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    Is Valvetech Amps Still in Business?

    I started a facebook page under Valvetech Amplifiers. It will have all schematics, manuals some clips etc. Got alot of stuff up now, more to come.
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    Korg Era AC30 VS Valvetech Hayseed 30???

    Ha ha ha ha....... You can take break from the place for a while, come back, do a search and you have the same uninformed ignorant people posting the same crap you saw years ago. Here is a clip so you can decide for yourself if the hayseed 30 sounds like a vox. I dont know the guy that did this...
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    Hayseed 30 clip

    Dont know the guy that did this video, but i thought it sounded pretty cool.
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    Come by and check it out at the NY ampshow.
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    Thank you. It does kick butt !! Much like the hayseed, I stick with the original design BUT make it usable for a guitarists needs of today. Where Marshall zigged on the JCM 800, (abandoning the original 1959 and 1987 preamps), I zagged, keeping the STOCK preamp, just adding a great TUBE...
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    Check out the raw clips in the gear demo section, or go to my Valvetech amps channel on You Tube. Im am in the process of making one for Emerson Swinford, guitarist for Rod Stewart (yes,THAT Rod Stewart). He is going to do a nice video of the amps capabilities. He's the same guy that did the...
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    Vox AC30tbx Normal Channel Mod Question

    Just a thought, you MAY want to check your volume pot on your normal channel. I am pretty sure the TBX used a 1M pot here, the old ac 30s used a 500k pot. Using the original lower value will roll off some low end. I never liked lowering the .047 or adding the 100pf bright cap myself, but thats...
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    Vox AC30tbx Normal Channel Mod Question

    Have you tried turning the controls on the Top Boost channel (volume bass and treble)off when using the normal channel? I find this helps to thin out the normal channel some.
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    If you are looking for an amp that is great for gigging, or to play at whisper levels with the the wife asleep in the next room, this IS your dream Plexi style amp.
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    Hendrix /SRV clip added. Yes I know I F'd up Pride and Joy
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    Thank you, The truth is I CANT STOP PLAYING IT !!!! It is everything I ever wanted in an amp, the old plexi tone just with more drive and sustain. This is what the first generation JCM 800 should have been. It does Heart, Aerosmith Thin Lizzy Ram Jam AC/DC etc. PEFECTLY. This will be (in time)...
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    Here is a completed unit
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp That classic look in a much smaller size. This ones mine, and its not for sale, but I can make one just like for you! The presence control is on the back panel, along with the 4/8/16 ohm impedence selector and 2 parrallel out jacks. Non buffered loop for rack...
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    Redplate Magica

    So gear demos dont have to be in the demo section anymore? Just asking.
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    Small 1 channel Plexi style amp?

    Since no one else will say it, Valvetech Suplex. The head is 23.5 x 10 x 10 inches, stock plexi bass channel stock bright channel and footswitchable and adjustable overdrive boost on the bright channel. Still can be used like an old 4 holer since it still has the 4 inputs. Money back guarentee...
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    NY AMP and Custom Guitar SHOW- JUNE 6

    :rockinCant wait ! Bringing the new "Suplex" amp! Plan on being there!:rockin
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    These are less then HALF the price of the Helios, Friedmans etc. NO CHEAP PARTS !!! TRUE PTP wiring. Switchcraft jacks, heyboer transformers, tube rectified. What I dont spend on advertising and promotion(yet), you save on a no corners cut amp. People have been complianing about what amps...
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    2015 Valvetech Suplex amp

    New for 2015 with improved overdrive. It is a 50 watt version of the Mar-----1959 1 st version Amp features are: Old style 4 input set up Stock bass channel Stock bright channel Footswitchable/adjustable overdrive boost. This one goes back beyond the JCM800. The Suplex retains the original...
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    Thank you. You noticed all my crusty riffs are from Caress of Steel, 2112 and Fly by Night albums? Maybe I need to listen to some of the newer stuff more....
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    Just one more thought on these low quality demo clips. At least you know when you get the amp will sound LOTS BETTER than these clips. 1) because you are probably not going to hack up the playing as bad as I did, 2)You will probably have a suitable closed back 4 12 cab,3)Its not SLATHERED with...
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    Yeah man I hear you, but to be honest I am SOOOOOOO excited how this thing sounds I HAD to get some clips out there. (I dont even have the headshell or boost pedal built yet!)No B.S.,This is the best sounding amp I have ever heard ANYWHERE. I have had marshalls in the past, Plexis sound great...
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp

    VH tones added. AC/DC sounds added
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    2015 VALVETECH Suplex amp ZEPTONE 80s rock 70s rock More 70s Early RUSH Lifeson tone RAW VH tone (not soaked...
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    great amps fallen from grace? Why?

    My amps were popular on the Hamer guitar forum for a couple 3 years before they ever were mentioned here. I dont think TGP even existed when I started.

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