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  1. Tim Plains


    It's a real Gibson.
  2. Tim Plains

    calling Historic Les Paul experts: question about a 2018 R8

    That was a spec change in 2019. I have no opinion on any year and scratch my head at people who think that way. If you like a guitar, it's good. If you don't like it, it's bad. Who cares when it was made.
  3. Tim Plains

    Man is it a SELLER'S market

    Many markets seem to be hot right now, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. A few friends bought new cars recently and no dealer would negotiate. Talking to another friend's neighbour who is a sales manager said they can't keep cars on the lot. Pay for sticker or get out.
  4. Tim Plains

    I've got $50 bucks to do some upgrades, what should I get?

    I wouldn't sink any money into a $45 guitar.
  5. Tim Plains

    Fender Customs - Why so many relics?

    They sell NOS versions, I've had a couple, it's just that most people want relics.
  6. Tim Plains

    What would be the best pickups for my Les Paul?

    Maybe just pot those 57s if they aren't already, or put some tape between the pickup and cover. Did you have this issue with the original harness?
  7. Tim Plains

    For those who think the SG is the ultimate guitar

    I think they are the best, but I have been playing them for 15 years, not 15 minutes.
  8. Tim Plains

    Noiseless "P90s" splittable vs non-splittable

    I think you mean coil tap.
  9. Tim Plains

    Storing Guitars

    I went down a half (or was it full?) step when I moved because they would always be tuned back up to pitch when I checked up on them about every month.
  10. Tim Plains

    Hanging guitars and nitro: how to avoid chemical interaction with rubber

    Herc with white cotton. Never had a problem.
  11. Tim Plains

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    No horror stories, thankfully. The only dumb buyer I've dealt with was a guy who wanted to take my $5k PRS PS and then pay for it over three months. Can't believe people are stupid enough to even ask that.
  12. Tim Plains

    Alternative To Naphtha

    Have you tried a simple variety store? If they sell Zippo lighters, they likely sell Zippo fluid. That's all I did. Local corner store.
  13. Tim Plains

    Tel-uh-caster or Tellycaster?

    Tel-i-castor. i like ick.
  14. Tim Plains

    Seller not responding to basic questions about a listing

    Give him your phone number or ask for his. No reply again, move on.
  15. Tim Plains

    Lez Paul or Lay Paul?

    C) both wrong.
  16. Tim Plains

    What percentage of used guitars for sale are dogs?

    Flawed theory. If 50% of high end guitars are dogs then 99% of low end guitars should be junk by that same thinking.
  17. Tim Plains

    Replace harness on ES335 ‘63 historic

    I think you'll get the most out of those pickups with a good harness, more so if you actually use the pots. I changed my 335's out but was chicken sh** and paid someone to do it.
  18. Tim Plains

    I want an SG but . . .

    Each guitar is different, it's not like neck dive is specif to any particular model, the only ones that guaranteed shouldn't neck dive are the guitars with Maestros because of the added weight at the bottom.
  19. Tim Plains

    Gibson Bridge Angle (wrong?)

    I had an ABR like that once. Start with the easy fix. Take the bridge off and put it back on again. Sometimes it just rests wrong on the posts.
  20. Tim Plains

    Am I just really lucky, or is Gibson QC not as bad as TGP says?

    Are you a fairly new guitar player or relatively not picky? When I see something like this I tend to think inexperience.
  21. Tim Plains

    I literally LOL'ed. Can't believe this is serious.

    That's just as stupid as PRS dragons are.
  22. Tim Plains

    2002 R7 -what pickups?

    Should be 57 Classics. I believe Burstbuckers were used across the board starting in 2003. Eithet way, just look at the underside for any stickers. 57s should only have black PAF stickers. BBs should have a second white sticker explaining what they are.
  23. Tim Plains

    Don't ya hate it when a seller won't answer an essential question?

    You haven't even seen the guitar in person and are ready to make an offer? Email him one last time with your phone number and that you want to buy it. Leave it at that. Personally, I get annoyed by buyers/sellers who just stick with email. Phone numbers usually mean you are more serious than...

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