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  1. TattooedCarrot

    warning: guitar center refusing to refund on return

    None of this sounds worth the hassle for a $150 return.
  2. TattooedCarrot

    USPS "Lost" my guitar sold on Ebay

    So you did not pay for additional insurance to cover the $300? I bet if you had they would have just paid it. Lost packages are a lot easier to claim than damaged ones.
  3. TattooedCarrot

    Chinese Dan Armstrong Replica

    I don't think so. There's los of replica style guitars that aren't pretending to be the real deal. If it has fake branding then yea that's a counterfeit.
  4. TattooedCarrot

    Chinese Dan Armstrong Replica

    As long as it's an expressed replica and not a counterfeit I think it would be a fun guitar and certainly worth $300.
  5. TattooedCarrot

    Man is it a SELLER'S market

    I'm seeing things I'd like to buy are way overpriced and sellers not budging. Likewise things I sell don't seem to be moving well. These are near the same things by the way, Les Pauls in particular. So maybe they're not actually moving at these prices?
  6. TattooedCarrot

    Fedex issue, anyone ever have this happen?

    Well you guys jinxed me. I have a guitar coming UPS and it stalled at the Los Angeles (Vernon) hub for a couple days and status switched from in transit to exception and says, Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed.
  7. TattooedCarrot


    Looks like a traditional pro with zebra pickups and black bobbin toppers over the cream. The switch you described sounds like a mod from the usual push/pull that would have been there originally.
  8. TattooedCarrot

    Guitar body? Warmoth, Guitar Mill, Allparts??

    I think all are fine for bodies. I find more preference in necks than bodies. Warmoth probably has the most options, depending what you want.
  9. TattooedCarrot

    Anybody see colors when they play?

    Alopecia is hair loss.
  10. TattooedCarrot

    NGD ESP Viper !!

    Yea I've known Wolfe for about 17 years now, he's a good dude.
  11. TattooedCarrot

    NGD ESP Viper !!

    Marshallhead II is a Wolfetone pickup, not Bareknuckle.
  12. TattooedCarrot

    What brand and model is this guitar....?

    Mid 60's Morsite Ventures
  13. TattooedCarrot

    NGD ESP Viper !!

    Wow, you stole that.
  14. TattooedCarrot

    T-Style Guitars with Humbuckers & P90s

    Partsocaster, the best Les Paul Fender never made.
  15. TattooedCarrot

    Fedex issue, anyone ever have this happen?

    Experiences and personal opinions vary. In 20 years UPS is the only shipper I had to make a claim with - twice. They once broke and amp and another time outright lost a tele body and both times they were nightmares to deal with. Even something as cut and dry as losing the body took them months...
  16. TattooedCarrot

    Help identifying possible fake Les Paul!!

    It's real with a refret. And I don't see a crooked bridge pickup, I see an angled bridge, which is normal. It's a Sienna Sunrise limited edition model, in the classic line I beleive. Here's another one -
  17. TattooedCarrot

    Headstock Decal Ideas for Partscasters

    Usually just leave them blank, but I had this one made once.
  18. TattooedCarrot

    NGD: 2008 SG Classic

    I've had a couple over the years. The ebony stain dark brown one from the original run was my favorite.
  19. TattooedCarrot

    Fender, uh, mistake?

    Serial number and Corona California on the back.
  20. TattooedCarrot

    Fender, uh, mistake?

  21. TattooedCarrot

    For those who think the SG is the ultimate guitar

    You're fortunate, enjoy it while it lasts because the inevitable GAS is lurking nearby.
  22. TattooedCarrot

    Fedex issue, anyone ever have this happen?

    That's how it was for me the couple times this happened, once it got stuck on the already past delivery date it never updated again until it was delivered.
  23. TattooedCarrot

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    I was at GC, there was plenty to do anyway. He did tell me he was running a little late, but it got kinda long at the hour mark and that's when he threw out the at the bank line. I actually figured he wasn't going to show and planned to leave when I was finished browsing around GC. What I didn't...
  24. TattooedCarrot

    Fender Fat 50 vs PV 59 vs CS 54 vs SSL1: which one?

    All good choices, but the SSL1 is hard to beat. In fact I switched to the SSL1 from the CS69 for the exact reasons you mentioned.
  25. TattooedCarrot

    WORST experience selling a guitar?

    Was selling an amp on CL once, guy is interested but wants to come to my house to test it out first. I said no, I don't bring strangers from CL to my home and I only do deals in public places. He scoffed saying I was crazy if I thought anyone would buy my amp without testing it first. I scoffed...

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