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  1. Ron Thorn

    How would you make this bland black guitar prettier?

    Welcome to 1986!
  2. Ron Thorn

    Does Fender have Stainless frets on any models?

    MB only at this time.
  3. Ron Thorn

    Fender Customs - Why so many relics?

    Fender CS builds what dealers order. Period. Dealers order what sells. Dealers sell 80% relics and 20% nos. I think that answers the question in the title, at least. :)
  4. Ron Thorn

    Embossed/Engraved Image on Back of Jazzmaster?

    Not GOT related, sorry, and they were Jaguars.
  5. Ron Thorn

    Hanging guitars and nitro: how to avoid chemical interaction with rubber

    White so that the color from say, red gloves, doesn’t leach into the finish. I’ve seen the color from a flannel shirt bleed into finishes. Repeat, white gloves. :)
  6. Ron Thorn

    Hanging guitars and nitro: how to avoid chemical interaction with rubber

    Cut the fingers off a pair of white cotton gloves. White, I repeat.
  7. Ron Thorn

    Tested top wrapping on the Les Paul

    New strings tone vs used strings tone?
  8. Ron Thorn

    New Custom Shop Fender Broadcaster Review

    No Poly used on the Broadcasters.
  9. Ron Thorn


    Plywood is where it’s at for 335 tones.
  10. Ron Thorn

    Does a vintage Fender assembled from parts matter?

    Date coded correct engine block and parts vs original engine block and parts...the vintage guitar world and classic car world have many similarities.
  11. Ron Thorn

    Anyone remembers Taku Sakashta?

    He will never be forgotten, are you kidding?
  12. Ron Thorn

    Why did J.Mayor dump FENDER for PRS??

    Like the EVH brand? interesting
  13. Ron Thorn

    How was SRV's "In Step" received during it's first few years?

    Both the Jeff Beck tour and the Joe Cocker tour, in support of In Step, were at large venues compared to previous years. He peaked in popularity with that album, for sure.
  14. Ron Thorn

    RIP Peter Green

    Crud :(
  15. Ron Thorn

    Suhr Neck Pocket Gap

    What’s the tonal difference between a .001 gap and a .007 gap? Do the mids “jump” the gap? Just curious :)
  16. Ron Thorn

    Is Fender Making New CuNiFe Wide Range Humbuckers?

    I’ve been using 500k and .047 which I believe is the values called out in the guitars they come in. I don’t feel they need 1 meg. Ron
  17. Ron Thorn

    Is Fender Making New CuNiFe Wide Range Humbuckers?

    The new ones sound great! Big and full yet still retain clarity and a Fender flavor. I love them in a Thinline, the guitar sounds massive!
  18. Ron Thorn

    Ron Thorn hits it out of the park (again)!

    Thanks all! I built it, but all the credit goes to the folks at Lauzon Music in Ottawa, they spec’d it out and ordered it. It’s VERY rare to see an order come in that isn’t a Strat or Tele, Jazzmasters maybe...I had to do a double take when I saw a Meteora! I really enjoyed the fact that all I...
  19. Ron Thorn

    Best way to tint new white color maple to a amber tint

    You could try to stain the finish that’s on there. It’ll be blotchy and come off on your hands/clothes. You can scuff the existing finish and spray the tint followed by the desired top coat (gloss, satin, etc) then sand/buff if gloss. This will add to the existing finish thickness.
  20. Ron Thorn

    Reviving a Marantz 2275 - 6300 Turntable - 5030b Casette Deck

    Thank you! Correct, they’re nothing like the real ones. In addition to the texture they’re laser “engraved”, the originals are truly engraved with depth and highlight. Keep it original, it’ll match the other components too. Again, great thread regardless of what you decide :)
  21. Ron Thorn

    Reviving a Marantz 2275 - 6300 Turntable - 5030b Casette Deck

    Great thread! Please don’t replace the original silver face with a “fake” European-Model knock-off black one.
  22. Ron Thorn

    Asked around for a SS refret, got this quote - does this sound right?

    I may have missed it, maple or rosewood board? Any paint touch-up on the sides of the board and nut end after? How true is the board? He might be covering some potential issues you’re not considering.
  23. Ron Thorn

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

  24. Ron Thorn

    Push Pull Pot Is Silent when pulled out - Wiring experts please help!

    You can’t swap the leads if the push/pull is toggling between Series/Parallel. All you’ll be doing is sending both ends of one coil to hot and both ends of the other coil to ground. Swapping leads is what you do if the push/pull splits the pickup.
  25. Ron Thorn

    New Fender Telecaster American Pro - Neck Pocket Problem?

    I bet it’s that inspection sticker, I wish they’d lose that.

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