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  1. mountain blues

    Best replacement output tranny for Tweed Bandmaster?

    Did he tell you who manufactured them?
  2. mountain blues

    Best replacement output tranny for Tweed Bandmaster?

    Heyboer, Hammond, and Mercury Magnetics OTs are among the best. I believe my '94 Vicky Bandmaster came with a Hammond.
  3. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre and Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie - Modern Day Brownface Fender Deluxes

    I have moderate tinnitus, so I am sensitive to high dB levels and don't want to risk doing any more damage, so I use the Suhr RL/IR in parallel with mine and that brings the volume down appreciably. I can hang out with the bright channel around 7 with that. I also have a Crate Powerblock that I...
  4. mountain blues

    Blues rock suggestions

    Coco Montoya...
  5. mountain blues

    Brownface Deluxe vs. 18 Watt Marshall Type Amp....Question

    I've had several Marshall-esque 18-watt amps, the Roccaforte being the best of them (and it was a seriously bad-ass amp - Doug knows his stuff), and I'll take my Suhr Hombre any day - so much more depth to the tonal spectrum, and the transitions into full overdrive just have more soul. I am not...
  6. mountain blues

    Need a British Circuit Amp with Beautiful Overdrive

    As a lifelong Fender guy myself, given what you are looking for, this is definitely where I would go if I wanted a new British amp. Also, consider looking into re-amping vs an attenuator.
  7. mountain blues

    TGP Amp 'Darlings' over the years?

    Wow. You just encapsulated the last 18 years of my life on Gear Page.
  8. mountain blues

    So are NOS tubes still worth it?

    I stocked up on NOS/ANOS 6L6, 6V6, rectifiers, and preamp tubes back in the early 2000s—probably overkill—to replace the modern tubes that my amps came with back then, so that is the way I go, and I haven't used a modern tube since then. I'm mostly a single-coil, light- to medium-gain guy...
  9. mountain blues

    Tweed or Marshall?

    6G3 Brown Deluxe - best of both worlds...
  10. mountain blues

    Best guitarist who is never anyone's "Favorite Guitarist"

    All of the above, and... Arlen Roth.
  11. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre Review

    Yes, when I first got my amp and was concerned about the volume, John walked me through the advantages of using a load box and optionally re-amping vs using an attenuator, and I am sold. The RL/IR in parallel gives me just enough volume drop to play comfortably at home, and I will explore...
  12. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre Review

    I hear you, brother - almost a month in, and I am deeply in love with this amp. It is the amp I never knew existed but was always searching for, and now - after too many amps - I can finally relax into the roots of my tone-quest. Feels amazing.
  13. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre Review

    Yes, it does - the Hombre is fine with either a 4- or 8-ohm load.
  14. mountain blues

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    Yeah, John Suhr did a great job with this amp.
  15. mountain blues

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    How do you like it? I am loving mine, and as cool as the Down Brownie is, I am really happy to have Suhr's take on the original.
  16. mountain blues

    Cutthroat Audio Down Brownie

    Read my mind...
  17. mountain blues

    Favorite current production 6V6 tubes?

    My new Suhr Hombre came with the latest EH 6V6s and I love their tone and performance from low volume cleans to pushing into crunch and power-tube distortion. I just did replace them with NOS Marconi 6V6Gs, and the difference was what one would expect from a great NOS pair of tubes, but I would...
  18. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre Review

    I am using the amp speaker out of the main speaker output jack, and running the RLIR out of the extension jack - hence, in parallel - so that the RLIR serves as a dummy load which takes half of the amp's output, dropping the actual wattage coming out of the main speaker in half without affecting...
  19. mountain blues

    Suhr Hombre Review

    It does - I use the RLIR, and it takes just enough volume off the Hombre that I can play at home and push it into the crunch zone comfortably. The RLIR is such a great investment for all that it can do.
  20. mountain blues

    Which Fender Amp for a Classic Rock Guy?

    The Blonde Bassman gets my vote.
  21. mountain blues

    New Glass in the Hombre

    I've had my Suhr Hombre for three weeks now and am solidly in love with it. I've always been a Tweed and Blackface guy and had no idea what I was missing. This tone and circuit fill a big gap for me. I'm trying out various NOS and ANOS tubes in my collection - preamp and 6V6 - and the first...
  22. mountain blues

    YOUR "always on" pedal for a BETTER tone

    RC Booster. Pure tone/eq magic.

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