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  1. Ampegged

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Thanks. I use the boost side on the FDIII on most of the time (level depends on room, gig volume, etc.) but never past 9:00. I like the tone of it with it on, whether it is providing a boosted signal or not, so sometimes I turn it all the way down & leave it on. I use the drive side as...
  2. Ampegged

    Fendergaichiban instagram Les Paul finishes?

    Some serious filter work on the pics. Probably a nice guy, but the playing/tone is "up" there with a couple of the Les Paul Forum "heavy hitters"...cringe worthy for sure. :hide
  3. Ampegged

    Eminence 820H 8 inch hemp speaker dark sounding?

    I have one in a Champ & would agree with your assessment of it being more on the dark side. I don't find it dull or "too dark", but I definitely wouldn't describe it is "sparkly" or "chimey". It works well for making these little amps a little more pedal friendly & "bigger" sounding, but you...
  4. Ampegged

    My late-60's hippie refin tele has come back to life!

    Very nice & the perfect route to take with one like that IMHO. How is the intonation with the non compensated saddles & those saddles lined up evenly/straight across like that?
  5. Ampegged

    WTB Fender Rosewood Board Telecaster Neck

    Looking for a used Fender (or Allparts, etc.) rosewood board Telecaster neck. Made in Japan, MIM 60's Classic, etc. are what I am looking for. Needed specs below: Fender headstock shape (decal preferred if an Allparts, etc. but not a deal breaker) C shape. I prefer a smaller/shallower neck...
  6. Ampegged

    9mm Hollow Shaft Nut Driver for Speaker Cab

    This is where I got my last batch.
  7. Ampegged

    9mm Hollow Shaft Nut Driver for Speaker Cab

    11/32" hollow shaft is the perfect tool (looks like you got one). Works perfect for speaker mounting. Much better tool than a deep socket & ratchet IMHO. With a ratchet & socket & "more leverage than you need", you are more inclined to over tighten the nuts IME. This particular nut driver...
  8. Ampegged

    Interview with Joe Robinson

    Great player. Have kept up with him some over the years. Great work on that production!
  9. Ampegged

    FS Lovepedal Amp Eleven

    Looking to sale outright. Appreciate the offer.
  10. Ampegged

    1965 Twin Reverb Cab Restoration Questions

    I ended up going with Minwax Wood filler. Hopefully it will hold. Going to let it set overnight & then drill some pilot holes, reinstall the baffle & see what happens. If it doesn't hold, I will try an epoxy of some kind. Ultra flat paint added to please my OCD.
  11. Ampegged

    Vintage cable Jack?

    Looks legit to me. Here is another. "1964 Fender Original Vintage 60's Guitar Cable Grey"
  12. Ampegged

    1965 Twin Reverb Cab Restoration Questions

    Thanks Jeff! I was able to find another shot of one that shows the same thing as well. Little tricky finding a pic with the perfect angle where the reverb bag isn't in the way.
  13. Ampegged

    1965 Twin Reverb Cab Restoration Questions

    Thanks for the info. I just had to reglue the cleats & am going to fix the mounting holes in the baffle to get it more secure & solid. No tolex or grill cloth work to be done. This ones had a hard life (pretty sure it has lung cancer from all the smoke over the years), but deserves to be back...
  14. Ampegged

    1965 Twin Reverb Cab Restoration Questions

    Doing some cab restoration work on my 65' TR & had a questions & seeking a little advice. I had to reglue the cleats, as they were all pulled loose from the amp falling face down & the weight of the speakers pushing the baffle out. First question: How many baffle board screws were...
  15. Ampegged

    What are you working on?

    1965 Twin Reverb. This one took a tumble in a run away flightcase & fell flat on it's face (still in the case). The next time I removed the lid off the case at a rehearsal the baffle literally fell out of the amp onto the floor. All cleats had been completely pulled loose from the cabinet...
  16. Ampegged

    FS Weber Chicago 12" 8ohm Speaker

    Weber "Chicago" 12" 8ohm $75 shipped Great shape with no issues. Used but no abused. From the early/mid 2000's. Great speaker for Fender amps.
  17. Ampegged

    Broadcaster 0084 at Norman's

    A grip.
  18. Ampegged

    FS "Aged" Vintage Repro VIB/REV Footswitch Decal For Fender Blackface Twin Deluxe Princeton Vibrolux etc.

    Very realistic reproduction decal for a vintage Blackface 2 button Reverb/Vibrato footswitch. This decal is "aged" before it is printed, so it is 100% new with no aging/deterioration post printing. These are a nice way to restore your vintage footswitch. I tried several times (bought...
  19. Ampegged

    Larry Campbell vs. Mike Campbell

  20. Ampegged

    What are you working on?

    Big project today. Brought this switch back to life & made it look the part again.
  21. Ampegged

    FS Lovepedal Amp Eleven

    Lovepedal Amp Eleven in excellent shape. Includes original box & paperwork. $130 shipped
  22. Ampegged

    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    Slapped the soul out of him
  23. Ampegged

    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    I'dda whooped his little narrow ass

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