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  1. Trebor Renkluaf

    What was the "good wood" era?

    Whatever I have for sale in the emporium. Yeah, that's the good wood era.
  2. Trebor Renkluaf

    Blondie does Get it On (Bang A Gong): “Dirty. Sweet. Yeah.”

    That's actually better than the time I saw them opening for the Kinks. She was effed up out of her gourd.
  3. Trebor Renkluaf

    What’s wrong with this pedal?

    That one features true air bypass.
  4. Trebor Renkluaf

    Trying to contact Voodoo Lab to no avail

    I haven't tried contacting them recently, but they've been very responsive in the past. I hope the pandemic hasn't shut them down completely. :(
  5. Trebor Renkluaf

    What is the longest guitar solo?

    Gotta be something from Nigel. I'd post a pic but for some reason I can't.
  6. Trebor Renkluaf

    Kenny Wayne Sheppard Signature Strat

    I was sold at "...delivers articulate tone with stunning grain patterns." :rolleyes2:
  7. Trebor Renkluaf

    John Lennon: Great Rock 'n Roll singer

    Bother were better together as well.
  8. Trebor Renkluaf

    John Lennon: Great Rock 'n Roll singer

    Not gonna argue at all. That said, if I had to pick the best vocalist in The Beatles it's Paul.
  9. Trebor Renkluaf

    Tinsley Ellis

    I bought one his CDs a while back. Didn't really draw me in. Maybe I'll have to dig it out and give it another listen.
  10. Trebor Renkluaf

    FS Red Witch Moon Phaser

    One of my favorite phasers. GLWTS.
  11. Trebor Renkluaf

    Mesa Fillmore 25 - "congested mids" or perfect for live?

    Bill and Ted kinda let me down on this one - not sure I'd want to jam along.
  12. Trebor Renkluaf

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    No problems yet. I take good photos of the instruments, accurately described them, pack them very well, and take lots of photos of the packing process just in case.
  13. Trebor Renkluaf

    Strymon Nightsky

  14. Trebor Renkluaf

    A Ten Way Stratocaster Switch.

    This. I've wired several Strats with series/parallel switches and didn't care for any of the series tone. Too dark, muffled, muddy, yuck. Also, it didn't look like accessing those extra setting would be easy on the fly - it seemed like it required some force. At the same time I'd be worried I...
  15. Trebor Renkluaf

    How many is too many?

    Two more than you already have.
  16. Trebor Renkluaf

    What happened to Allen Amplification?

    It's still there: Google search takes my to the pills site. Typing takes me to Allen amps.
  17. Trebor Renkluaf

    What do you think?

    Do you like the guitar? If so, play it. If not, return it. That wouldn't bother me but then I've been buying new Gibson's since the '70s.
  18. Trebor Renkluaf

    How to get rid of cases?

    Sell 'em here in the for sale section. I bought two Fender tweed cases here earlier this year.

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