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  1. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition

    That would be the Walrus Audio Fathom. Replaced a Wet that I had on there since those came out. Great reverb! Everything up front. I use a Peters Halo, which is a 50 watt, very clean & high headroom Hiwatt-style amp. I don't gig at all. I have had this size of board (basically 3' x 2') for 15...
  2. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition

    Small update to the relatively static board - got the Morley Mini BH2 to replace the full sized version, so I could move it to the first row and it's now on a flat rather than angled surface, and moved the Red Witch to the top row with the rest of the modulations. Good to go for 2019.
  3. Ben C.

    Need a new pedalboard

    Loving the Friedman pedalboards. Have a 1530 and it's fantastic!
  4. Ben C.

    Recommendations for a Quality Versatile Reverb

    Haven't tried everything on your list, but I preferred the Wet to the BlueSky, and the Fathom to the Wet. The Fathom continues to inspire, and it just sounds really great and 'organic' for lack of a better term (whatever the opposite of a 'clinical' or 'digital' sound is). Given what you're...
  5. Ben C.

    Best Analog Flanger?

    Maxon FL-9 was great re: sounding fantastic, low noise, and analog.
  6. Ben C.

    How do you velcro your board? Under the pedals only or covers it all?

    Under the pedals only. That said, my frequent pedal swapping / flipping every week insanity has been over for a few years now, so it works for me. Prior to this period, I had boards that were covered in velcro friendly carpet.
  7. Ben C.

    Favorite Guitar Cable: No Tone Coloring

    I've been a fan of my Vovox Link Protect A cables for a long time, clear and clean without being peaky in the high end or boomy in the low. 90 pF/m (27.44pF/ft) and unfortunately darn expensive. But I've never found another cable that lays so wonderfully and doesn't kink or get in the way. It's...
  8. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    The Wet I'm comparing to is a V2, mono version. In comparison, the Fathom can do a great 'standard' reverb sound but is also capable of more smeary, washy sounds... not just because it has a Lo-Fi mode, but because you can control the dampening and pre-delay very simply. I suppose in comparison...
  9. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    Made a couple changes since early Jan - all set now I think for a long while :) Swapped the Wet for a Fathom... damn that Fathom sounds freaking fantastic. Swapped out the Riot for a BE-OD - may be somewhat mood dependent, so could swap back and forth. For now the BE-OD is just tickling my fancy...
  10. Ben C.

    Spacey, watery, warbly, modulated, washy, with a touch of "shimmer" reverb search

    FWIW, I just replaced my Wet with the Fathom this morning. I think it would be right up your alley. There are plenty of demos online if you want to check it out. I particularly enjoyed this one they just released since you can hear it in a band setting and it sounds just like that in 'real...
  11. Ben C.

    3 new Friedman pedals announced (DP-OD, Gold-72 Wah & Golden Pearl)

    Now if only they would release a BE-OD v2 w/ Mid control - that would probably help for those that didn't enjoy the way the pedal melded with their amp of choice.
  12. Ben C.

    Ten Years and 4000 Posts Later ...

    I mean, yes - it's fun to a large degree, frustrating also. Ultimately, we could all make do (and even do great things) with stuff that we sold off because it wasn't 'quite right' or didn't live up to our expectations. I'd even say, particularly in the pedal scene, that it's the only teacher...
  13. Ben C.

    Ten Years and 4000 Posts Later ...

    And no one understands this until they've been through the journey. There's a vague sort of pointlessness about it, isn't there?
  14. Ben C.

    Phaser Quest

    I've had a Red Witch Moon Phaser since 2004 and I agree - fave of all time. Loved my PH350 as well... annoyingly large, but great sounds. For 'traditional'... the MXR Phase 95 was an incredibly satisfying purchase.
  15. Ben C.

    Need help!! Patch Cables!!

    I've seen these seemingly rebranded with a couple different companies: I like the design since it appears similar to my Bill Lawrence solderless cables (which they don't sell anymore)... pin connection for center, then screw the set screw into...
  16. Ben C.

    I've got to stop hanging out around here...

    Walrus Audio Fathom reverb. Love my Wet, but want something that can get less defined and smeary for a more ambient 'effect'. Also - thought the octave down 'shimmer' mode sounded pretty badass and that 'hold' function seems pretty cool.
  17. Ben C.

    I've got to stop hanging out around here...

    Left in 2013. Bought nothing until revisiting the page for reviews on a pedalboard I was interested in. There was nothing of substance, so I went ahead with my purchase anyway, but got sucked in to the dreaded 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' forum... my old haunt. Just wanted to see what had...
  18. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    Looks like a Rodenberg GAS-828 NG Double Overdrive.
  19. Ben C.

    Help me find a new compact Marshall In a Box Pedal?

    IMO, it sounds like you want the Friedman BE-OD. But I'm saying that having experienced it through my rig - using humbucker equiped guitars through a Hiwatty 50 watt amp (Peters Halo - clean, high headroom, huge sounding) into a 2x12 cab. I know others with different base rigs have described it...
  20. Ben C.

    Fuzz as Overdrive

    Trombetta Mini-Bone for sure
  21. Ben C.

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2018 Edition

    ↑ That Tube Screamer and Fuzz Face together are SO ADORABLE!!

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