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    Who's a better singer than most people realize?

    in the same spirit I'd like to point out that Van Morrison and Aimee Mann are terrific singers no matter what anyone says
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    Need advice on an early 70’s P Bass...

    I have borrowed some 90s mim Js that are terrific.
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    A top musical instrument salesman's opinion... "We’ve Got A Problem"

    I don't recall seeing ABBA's backing band on TV so much either
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    Was a Zep album "Presence" a big letdown after "Physical Graffiti"?

    This is exactly how I feel about Presence. It's not as overdone as their other stuff.
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    Post your little-known music facts

    Mozart was the first freelance composer
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    I don't get Kiss.

    This has happened more than once. At a jazz gig, I mention that I play rock bass too and the jazz musician asks, "So, you like Kiss?" It's always Kiss. The first time I answered, "I like Kiss very much, thanks for asking," without realizing that their question was a power play. I still give the...
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    I don't get Kiss.

    Can't I like Kiss? I like many of their songs and a couple of their albums.
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    Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley?

    Chuck Berry is never the wrong answer. That said, I think the best answer is, Chuck Berry AND Elvis Presley!
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    School me on The Cure

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    Tastiest Guitar Solos Ever Recorded

    "Hot Blooded" "Sympathy For The Devil"
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    Artists who combine synths and guitars (Kid A-esque)

    Ultravox? Whitesnake lol
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    Show us your studio

    Have you looked into the DrumKAT products? I used one with an MPC for a while. I'm sure it would be better with today's software and the hardware often pops up on the used market.
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    Classic flat wound P-bass sound. Rosewood or maple fingerboard?

    This is right on the money. There's an AVRI on these classifieds since 4/30, also peruse Talkbass. I bought one from Ishibashi on Reverb, an ESP Navigator precision copy.
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    Worst/dumbest price negotiating technique I think I've ever seen

    I've never lied when negotiating (bzzzzt!) but I can't get too mad at people who lie to me when I'm selling stuff (bzzzt!)
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    Blue Bluebird, AT4040, or other suggestions <$300

    The Beyerdynamic M201 is a nice price on Amazon right now.
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    ABBA’s The Name of the Game - A beautiful and perfect pop song

    the trumpets? One thing they do is add some falling action after the chorus leading back to the verse.
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    Bass cabs for a small rehearsal space

    in a space like that get tilt back stands for all the cabs. I also suggest hanging a cloud over the drums. They can be brutal in a small room. Super chunks in the corners?
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    Revisiting short scale bass, closing in on one ... playing with pick?

    I haven't played one of those Gretsches in more than 10 years but I was amazed at how cool it was. Try it! Me, I play a Bronco that I loaded with a Barden.
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    Volume war at band rehearsal- amp theories

    That Markbass into an 8 ohm or inefficient 4 ohm cab isn't that loud, especially if he's scooping out the midrange. They're not arena loud. Just in his defense. Most bass players I know give up on actually hearing themselves over the guitar and retreat to the happy place where they imagine what...
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    String thru?

    Back when I thought it mattered, I sent Schecter an email about their Rob DeLeo signature bass, asking, "Is it string-through like the 50s bass it's modeled on?" They shot back: "No, it's a top loader like Robert specified." Touche.
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    Pop music = folk music???

    The "folk melodies" that classical composers used were essentially the day's pop songs. The very best of them are still sung to children.
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    "From now on I only want to play the high paying gigs"......

    If he's good enough to turn down all but the best gigs then he thinks he's better than the rest of the band. Are you that kind of band? Don't people always say that they don't necessarily want the best player (, account executive..) but the best fit? Here's your chance.
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    How many of you gig music you don’t even like?

    lol I would say I only gig music I don't like; however, I have a way of learning to enjoy it after practicing it a lot
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    Did your Mom support your musical interest?

    She supported it in the sense that it would get me into college. As soon as I got good she got scared that I might want to try to be a musician and started discouraging me. So, yes and no.

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