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  1. gulliver

    Cab for Bad Cat Black Cat 15R - Matchless ?

    I don't know of those cabs, but they are probably both high quality 3/4" ply with similar dimensions. If it were me, I'd confirm this and just get the matching Bad Cat; saving the money and having a unified set. Check out Guitar Center Used site, they usually have a lot of Bad Cat stuff and...
  2. gulliver

    Should I build my own Bassman?

    I say, build the amp that you want. If one amp requires 15 resisters and another amp requires 20 resisters, you will need to learn the same skills either way, one will just take a little longer than the other.
  3. gulliver

    Low powered tweed Twin vs. JTM45 Bluesbreaker

    You may want to check out some of the small iron vs big iron threads. The transformer size is going to be a factor, with the small transformers providing a softer bottom that can fall apart with distortion ... and the big iron will hit hard with solid bass, but with a greater chance of harshness...
  4. gulliver

    Two-Rock CRS vs Bloomfield

    What do you like better tonally in the Bloomfield, over the Studio? I have a Redplate Blackloop and noticed you have a Redplate too. Is it the Blackloop/verb/line? If so, how close are the tones to the Two Rock amps above. I have a TR Sensor, and feel my Redplate is very similar, but dirtier in...
  5. gulliver

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    Unfortunately, you will need to hold down the button for a full two weeks. Just kidding, but sometimes technology feels this way. :)
  6. gulliver

    Where are my SS friends at?

    I love stainless steel ... oh, never mind. :rolleyes:
  7. gulliver

    MIDI channel changes for MS-3 to 5153 (MIDI experts please help!)

    I've done this in the past, but am rusty. I would make changes manually, outside of learning code ... if that doesn't work, post in the digital forum:
  8. gulliver

    Morgan mvp23 clean

    Since no one will bite, I'll add that I've been trying to do the same with a Soldano designed Jet City 2212 combo, which has a (roughly) similar voicing. Going through a Jensen-type speaker is a good start. The Weber Signature 12B was my best attempt. Still, though, that bright Marshall voicing...
  9. gulliver

    Please have a look at my new speaker. What would you do?!?

    That might even go away after a while.
  10. gulliver

    Internal speaker cable; where do you find one?!?!

    Not sure what you mean by "effect gauge"; the center wire is probably thinner than the shield, it will determine the resistance. With that short run, there won't be a whole lot of resistance. Having taken these part, they look good to me ... the center looks 16 gauge.
  11. gulliver

    Downsize from a 2x12?

    I have that TR 2x12 and a sealed 1x12. I like both. I think the TR is reasonable with bass, less bass than the TR oversized open back 1x12, which I also have. Probably, the 2x12 has more bass than the sealed 1x12 I have ... but not a huge difference. With the 1x12 on the floor, yes, you get more...
  12. gulliver

    What on earth is this cabinet?

    When I bought a JCM800, I tested it though a 4x12 with T75s. It sounded fantastic ... these speakers handle gain well.
  13. gulliver

    Internal speaker cable; where do you find one?!?!

    Speaker cable can be shielded, and the two wires can be of different gauges. I think you're over-thinking this, I've used it several times and is great.
  14. gulliver

    What on earth is this cabinet?

    It would have to be solid state, as the top is the board between the chassis and the cab. The hole is probably a wire to a a reverb tank ... or speakers, if it's very cheap and there's no jacks on the back. You could do a google image search on all of the solid state players of the past...
  15. gulliver

    Open back cab depth...

    My favorite open back cabs are over sized and 11" deep, but I like huge tone. IMHO, bigger cab, more extension in the lows. If you have amps that are bass-heavy or you want more focus, you may want the thinner cab.
  16. gulliver

    What on earth is this cabinet?

    Looks like a combo cab that someone cut in half.
  17. gulliver

    Recommend me a "do it all" speaker for a 1x12 cab

    I rotate a lot of speaker and still think the Scumback H75 large dust cap is the best all around speaker. Firm bass, great voicing, has some grit, but not over the top. Sounds crunchy with distortion and can clean up well.
  18. gulliver

    Internal speaker cable; where do you find one?!?!

    The first words of the description: "Connect speakers ..." It's 16 gauge, better than most, which are 18 gauge ... either is fine, really. The fact that it's shielded means it could be used as a guitar cable in pinch.
  19. gulliver

    How to best spend my money.... speakers or cab?

    Kind of reminds me of the crazy news cycles last week ... "masks versus vaccine"; which is better? Kind of like saying, seat belt versus stop sign. Everything is going in the same direction, but different things all together. :aok
  20. gulliver

    How to best spend my money.... speakers or cab?

    IMHO, cabs need to meet minimum requirements, or they'll kill the tone. Too small, thin materials, cheap materials, etc... They are more important in that sense. If the cab is decent, then the speaker will be able to speak. :aok
  21. gulliver

    Alternatives to strap locks?

    BOOT - bump of old thread These Planet Waves Elliptical End Pins have been good, I have been using them for several years now. The key is to match the wide part 90 degrees opposite of the cut in the strap, so that it will not fall out. They look a little odd, on an angle, but works and very...
  22. gulliver

    Vintage tweed - What If... ?

    Remember, the Dallas Rangemaster influenced some of Clapton's tone as well. Okay, not made in Dallas, but made in London. Not sure he would have used it if he was American.
  23. gulliver

    Help with speaker cab opening type

    The toilet seat back might extend the bass a hair more, as the frequencies will need to travel further around it before canceling out ... almost like having a thicker cabinet. This being said (guessed, really), I have two over sized cabs that are very similar in size but oval -vs- traditional...
  24. gulliver

    The Official MATCHLESS Thread

    Not to be captain obvious, but does it take a standard 1/4" on/off latching footswitch? If it were me, I would plug a cable into it and short the opposite end to see if it works.

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