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    Current favorite guitar mic...

    Thanks for the tip, I'll try that sometime.
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    Current favorite guitar mic...

    I like my 906 for live, sounds great and lays flat out & of the way, no stand needed. Recording I like the Royer 121 + SM57. I recently picked up the combo mic clip from Royer so I can just use one stand and always get perfect phase.
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    any tips for recording bass into reaper and mixing it?

    Thanks for reminding me, I have an original SansAmp Classic I should try. Maybe take a clean DI track and a SA track with some dirt, and then reamp out to the head/cab if needed. This sounds pretty good on its own though
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    any tips for recording bass into reaper and mixing it?

    There is a JS Bass Manager/Booster and something called JS Huge Booty Bass Enhancer
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    any tips for recording bass into reaper and mixing it?

    Yeah thanks, I try to zoom in and line up the waveforms by eye, but there's probably a more precise way to do it. I'm almost always close micing so it's usually a very small adjustment. I've noticed that even a slight out of phase can have a big impact on the bass. I think the transformer...
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    any tips for recording bass into reaper and mixing it?

    Here's something else that might be helpful. Pick a few examples that you like and try to match the sound. Also if you can get hold of some multi-track recordings and isolate the bass you can learn alot. I've noticed that alot of what I consider classic bass sounds don't have tons of extreme...
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    any tips for recording bass into reaper and mixing it?

    I've struggled alot with this too. I'll pass on some info I just learned from a Bobby Owsinski workshop, I *highly* recommend checking out his Mixing Engineer's Handbook and video courses. This is just my own take on what I learned....I've started doing this on some of my mixes and it helps...
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    JAPANESE GUITARS: I Am Curious As To the TGP Connunity's Experience With Japanese Guitars

    I've typically found MIJ guitars to be very high quality. I've got a nice collection of Ibanez from the late 70s and early 80s. A '76 2355M ES-175 copy, '77 PF100 LP copy, and two 335 type but slightly smaller ('81 AS-100 and '83 AM-50). Could never really afford Gibsons but these are the...
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    The most immediate instant DISAPPOINTMENT with a new amp purchase ?

    I bought a 50w Dumble Skyliner clone and was pretty underwhelmed. The cleans were too clean and stiff and the dirty channel was way too dirty for my taste. I couldn't get those lovely edge of dirt tones that I need...Still a great amp just not for me and my style, just don't think I'm a...
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    Venue: "Please re-book... with a different drummer."

    Cops abusing their power and acting like dicks, no way!! Last time I went to a show at a biker bar I saw more confederate flags and swastikas in one place than I've ever seen, and I'm from GA. Hard pass on those folks. I'd tell the drummer the truth and let him figure it out.
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    Stage fright!!

    I struggle with it too, sometimes wonder why I keep doing it lol. The best things you can do are be well prepared on the material, have your gear in working order with backups, and get there early so you have plenty of time to set up, soundcheck and then relax. Nothing worse than feeling...
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    I want an SG but . . .

    I had a similar problem with a Yamaha SGB500 and got rid of it, wish I hadn't b/c it was a cool guitar. This might be weird but what about just adding a bit of weight on the butt end somehow, maybe a 1/4 or 1/2 pound lead weight sewn into the bottom of the strap? I'll bet that would fix it...
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    Tough day today. Favorite Murder Ballads?

    Soundtrack to a pandemic....
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    This Should Have Ended Bowie's Career

    Me too! lol that was SO BAD!
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    affordable amp sim plugin for recording?

    Honestly what I've found with the IK and Cerebrus ampsim plugins I've tried is that the cleans are passable but the more gain you add the more digital hash you add and it sounds terrible. What I've been doing lately s using the IK tweed or BF Fender models set clean and then using the Cytomic...
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    Fender American Professional series to be discontinued...?

    I played and couple and thought they were great, almost bought one but I prefer a vintage style 6 screw trem. Really nice neck and the bridge humbucker sounded killer.
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    Subdecay Vagabond - Could you be the one?

    Looks like they have some really cool and unique pedals! Based on the Vagabond I wouldn't hesitate to try any of their stuff
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    Subdecay Vagabond - Could you be the one?

    I used to stack a bias trem (VL) and a Phase 90 together to get a poor man's Univibe effect. The trem gave the thump and the Phase 90 gave the swirl, it was fairly convincing actually.
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    Subdecay Vagabond - Could you be the one?

    I didn't notice anything drastic but yes the harmonic mode is a bit more mid-focused than the bias mode to my ear, sounds alot like a Univibe. Sounds like maybe yours had an issue, be curious to see what you think of the new one!
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    For those who don't play out, what inspires you to keep playing?

    Honestly, probably nothing. Might play them for a few people or maybe put something online at some point. I'm just taking the opportunity to improve my recording and mixing skills which is something I've always wanted to do. I like the concreteness and creativity of it vs the mostly cover bar...
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    For those who don't play out, what inspires you to keep playing?

    I just enjoy it and get a good sense of accomplishment when I learn something new. It's cathartic, I'd probably go nuts without it. I gigged 1-2x a month for the past few years and have a love/hate thing with it, but improvising over a loop or working on a new song never gets old. Home...
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    Subdecay Vagabond - Could you be the one?

    I am and I love the thing. The perfect trem pedal! I've only had a few but this has all I want. I think it sounds warmer and more authentic than the Flint. Speed and intensity have a nice wide range and smooth taper, the volume control is very useful and the envelope drift is unique and fun...
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    What is an aesthetic deal breaker for you on guitars?

    Some headstocks, gaudy flame tops, gold hardware.
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    How LOUD do you play guitar?

    I have a soundproofed basement and I love to play loud. I used to play louder at home than I could with a full band onstage. My ears would always ring which I knew was bad but it just felt better, like flooring the accelerator in a nice car. Lately though I'm enjoying the quieter playing more...

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