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  1. Blauserk

    Rush. spirit of radio

    What an awesome performance. I love that medley. Just enough of so many of their greats, just performed magnificently. I feel lucky to have seen them . . . when Geddy had chicken rotisseries on stage of washing machines. Love that guy's sense of humor.
  2. Blauserk

    Explorer Love?

    I find them comfortable to play seated or standing, but they are a wee bit like "playing a coffee table" and I find myself always *almost* running the rear point into something. But I find them much more natural to play than, say, a Firebird.
  3. Blauserk

    Why the bias toward earlier versions of guitar things?

    I think it's more complicated than earlier is always (or even usually) sought after. Old Teles are revered, but people want them modified to "modern" wiring. Early Teles and perhaps Nocasters are generally more of a reference tone that still-earlier Broadcasters. '52 and early '53 Les Pauls...
  4. Blauserk

    Considering a Vintage Strat; Is the 3-Way Switch A Pain?

    This. With a bit of patience, you'll find one with the 5-way already installed. I was looking recently and there was a '64 that had been used on some reasonably big recordings with a 5-way installed for under $15k, with the mods to make it pro-ready already baked in to the cost. In my...
  5. Blauserk

    Post a singlecut that’s not a Gibson Les Paul

    Gretsch Duo-Jet. Nothing like an LP. Chambered body, not just P90s and PAF knockoffs, and a completely different neck joint. (I'd prefer to buy the modern ones because the 50s originals so often require resets.) But they're various shades of awesome. First, with the DeArmond single coils...
  6. Blauserk

    Full set of Grissom with James McMurtry.

    Dream team. I love them both independently. I learned less than a minute ago that they'd played together. But I gotta say, McMurtry does pretty good on a solo acoustic tour too.
  7. Blauserk

    NVGD...A Little Late

    Looks wonderful, and you know if Hogy owned it, it's a great one. Congrats and enjoy it!
  8. Blauserk

    1950s Les Paul Juniors

    The change in scale length blows everything to hell. Strings are spongy, everything sounds weird. I've never played one long enough to figure out how to do something useful with it.
  9. Blauserk

    Sold Fender Telecaster 1954 Blonde Whiteguard Thermometer Case

    Good luck with the sale. I only learned within the past week that Fender introduced the whiteguard late in '54, not 1955 as I used to think. Judging by the headstock, that is unmistakably a Tadeo Gomez neck. Someone is in for a treat.
  10. Blauserk

    The Stratocaster's Big Headstock: Its Pre-CBS roots

    1964 Jaguar versus 1969 Strat. Pretty close. 1963 Jazzmaster versus 1969 Strat. Seems a little more svelte than the Jaguar.
  11. Blauserk

    The Stratocaster's Big Headstock: Its Pre-CBS roots

    Good point. The big headstocks seem to have arrived on the "offset body" guitars first. 1964 Duo-Sonic versus 1962 Jazzmaster. The ball on the end is a bit more bulbous on the Duo-Sonic. The Jazzmaster seems to have more of a curl going down to the neck (as the eventual Strat headstock...
  12. Blauserk

    The Stratocaster's Big Headstock: Its Pre-CBS roots

    As a guy who started playing during the worst days of Fender's quality control (circa 1979), I have a "complicated" relationship with big-headed Strats, loving Hendrix but disliking the plastic-dipped feel of the big-headstock Strats in music stores when a pimply me was playing them in music...
  13. Blauserk

    The Stratocaster's Big Headstock: Its Pre-CBS roots

    I ran across this Fender Duo-Sonic II on the Retrofret website and was immediately struck that its headstock looked a lot like (but not identical to) the later CBS-era Strat headstock. The neck is stamped December 1964, so it's pre-CBS (although it's mated to a body with 1965 parts). Compare...
  14. Blauserk

    Thoughts (possibly no more than thoughts) 56 Gretsch Duo Jet or early 60s Epi Coronet

    Wildwood always charges a signficant premium, particularly on vintage stuff, but I trust them. They have two '54s, including a "Scripty." Easy on the eyes--and because they have demo videos, also easy on the ears.
  15. Blauserk

    Thoughts (possibly no more than thoughts) 56 Gretsch Duo Jet or early 60s Epi Coronet

    I agree with Slimdave that the build quality on Gretsches is not as good for Epis. I think it's important to either try before you buy with vintage Gretsches, or to trust the dealer, but boy, I love the vintage Duo Jet sound. DeArmond pickups are underrated for blues in my opinion. I had a...
  16. Blauserk

    Vintage P90 tone=killer !

    J.D. Simo makes this single-P90 Epiphone Casino sound pretty damned good, and I generally used to turn my nose up at single-pickup ES-330s/Casinos. The center position always put me off. Maybe no more!
  17. Blauserk

    Vintage guitar ads.

    Seeing this on the wall of the mom & pop guitar store where I took guitar lessons made me want a custom SO bad.
  18. Blauserk

    David Grissom Interview

    "Revolver" drew him to the guitar! How can you *not* like him?
  19. Blauserk

    Ian Anderson guitars in Walter Becker auction

    So imagine if you woke up with a hangover one day to discover that you'd paid $8,960 (plus buyer's premium) to buy Walter Becker's Klon. I bet it's a good one. Are those his actual settings or did his will instruct his executor to twist every knob in his collection? As Billy Gibbons' will...
  20. Blauserk

    Ian Anderson guitars in Walter Becker auction

    Anyone see the sale of Walter Becker gear? Some interesting items . . . including the only Hondo ever to go for nearly $1300. But what interested me most was the large number of Ian Anderson guitars. No wonder Ian had trouble keeping up with orders . . . he was making guitars for Walter...
  21. Blauserk

    Early 70s Keith Richard's Tone

    Can't say I'm a big fan of Keith's current tone. And I liked Mick Taylor's tone through the Ampegs too.
  22. Blauserk

    Sold Lentz HSL Daphne Blue 2006

    Those HSLs are ridiculously versatile guitars and he made some spectacular ones around that time. Awesome git.
  23. Blauserk

    Run of Faded Blue Jean PRS DGTs with Artist tops & Ebony Boards

    Awesome! Looks like a small-run paint color too.
  24. Blauserk

    Run of Faded Blue Jean PRS DGTs with Artist tops & Ebony Boards

    Pics or it didn't happen! That has to be a rarity. Ebony headstock overlay? It's a gorgeous slab of ebony, and really doesn't feel that much different from rosewood (especially with the big frets). Bone nut, instead of the usual PRS black synthetic one (which is totally up to the job...
  25. Blauserk

    Run of Faded Blue Jean PRS DGTs with Artist tops & Ebony Boards

    I wound up buying #277335, the top guitar in the second group image above. Fantastic guitar. But the action is just a smidge too high, probably because of humidity change. I love the ebony fingerboard on it.

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