.
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    Thoughts on 490R/T

    Had them in a Les Paul Custom. Hated them. Some of the worst sounding pickups I've ever heard.
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    Vintage Ampeg Amps: The Good, The Bad, The Gemini.

    Yeah, they're really loud. A VT22 is also really heavy and awkward to carry around. I have an SVT too. It's easier to move around than a VT22. And you're not going to get they break-up until you're at a much higher volume. They're great amps but they're not close to the 22 watts you're looking...
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    Vintage Ampeg Amps: The Good, The Bad, The Gemini.

    I've got a few V4/VT22's, a few VT40's and a few blue check Ampegs (one Gemini 1). I don't have a a GV22. But, I think the VT22 is not the amp you are looking for. It's loud - really loud. I know you here that about amps all the time but Ampeg wasn't making amps for coffee houses in the 70s...
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    Svt+410 Vs V4b+810?

    Not real sure what you're shooting for here but... If I'm lugging around an 8x10 I'm gonna put an SVT on top of it. This is the classic sound. I've never played a V4B. I have a few V4's though and they are very usable amps for bass or guitar. V4's are great amps but they're not an SVT. If I'm...
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    Saw my first live show is a while and ... It's the Wiggles

    Yep. Fun band. We played a few shows with them several years ago. Can't say I'm familiar with the Wiggles material.
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    Reverse head stocks and overhand bass playing

    Yeah, that was a bit of time travel. Did I see Rudy Sarzo?
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    Les Paul advise

    I have a 1990 Custom. I hated the stock pickups. I considered getting rid of the guitar. Instead, I swapped them out for a set of PAF style pickups. It was a night and day difference. I went with Manlius Fat Diane's (which I love - and I now have a few more sets) but I really think any decent...
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    Learning bass ... don't want to play guitar anymore!

    If you have a bass and a car, bands will likely be contacting you also. Bring extra cash to your first few gigs so you can get into the club.

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