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    Throaty/growly wah?

    You can make any cry baby type wah dirty by simply grounding Q1 emitter. The easiest way is to jumper the 470 ohm (sometimes 390) resistor.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Sometimes it even gives fuzz a new purpose. I bought a Tweak Fuzz Jr that didn't do much for me on guitar, in fact I kinda hated it. I love it on bass though.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Cool. I had a plexi panel Laney PA head, sold it years ago though.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have a Tele with a very microphonic pickup. Way back when I first bought it, I had a very simple rig, Tele, re101 tape echo and Marshall JMP 2203. It was a brutal squeal so I repurposed a 3 way toggle switch added by a previous owner to add different caps to the pickup to cut the highs. It was...
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    Paul Trombetta pedals

    I have a Kaiju, if that's what you're asking about. Mine has a bit of top end emphasis so I only use it selectively (playing strats and BF amps lately, where it doesn't work as well). In the right rig though, it's a monster fuzz.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    Well, this thread has been going for 7+ years now. If you could follow the propagation of recent fuzz interest back to it's source, you might just end up right back here. It's like a wormhole eating it's own tail. Or head? What would that even look like? A doughnut with an infinitely small hole...
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    Strictly FUZZ

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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have both but prefer the Marq Won, it’s not even close really. I’d be happy to record both pedals this weekend, however, the closest thing I have to a Bassman is a Tone King.
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    Any Moogerfooger fans here?

    Yup ED0D55D6-2245-4046-A2AD-D0ECFBF33FA2 by TAVD posted Jul 25, 2020 at 9:29 PM
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    Strictly FUZZ

    470r replaced with a 1.2k resistor.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have a similar buzz and a Furman, so I’m going to say it probably won’t help.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have a few go to mics for amps in general, not specifically just for fuzz. E906, ksm313, m160, tlm102.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I lost mine of 13 years a few months ago. He was a huge fan of fuzz. Jake1 by TAVD posted Jul 9, 2020 at 1:58 PM
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I wouldn’t mind getting a few more myself.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I’m really digging the gated fuzz of the CBB Preamp with bass guitar. They could probably sell a bunch more if it came in a box with an IcePower amp and said bass on the front. 02378648-F75F-40BC-82F6-E41081BE292A by TAVD posted Jul 1, 2020 at 11:44 AM
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    MkIV: The Neglected ToneBender?

    Beano (set to mids) into Sunbender MkIV w/ tone & fuzz rolled back is nice.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I’m a big fan of them too. Here’s 3 of mine that I can show off as their names are Fender, Koll and Fano, respectively. 7E8D5D69-0FB5-43A2-B78B-9E593C9ECBE7 by TAVD posted Jun 29, 2020 at 8:54 PM
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I have an MW-1 that has variable impedance among other tricks. I mostly use it for DI and injecting pedals into recorded tracks. When I first got it, I had the idea to do a DI track and use it to build a library of fuzz but that’s too much work.
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    Strictly FUZZ

    I'm pretty sure the standard ones have mostly smt parts.

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