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  1. jhfire

    Best Speakers for a Marshall origin

    I recently changed out the speaker in my Origin 50C to a Weber Ferromax 12F150 B and removed that extra back panel. The amp is so much more open, loud ringing chords and a nice clean sound. Totally suggest it!
  2. jhfire

    Elvis 2 Months Before Passing

    This is awesome thanks for sharing! James Burton and the band are on fire! Yes Elvis is definitely high but you can't deny his improvisational command is pure entertainemt!!
  3. jhfire

    Disgraceland Music Podcast (music & crime)

    If you're into short entertaining stories about rock stars with bad behavior, true crime and music, check it out. The Rick James episode has been my favorite. Enjoy!
  4. jhfire

    Gibson’s New Collection

    How about an alpine white SG Junior? :dude
  5. jhfire

    Aerosmith - Rocks

    Best Aerosmith record. Producer Jack Douglas did an incredible job capturing their sound.
  6. jhfire

    Gibson leaving Memphis

    Maybe Heritage will take over this Gibson plant? Just like they did with Kalamazoo plant. I got to tour the Memphis facility years ago, it was quite an experience!
  7. jhfire

    2 year wait for the

    It's worth it....
  8. jhfire

    Sold TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb

    TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb used in excellent shape. Box, sticker, cable all in there. $75 Shipped '][/URL]
  9. jhfire

    Marshall Origin 50 cranked: happy now?

    The amp is fairly clean without the boost engaged. But yes, the DLS for crunchy rhythms gets you in that genre. The 20c won't cut it with a loud drummer and you won't have much headroom.
  10. jhfire

    New Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV Reverb Tank? Specifics?

    I want to upgrade the reverb tank in my 68 Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb. The new reverb in the Hot Rod IV series sound great. Anyone know the specifics of this tank? I'm hoping they're interchangeable...
  11. jhfire

    What's With Those EH Soul Food Pedals???

    It's a great pedal. You have to find the sweet spot between the amp's volume and the pedal volume.
  12. jhfire

    Final verdict on the Marshall Origin (threads are too long!)

    This amp overs that 70's vibe OD. It's definitely not JCM 800 type OD. One thing I'd suggest is get the 50W. I had the 20W and returned it for the 50W. It's nice to have that headroom.
  13. jhfire

    Sorry to be redundant- Marshall Origin 50W

    Yes is your answer. I have the 50W combo.
  14. jhfire

    Small reverbs

    As a huge reverb fan I like the Dr. Scientist Reverberator and the TC Electronics Hall of Fame. I'm always switching these 2 up between my 2 boards. I'm pretty much running the plate setting all the time. Affordable pedals.
  15. jhfire

    Joe Bonamassa exploring financial take over of Gibson?

    I'm more excited of the Chicago Music Exchange/Reverb group taking interest. Their operations are pretty successful and their customer service is first class. Regardless the current Gibson is a disaster...
  16. jhfire

    Marshall Origin 50 cranked: happy now?

    Sounds good! I originally purchased the 20C and ended up exchanging it for the 50C. If you're a bedroom player and rehearse at a standard level go with the 20C. I unfortunately needed the extra power. I play with different bands/drummers and the 20C is barely there volume wise. Tone wise, the...
  17. jhfire

    Warren DeMartini Kicked Out Of Ratt (2018)

    Got to see them like 6 months ago with Warren. Although his playing wasn't up to par that night, they were still quite entertaining. Maybe he was having a bad night? Carlos was on point though. Either way sad news.
  18. jhfire

    Marshall Origin

    I'm just going to wait until you list your's for sale and save some bucks... :spit Seriously though I had one on pre-order and decided to wait. The headroom is an issue for me, I need to hear more.
  19. jhfire

    Does Zakk Wylde just scare the hell out of you?

    I got to play with him one night during one of his guitar clinic stops in Miami back in 92?. I knew him form working at Metaltronix in LA. He happened to stumble into the club we were playing. He jumped on stage and we jammed all night, great night for me. Anyways I remember him shredding and...
  20. jhfire

    Henry blames music stores for Gibson's financial situation, at part of it.

    Lets start a go fund me page to buy Gibson. ;)
  21. jhfire

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    I was there and remember that exactly! Joan Jett came on next and wasn't haven't any of that- she rocked!
  22. jhfire

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    I played with the Rock City Angels before Bobby passed away a few years ago. Bobby would tell me stories of antagonizing the crowd. :D
  23. jhfire

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    Saw them open for Sabbath here in South Florida, they made it through their set but they were dodging coins and soda cups!
  24. jhfire

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    Poco opening for Boston at he Miami Baseball Stadium in 77? The B52's opening for The Who at The Tangerine Bowl in 83? Both bands pelted with garbage. :facepalm
  25. jhfire

    Henry blames music stores for Gibson's financial situation, at part of it.

    Well it sounds like Gibson is going to get the "reset" it needs.

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