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  1. GeLoFi

    Dr Z

    Like a cold slice of butter sliding across a warm piece of toast...
  2. GeLoFi

    HSS guys: how do you do it?

    Play with more gain so the humbucker compresses more so than it increases the volume. :dunno
  3. GeLoFi

    Fenders amps are known for cleans, but...

    Derek trucks super
  4. GeLoFi

    Who has ditched modelers and gone to just load box and IR’s with real amps?

    It’s great but clearly it’s not a value proposition compared to even the most robust digital modelers
  5. GeLoFi

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    If you are using a USB hub it may be causing the issue
  6. IMG_1366


  7. IMG_1365


  8. GeLoFi

    Pedal for a cranked Blackface tone?

    Anything particularly targeted at the cranked Super Reverb sound? Its my favorite tone but cannot justify a 40 Watt 4x10 in my house.
  9. GeLoFi

    I think I have to say goodbye to a dear pal.

    Go for a 6 string baritone?
  10. GeLoFi

    Consensus on Sterling by Musicman guitars?

    Recommend LTD over Sterling or Schecter in this range
  11. GeLoFi

    Is there any reason I shouldn't get a Boss RC-1?

    It’s great for its simplicity, but the RC-10R is amazing too
  12. GeLoFi

    Seymour Duncan everything axe set up

    It’s great conceptually but I have found that set to be very sterile sounding
  13. GeLoFi

    Guitar Center has reopened

    Why would anyone right now unnecessarily go to a store where literally the whole purpose is to touch retail items a bunch of other people touched?
  14. GeLoFi

    Eastman Guitars

    My slope shoulder acoustic with the varnish finish is my favorite
  15. GeLoFi

    The absolute best bedroom setup

    Katana 100, set to stun
  16. GeLoFi

    SDOTD...Looks like DT25 is a goner

    Still available or gone?
  17. GeLoFi

    Sold Prs Ce24 2017 $1300

    Can you PM pics? Very interested
  18. GeLoFi

    Katana buyer’s remorse?

    Crunch channel, reverb, delay and chorus are all fine for home, rehearsal, or gigging. Don’t over think this
  19. GeLoFi

    Are current Mexican Fenders as good as US Fenders from 5 years go?

    I snagged a Players strat from this year, was miles better than my 03 American ever was
  20. GeLoFi

    New Strymon Compadre Compressor & Boost

    Compadre also means friend or companion. Companion to the iridium? Drive/preamp/comp? LET"S ALL GUESS
  21. GeLoFi

    Boss Katana 50 question

    Mkii more notable for the concentric pots for effects, much easier to tweak without using Boss Tone Studio
  22. GeLoFi

    the Evertune is a truly amazing innovation

    Picked up an LTD Viper 1000 with Evertune. I don’t want to play anything else.
  23. GeLoFi

    Ngd Prs Custom 24-08!


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