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  1. dhdfoster

    Today's concensious on the most realistic spring reverb pedal of 2020

    SA True Spring does sound pretty great. I wish they would have opted to keep the dry signal analog, though. Yes, yes, I know, no one can probably hear the difference, but it bothers me. I assume it's this way to allow the trem as an added feature.
  2. dhdfoster

    York Audio Impulse Response Library

    I just bought the Bassman pack for my Iridium. It’s my very first purchase of IRs ever. They sound great, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. My tastes tend to run towards pre-rock, roots/rockabilly tones, so I should probably start with the vintage condensers.
  3. dhdfoster

    What happened to Allen Amplification?

    It’s working fine for me.
  4. dhdfoster

    NUX Mighty Plug (Headphone + Interface)

    Sorry if this has been covered, but can you use your own IRs? I did a search through the thread for "IR", but didn't see an answer. I actually don't own any IRs, except what is in my Iridium, but I have noticed that they can make a huge difference in how a model sounds. Yes, I know I'm being...
  5. dhdfoster

    Fan for underneath a pedalboard?

    Is "Do I need an under-board fan?" going to be the new "Do I need a buffer?"?
  6. dhdfoster

    The most immediate instant DISAPPOINTMENT with a new amp purchase ?

    I think people are naming amps that made them sound like a worse guitarist. :)
  7. dhdfoster

    Recommendations for a mini tuner of a specific form factor

    I can't suggest a tuner, but I have a mini tuner on a PT Nano. To deal with the instability of a mini pedal, I put it first in line and zip-tied it down to the side rail.
  8. dhdfoster

    Why doesn't the Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 get more love?

    I had one many years ago. I have many of the same complaints as others seem to have. The volume knob was too abrupt, so the amp was just too loud too quickly. It was a very cold, hard, sterile clean sound. I struggled to get the OD channel sounding good since the clean channel was so loud...
  9. dhdfoster

    Another Klon Sighting

    LOL! People even argue in Klon threads when there is no real fundamental disagreement about what he’s doing.
  10. dhdfoster

    Pedals like keeley caverns v2

    Coldcraft used to make a pedal like this with a great feature none of the others seem to have. With a switch inside, you can set the reverb to always be on. This way, you can turn just the delay on and off with the switch. It had an analog dry path, as well. I think it was discontinued a few...
  11. dhdfoster

    Another Klon Sighting

    Why is it in a tree?
  12. dhdfoster

    Why so much available gain on modern guitar pedals?

    Isn’t the output on most OD pedals significantly dependent on how high the overdrive is set? Talking about the output without saying how much overdrive is being used seems pretty meaningless, IMO.
  13. dhdfoster

    Jackson Audio Broken Arrow: First set, first impressions

    I think this is one of the best OD pedals I’ve ever heard, but with its two switches so close together, and my huge clumsy feet and poor eye-sight, I’d be accidentally “gain cycling” it all night on a gig.
  14. dhdfoster

    FS Eastman T58V AMB

    I honestly don’t know. I haven’t had a chance to play it loud. No gigs since I bought it because of the current situation. Sorry. It’s pretty lively unplugged, so I could see it being a problem. There is a video somewhere of someone talking about this potential issue and playing it loud at...
  15. dhdfoster

    FS Eastman T58V AMB

    New software test bump.
  16. dhdfoster

    Delay - single enclosure with 2 settings

    ^^ That Cosmonaut is very clever. I’d love to see a less “other worldly” version with a spring reverb and a clear, bright “new” tape delay.
  17. dhdfoster

    Delay - single enclosure with 2 settings

    Reading the OP again, I realize that most of the ones we are suggesting aren’t smaller than the Strymons, or they require scrolling. I’m not aware of a small-ish Delay with presets that doesn’t require scrolling.
  18. dhdfoster

    Delay - single enclosure with 2 settings

    Empress Tape Delay DCW Pedals Hands of Time Duo - Dual Delay
  19. dhdfoster

    Second Stage Drive?

    It’s fancy-speak for turning on another overdrive pedal. In the last several years, the pedal-fetish world has incorporated a lot of official sounding pedal-related terminology. Pairing Complementary(usually spelled “complimentary”) pedals Stacking Foundation overdrive Pedal platform amp
  20. dhdfoster

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    SurfyBear compact reverb and Surfytrem in the same pedal. Their version of the CTC White Whale.
  21. dhdfoster

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    I would like to see a company like Source Audio or Meris do an organ pedal that tracks perfectly and sounds exactly like a Vox combo organ.
  22. dhdfoster

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    I agree with a previous post about tuners with a second function. A tuner/clean boost would be cool. Hit the switch for boost, or hold it down a second for muted tuning.
  23. dhdfoster

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    A simplified Alexander Quadrant. One footswitch, just two presets, and no modulation. Hit the switch for on/off. Hold the switch for A/B. I suspect that in a digital pedal like this that taking features away probably doesn’t change much inside, or reduce the cost of an already very...

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