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    The greatest/favorite American classic rock band?

    "The year 1969 had been a remarkable chart year for the band: three Top Ten albums, four hit singles (charting at No. 2, No. 2, No. 2, and No. 3) with three additional charting B-sides." "CCR released another two-sided hit, "Travelin' Band"/"Who'll Stop the Rain" in January 1970. Except for...
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    Led Zeppelin plagiarism

    I was on my way to lunch today, and like so many times before, I turned on the radio just in time to hear the opening notes of Stairway To Heaven. I cranked the volume, and it was just as magical and meaningful as it ever was; no amount of legalese and attempted character assassinations will...
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    What's the greatest Vox AC 30 tone you've ever heard?

    Someone has dubbed the studio recording over the video; it's actually Jeff Beck playing the solo, and he did use Vox amps on all of those remarkable Yarbird recordings.
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    Who was the greatest English blues man?

    If I have to choose, the choice has to be based on three elements: mastery of the guitar, vocal abilities, and songwriting skills. As much as I dig the Stones, especially the early stuff with Brian Jones, I never considered them Blues artists; sure, they recorded Blues covers, but it doesn't...
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    Henry Vestine gear

    The goldtop was Allan Wilson's guitar.
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    2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    Steppenwolf recorded eight gold albums, had 12 songs in the top 100, and three songs in the top 10--I'd call that more than a two hit wonder.
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    Favorite Hendrix Instrumental

    When tone, composition, and technique are taken into consideration, my vote is for Paligap.
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    Help with Warmoth neck

    Having purchased many Warmoth necks, my conclusion is those with the vintage trussrod sound better, and are no less stable than those with the modern trussrod. I can also attest to the fact that none of the necks with vintage trussrods have warped, while more than one with the modern trussrod have.
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    Led Zeppelin Wins 'Stairway to Heaven' Jury Trial

    You're correct: Dixon sued them five years before his death, 18 years after LZII was released, which makes me wonder based on the time that elapsed before suing if it was more an issue of money than it was feeling as though he had been ripped off. Blues men routinely borrowed elements from other...
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    Led Zeppelin Wins 'Stairway to Heaven' Jury Trial

    The most interesting fact about the claims of plagiarism on the part of Led Zeppelin, is there is only one living artist that ever sued them: Jake Holmes. Every other suit was filed by someone's estate or heirs; given those facts, one has to question whether the people allegedly plagiarized even...
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    Correct sized nut files for light gauge strings on Epiphone and Gibson Les Pauls

    The slots can always be made larger with a file that's close to the string size, but once the slot is too big it's back to the drawing board. I also noticed the OP appears to be inexperienced, so I thought it would be better to err on the side of caution in that case.
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    Correct sized nut files for light gauge strings on Epiphone and Gibson Les Pauls

    The important thing is make sure the files are not too large, otherwise the slots will be too wide and the strings will buzz. Typically a file slightly narrower than the string diameter is ideal; the slot can be widened later during finishing stages so as to eliminate tuning issues caused by the...
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    Warmoth Fret Wear Average?

    Playing 12s with a monster grip will certainly accelerate wear on frets, but if the frets were never leveled to begin with, any high spots will begin to show wear immediately. The good news is 6100s have plenty of height; if you have the frets leveled now, you might not have any problems for...
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    Hollow Warmoth - Mooncaster / VIP - any opinions?

    I would never build a partscaster out of parts made by different companies due to compatibility issues.
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    sooO ZZ Top .... the early stuff was amazing and then something happened ...

    The story behind Eliminator is interesting, and once I realized the record is essentially a Gibbons' solo record, I came to appreciate it even more. Terry Manning, the engineer/producer of Eliminator, appeared on one the recording forums years ago, and was asked about the drum machine used in...
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    JVM vs. JCM2000 DSL vs new DSL

    It's funny: I bought my DSL50 new in 1997, and at the time the amp was criticized viciously, mainly by JCM800 owners who said the DSL series sounded like ass; now to hear everyone talk, the original DSLs are the tits; they must've gotten better with age. ;)
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    1965 Fender Twin Reverb, Original (Not a reissue)

    Your demos and playing are great, and so is the equipment; thanks for taking the time.
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    In light of his outbursts today re Ms Swift...

    "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I made that b**** famous"
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    How common are uneven frets on guitars? Even expensive ones?

    Any guitar with a neck made of wood, that has frets that were leveled without the neck being under simulated string tension, will have frets that are somewhat or extremely out of level; players might not notice it while playing, but if I put a fret rocker on ten guitars that were leveled the...
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    Dan Hicks RIP

    Hicks was not only a great songwriter, but during a time when screaming electric guitars were the trend he fronted what was essentially an acoustic band that included fiddle and vocal harmonies that were a throwback to the WWII era; you have to admire a guy that bucks the trend and does it with...
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    Neck shimming tips?

    Increasing the neck angle can help if the action is too high at the upper frets, and make the action more even down the length of the neck. It's one of those problems that requires trial and error to solve.
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    Finding a bridge with 3" post spacing and adjustable saddles

    Can you provide a few more details on the guitar?
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    Maintaining humidity for acoustics

    The relative humidity in my area drops below 20% in the winter, similar to your environment. I use an Oasis sound hole humidifier and it works great; I fill it with water once a week and that's enough. If you use an Oasis, just make sure you spread the strings wide enough the humidifier...
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    Hipshot Baby Grand Bridge: F-Space or Regular Space Bridge Pickup?

    Definitely F-spaced, which applies to most modern bridge designs.

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