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  1. bluesdoc

    We Like Dope

  2. bluesdoc

    Let's see those ES-335's

  3. bluesdoc

    I can't stand playing through guitar amps now

    I've lost all sense of what, if anything, I'm missing, but I'm so happy with the tones and form factor I'm getting from my PodGo (Boss MS3 in the loop for more instant access effects), into a Headrush 108. Guitar is my parts strat with a 920D pickguard loaded with Duncan P-Rails. PodGo tones...
  4. bluesdoc

    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    I'm none of those things, but I consider my chops to be limited compared to pros, and I make a lot of mistakes. The general public and my bandmates notice none of those things, but you guys here would. I do. jon
  5. bluesdoc

    What are you listening to right now?

    Steely Dan Pretzel Logic. Very cool tune. I learned the chords and am playing with versions of what Jon Herington plays on the Dukes of September album. jon
  6. bluesdoc

    NAMM 2021 cancelled

    10 4 Thanks, Frank. jon
  7. bluesdoc

    NAMM 2021 cancelled

    Yer on, Frank! When I went, I was a Two Rock dealer and saw all sorts of jaw dropping players up close. Truly head spinning. Kid in a candy store sort of thing. jon
  8. bluesdoc

    NAMM 2021 cancelled

    I went a few times in the early '00s. It was mind boggling. But it was as much fun for those of us who came in from various parts of the country to hang for dinner and breakfast and jamming and bonding. Good times. Would I go again if it ever opens up? If Frank gets me a badge, sure :D I can be...
  9. bluesdoc

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    I picked up (actually bought for myself for my upcoming BD) a Fender Acoustasonic Strat in natural. I freaking love this guitar!! It has opened up a world of tones and techniques that have broadened my playing palette. jon
  10. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    I use an old Digitech Jam Man Express for my looping needs. I need all the Pod Go blocks for my tones. jon
  11. bluesdoc

    Wav --> mp3 converter?

    Thanks guys!! jon
  12. bluesdoc

    Wav --> mp3 converter?

    XLD” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. What do I do about this? Nevermind - I chose 'open anyway'. More edit - I'm over my head here. How is Lame mp3 different from garden variety mp3 and I don't know what any of the other coding initials are for. I guess I could read...
  13. bluesdoc

    Wav --> mp3 converter?

    OK, iTunes is working fine for me. So far, so good. Thanks guys. ~~~~~~>>> jon
  14. bluesdoc

    Wav --> mp3 converter?

    I should have mentioned that I'm on a mac. I do have Audacity but was wondering if there is something simpler that doesn't requiring even opening the wav file. I'll look into the suggestions above. Thanks guys. jon
  15. bluesdoc

    Wav --> mp3 converter?

    I don't know if this is the right forum section for this, but - do you guys have a favorite stand alone wav to mp3 converter program? Easy, cheap, effective? Thanks in advance. I'm recording on my Zoom H6, moving files to my laptop and looking to compress some of them. jon
  16. bluesdoc

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    Do SGs exist that are lightweight, say <7# and without neck dive? Asking for a friend.... :rolleyes: jon
  17. bluesdoc

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    I'm done selling online, period. Between fees, shipping challenges, packing challenges, potentially weird buyers, etc, I'm just taking the hit and putting my stuff on consignment [25%] at my local store. They're very good folks and even if it takes a year to sell, it's out of sight and in...
  18. bluesdoc

    Sold Es-330 olive drab!

    My #1 in 1969 Weight and cash price? jon
  19. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    I use Senn HD 598 when mrs bluesdoc is home. They sound great. The only 'tweak' necessary is increasing the output volume significantly - which I have to remember to turn back down when I switch to my HR 108. I suppose I could change the gain on the HR so it'd be at unity with the headphones...
  20. bluesdoc

    NGD - Ron Thorn magic inside!

    Jaw dropping!! Ron is, and has always been, 'da man!!!!! jon
  21. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    Ah, well then...... see you guys in a bit ~~~~~~~>> Thank you! jon
  22. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    I've shared my joy with the Pod Go here and stated that when my FM3 # comes up, I'll probably pass. And then, it came up this morning. Passing on it was no longer an instant decision. I can afford it/both. I really had to chew on it to re-decide to pass. As much as I've wanted a much longer...
  23. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    When I first got mine, I was concerned about how I'd get my usual palette of effects that I like to weave in here and there - mainly chorus, trem, and auto wah. I was used to instant access to all those and more on my Boss GT1000. So, I run my Boss MS3 in the loop so I can get all that...
  24. bluesdoc

    Line 6 POD Go

    I justify it, playing for 60 years, in a band, having owned many high end amps, having used modelers for two decades - pretty much everything except the Kemper, because - it sounds as good or better than anything I've owned, it is very user friendly, very affordable, and makes me want to play -...
  25. bluesdoc

    Strat bridge question for builders and hobbyists

    Hi Ron. This is exactly what I wanted to know. --->> project shelved. Thanks Ron. As a trem, I like the Mann very much. I'm just craving a featherweight these days. I'll probably just build from scratch. Most of my guitars are parts casters this era. Been there, done it. My strat is an HH with...

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