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  1. TheGrooveking

    Differences Between Roland BOSS eBand JS-8 and JS-10

    Thank you for your very well written review and comparitive of both the JS-8 & JS-10, I will probably getting the JS-8 for my office since I like to use a 1/2 hour of it daily to practice some guitar. TheGrooveking
  2. TheGrooveking

    Favorite guitar strap?

    El Dorado. TheGrooveking
  3. TheGrooveking

    Mojotone NC 30/15 Kit Build

    I greatly appreciate all of your postings and details in regards to the NC3015 kit. I’ve been considering buying one but am hoping Mojotone has straightened out their inconsistencies. TheGrooveking
  4. TheGrooveking

    Best Leslie/Rotary in Rackmount format

    Owning most of the gear referenced I'll state there is a reason I own two of the Digitech RPM1. I primarily use it for my Roland GUITAR synth on its organ setting, being able to adjust the rotor separately is key. Running it through stereo plus is necessary, left horn/rotor/right horn...
  5. TheGrooveking

    Effectrode effect pedals?

    The squeeling was probably a bad tube, which are super easy to change on those pedals. TheGrooveking
  6. TheGrooveking

    Best small amp for my ES-335

    Victoria 5112 with a Weber 12A125 Alnico is superb. I put a Beam Blocker in it too. Can't say enough good things about, super warm, very articulate and just the right amount of breakup when the volume gets turned up. TheGrooveking
  7. TheGrooveking

    A plea to pedal makers...

    Get a Digitech JamMan with the FS3X footswitch, used you can do it for $250. It has a memory card and a USB port. TheGrooveking
  8. TheGrooveking

    Anyone still have copies of Guitar Shop Magazine?

    I love GuitarShop mag, I think it caused me to go into overload on gear acquisition. I have all of the issues. Many great finds in them, turned me onto some excellent gear. TheGrooveking
  9. TheGrooveking

    Radial Tonebone Classic?

    I was turned on to the ToneBone Classic by Bob Sweet and that man knew tone, so once I plugged it in I said "where have been my whole life". Definitely one of my favorite pedals, Thanks Bob! TheGrooveking
  10. TheGrooveking

    What chorus did Cantrell use on Jars of Flies?

    The SCF is not digital, it's an analog pedal. TheGrooveking
  11. TheGrooveking

    Fulltone Clyde vs. Budda Budwah

    I have a few Fulltone CLYDE's and three Budda BudWah's. The CLYDE's are my favorite wah, but I find with the band the BudWah cuts through better. The CLYDE has a little more range to it, which may be from the treadle travel being longer. Also all of the BudWah's sound slightly different, all of...
  12. TheGrooveking

    Best looper to replace RC-2 WITHOUT TONE LOSS! (Digitech Jamman?)

    The BOSS are good units, no doubt about it, but once I tried the Digitech Jam Man it was like someone had lifted a blanket off of my tone. The Jam Man is just a clearer sounding unit, especially when playing clean tones. Had I not tried a Jam Man I wouldn't of noticed it as much, but having 3 of...
  13. TheGrooveking

    Do I need the MI Audio Crunchbox

    The additional difference between V1 and V2 Crunchboxes is the the V2 can reun on upto 24VDC, so you can add some additional headroom/clarity(note recognition - my take on it) by increasing the voltage you run the Crunchbox at. To me at 18VDC it's not as compressed sounding of a pedal...
  14. TheGrooveking

    I finally tried it.. TWO amps at ONCE!...(pics inside!)

    Welcome to the dark side, wait until you try 5 vibe pedals into 5 amps, one in each corner of the room and one in the middle facing up.... TheGrooveking
  15. TheGrooveking

    I stopped by the new Keeley Electronics shop

    Great to read that they are doing great! I'll have to grab one of those phasers when they become available. Thanks for the update. TheGrooveking
  16. TheGrooveking

    What flanger for Hendrix ?

    I concur the TZF is the one, but you can also do Thru Zero Flanging with the Line 6 Tone Core Liqua-Flange. TheGrooveking
  17. TheGrooveking

    Best looper to replace RC-2 WITHOUT TONE LOSS! (Digitech Jamman?)

    Where did you hear this? I have two Digitech JamMan pedals and the BOSS RC-2 & RC-20XL and the JamMan units are superior in sound quality/less noise than either of the BOSS loopers. TheGrooveking
  18. TheGrooveking

    Best OD/Distortion for SS amp

    My vote goes to the Tonebone Classic Distortion pedal. TheGrooveking
  19. TheGrooveking

    Xotic EP Booster?

    What's your issue with my response? TheGrooveking
  20. TheGrooveking

    Who builds the best CJOD clone?

    I understand where you are coming from but have to temper it with a personal story. My father whom was an Electrical Engineer (Phd) would argue with me that FET transistor based amp would sound the same as a tube amp. He even gave me some crap when he saw the inside of my 1982 Marshall JCM800...
  21. TheGrooveking

    Who builds the best CJOD clone?

    The reason is I am tired of people who haven't had/owned/played for any real amount of time a CJOD becoming ignorant to those who have them. I don't care if they don't like a person, but when they throw comments out like "Does it perhaps affect the eBay value of YOUR pedal?" I see that as a...
  22. TheGrooveking

    Who builds the best CJOD clone?

    I can give a sh*t about ebay value of my pedals and do see your ignorant question as a direct insult. As I listed the person at the other forum didn't even list it as a modded TS. But like him if you start out biased then you are biased. Have you actually played a CJOD for any extended period of...
  23. TheGrooveking

    Who builds the best CJOD clone?

    I know that site and they refuse to even accept that they are wrong. They just seem to be set in that Clay copied a TS with a few mods. Being an owner of two CJOD's I can tell you no TS gets the gain or distortion level or touch dynamics I have with the CJOD's. Not sure who makes a good clone...
  24. TheGrooveking

    Xotic EP Booster?

    The ClinchFX EP-PRE does the same magic to your tone as the built in preamp in the Echoplex EP-3. I for one will be sticking with my ClinchFX EP-PRE's and forever will think less of Xotic. TheGrooveking
  25. TheGrooveking

    senseless pedal hoarding

    If a pedal is a keeper, meaning it trips your tone trigger, then get two of them, or hell get three. It's not hoarding, it's just making sure you have enough.The collection has almost double since these photos, but it is still a kick to pull a pedal out plug it in and be reminded about the cool...

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