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    NAD Roccaforte Custom 18 combo

    Hello! If you use an A/B box you can channel switch with the C18. The Switchbone is a good way to go.. Regarding Steve Stevens Roccaforte C18, he has a custom made C18 combo. He used it on Billy Idol's "Devils Playgound" CD.
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    Mercury Magnetics upgrade yes/no/not worth it?

    This is simply not true. Mercury has wound transformers for Matchless regardless what Matchless uses now. Also, I consider Bogner a major company, and they're much larger than TopHat and Swart. Guess whats in a Bogner? "compared to good transformers". LOL. I'm out of here. bye.
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    Roccaforte custom 100

    I'm here but only for a moment. If you or anyone needs my assistance, my email is
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    100 Watt amps Irrelevant these days???

    Dumbles are 50, 100, 150 watts yet jazz players who play at low volume use them. How can this be???? I'm still using 100watts non-master and a 412". Yeah, it hurts a little to move the cab but I have bandmates. I told myself a long time ago that when the day comes that I can't carry my gear...
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    Whats closest to a real Dumble?

    The other problem with opto isolators for channel switching is the delay time. They're too slow, you get a "fade in, fade out" switching effect. FET's are the best thing for on-off switching....Doug
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    WesKuhnley, you're in still in my kill folder. I can't read your replies.
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    One is a 12 amp filament, the other is the HT. I didn't want one huge 15lb transformer on that chassis. Doug
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    Your favorite speaker in a Fender Deluxe??

    I like vintage 30's in DR's.
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    :banana give me 80 stages of gain
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    this thread is tastey, funny, and hilarious all at the same time. :banana
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    Fender Bassman 4ohm going into 8ohm cab, safe?

    Provided you're not playing at high levels you'll be ok, but if you are playing at peak power levels you're risking a tube, socket, or transformer failure. As far as speaker loads go, your particular model is safe down to 2 ohms.
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    Scumback speakers VS Wharehouse Guitar Speakers?

    Interesting thread. We all hear things differently. For me, the Eminence Black mountain, and the Celestion G12H30's are amazing. Live I use the G12H30's in a Roccaforte 4 12". The Eminence Black Mountains for a 2 12" open or closed back are the bomb. I have other speakers I love too, but...
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    Bugera Magician: Oh no They Did-n!

    There are many American electronic assy shops that are as clean as what you see in those videos. lab coats don't=quality. fwiw. Carry on.
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    Anybody Else Here Proud to be an Audiophile?

    not bad very good :banana
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    What Brand of Beer Makes Your Amp Sound Best?

    Heineken and Viagra :bow
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    Speaker Directivity

    just for fun
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    Bugera Magician: Oh no They Did-n!

    This Italian loves his pasta:dude
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    Looking for the perfect sound. HELP!!

    your link takes us to myspace where you have gigs, and a nice page. Sorry, I didn't play the tracks. You might want to try a play booster?
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    100watt class A EL84?

    I've built several 6-EL84 class AB amps, and two 10-EL84 AB models. To answer the OP's question, there are no 100watt EL84 "class A" amplifiers out there. Or any others for that matter....
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    What's your favorite recorded Marshall tone?

    The zinging open D right before he starts Song remains the same :bow
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    What's your favorite recorded Marshall tone?

    Jimmy Page, The Song remains the same movie soundtrack. Those live tones on that vid are it for me. case closed.
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    Stores with Bad Service.

    When I went to Texas, I spent a day at Charlies Guitars (Dallas). There were no kids working there and everyone was helping customers as they walked through the door. Nice guys, and good players hangout there. FWIW
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    Ever hear of a death from tube amp's lethal voltage?

    FWIW, it only takes a 1/4 amp to kill a human. Your 100watt tube amp HT power supply is over 250 ma.
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    Ever hear of a death from tube amp's lethal voltage?

    I've been bit many times. I think the worst one was from a charged capacitor in one of my products. I was drilling a hole and put my hand in after touching the capacitor. Everything went dark for a split second just like turning out the lights and then turning them back on really fast. That one...
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    Better tone while sitting down?

    You want better tone? Play more.

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