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    Roland JC-40

    Havent even tried it ,, i use pedals for that but will get around to that soon.
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    Roland JC-40

    Ok ya'll . If you all know mw , im a vintage ,tube amp nut. My amp collection consists of 64 Deluxe Reverb. 64 Vibrolux amp , a cpl 64 deluxe amps ,62 brown super , #1 D-13 RSA 23, Marshall JTM 45 as well as JMP , Lazy J J-20 , Tungsten Creama Wheat ,and a cpl of Rivera Super champs and...
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    Sold Lazy J20

    can you call me @415-408-1970
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    any word on Dr-Z Z-lux

    Anyone played one comments !
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    Sold Vintage 1966 Gibson ES-330

    Ive got an amaizing Custom Shop Wildwood 10 Namm Strat w/ all the case candy Sherwood metallic green over 3-tone sunburst call if at all interested worth mid 3k 415-408-1970
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    Sold Modded Marshall 1987xl 50w Small Box

    Could you give me a call @415-408-1970 Thanks
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    FS: - Mythical Overdrive Silver / Oxblood

    I sold my orig Gold ,horsy man never looked back ! Awesome I own 3
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    Clapton Cocaine Effect?

    I would bet it was cocaine!! and maybe some top shelf tequila ,,good amps and guitars and ***** could be wrong !
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    Blackberry Smoke @ the Sweetwater

    I ONLY post when im drunk !!As far as Weir , I just call it like I see it ! It was like , ok , im Bob Weir your in my joint , do my songs , make me sound good (vocally flat) let me jam on guitar .. I get it .But not a big bashing here , Ive got his Ramblin Rose song in my head for the past 2...
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    Blackberry Smoke @ the Sweetwater

    I have to say he was one of the best slide players I EVER heard . The drummer was amizin and was the most visual and bad ass player ive seen , he alone is worth the $$ Plus , it was his bday . Delta Saints and another band called Delta Spirit are a band to ck out , BUT ,damn Charley Star...
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    Blackberry Smoke @ the Sweetwater

    Blackberry Smoke @ the Sweetwater in Mill Valley was awesome !The opening act was Delta Saints and they were also awesome , if you have a chane to see these dudes , DO IT ! But talk about a momentum buster . Old **** dead head (co owner ) Bob Weir just about ruined the show , thank G that...
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    Pete Seeger Just Died (breaks my heart~such a great man)

    Pete was a true American hero in EVERY way !
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    Paul McCartney Guitarist Brian Ray On Oscar's Guitar Shop

    Ive got Brians 1st two solo Cds . Great pop songs , guitar , harmony's all around cool **** ! got to meet and see Brian at a cool club in Santa Barbara called Soho in support of his first CD . Pete Thorn was his other guitarist .. It was awesome , they shared the bill w/ the Dirty Knobs .Both...
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    Bad deal with Bradshaw

    Well, that sucks . BUT the new Bradshaw is Mason at Vertex Effects Landau-Ford -our beloved Mr Leaner among others. He is not cheap , but not outta the park . But this dude really knows his **** in spades **** in Spades could be a band name !!! BTW my new band "**** in spades " will be...
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    Princeton Reverb Owners: What speaker are you using?

    Gold 10 or rajin cajin will completely make your PR TONS better sounding over the cheap ,crappy stock speaker . trust us on this!
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    Vox AC-15 c1 vs AC-15 handwired ??

    Your right I just thought people might get tired of it now that shes up and runnin and sounding magnificent Ill let it ride !! Again thanks for all the feedback !Im not sure if this was broken in by them give them a call he is a super nice dude . I do know that Avatar offers that and I think...
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    Princeton Reverb Owners: What speaker are you using?

    Well ,in the past cpl yrs ive done a lot of experimenting trying to find the best 10" speaker for my needs .Mainly Princston Reverbs and 80s Super champs which im using a pair of 82s quite successfully at the majority of my gigs . So here are my favs in somewhat of an order of what my ears like...
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    Vox AC-15 c1 vs AC-15 handwired ??

    Ok, this amp now sounds really AWESOME!! Put in the Celestion Gold and it just came alive Got rid of the Ruby EL-84s for a matched pr of JJs huge difference also put in some OS Telefunkins I had floatin around and im not that big of a fan of them ,, But , thay are working real well w/...
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    Princeton Reverb Owners: What speaker are you using?

    Speakers make or break the amp IMO If can afford a Celestion Gold you wont believe your ears on a budget Rajin Cajin or the Weber 10- 150 F (I think? ) great speaker but if you REALLY love your PR Gold ! and some good tubes .
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    Vox AC-15 c1 vs AC-15 handwired ??

    Getting the new speaker today and sold the greenback on CL Put in matched pair of JJs the China rubys were awefull made a huge difference. Anyone lookin for a Celestion Gold Alnico 10 8 ohm cheap ???
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    Vox AC-15 c1 vs AC-15 handwired ??

    I have to say the best speakers I have ever heard is the Vox silver bulldog . And ,to me , the Gold Celestion is the closest thing to that . I just ordered one from Avatar and he has the BEST shipped price on Celestions period.Blues are great but ive allways gone w/a speaker that's rated higher...
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    Vox AC-15 c1 vs AC-15 handwired ??

    Im looking for a Gold 12 I just got a good matched pair of JJs that ill throw in it but , your right , ill play w/ her a bit more and see if I warm up to it , it sure is a good lookin rig ! Im just so spoiled by my other amps which are : #1 RSA-23 w/ 2-12 Vox silver Bulldogs 64 Deluxe...

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