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  1. headstack

    Guitar cable shootout

    Cable capacitance does indeed effect the reactance of the circuit, and we hear this in the high frequency spectra... Thanks to that cool display, we can even watch it in real time. Thank you!
  2. headstack

    1968 Jensen C12N sounds harsh in 68 Deluxe Reverb

    Ripsix, Changing your ancient cardboard jacketed 16uf 475v electrolytic filter caps will not ruin tue tone of your amp. If anything, it will improve the definition a bit by tightening the bottom end a little bit, and headroom may improve a bit. The main improvement is less hum do to lower...
  3. headstack

    Mary Ford's Les Paul

    Mike, Do you plan to reunite the guitar with it's proper truss rod cover?
  4. headstack

    Taming The Fender Tone Master

    I have a Tone Master (sticker serial numbers), and she is a bit rough in the "B" channel. After a lot of research and pouring over the schematic, I found a few things that left me wondering. One thing that looks a bit geared towards speed of manufacture, is placing the grid stopper...
  5. headstack

    Suhr BPSSC system and Don Mare's

    interesting that shielding with the D.M.s causes a tone change. I wonder if there is some sort of inductance introduced somehow? My guitars have Kleins, Duncans, Fralins etc. in them and I shield the entire cavity and pick plate creating a copper capsule for the electronics. The one...
  6. headstack

    6-way toggle in Gibson Jimi Page Guitar?!?

    I know I am dredging up a reeeaaaalllly old thread, but Stewart Macdonald sells these on their website. Lots of parts for building stringed instruments guys and girls!! Have fun, John Chase
  7. headstack

    Home studio - cable shielding?

    We know it's mostly BS, but the depth, resolution, psychoacoustic image and feel are truly top notch Les!:rotflmao Sincerely, Your crusty old brother in analog grudgingly turned digital... John Chase
  8. headstack

    What's the stupidest reason you've ever been fired from a band?

    So he snared you with his trap and you "kicked" him out?:omg The very thought!!!
  9. headstack

    Good Budget Matched Condensor Pair Mics?

    For vocal mics in your suggested budget, check out the ADK Vienna for a brighter LDC or the Hamburg for a rounder tone. The LE are one removed from the latest (MK8) and can be had in the $250-300 range. I picked up a pair of super clean used Hamburgs for $500 recently and with those and...
  10. headstack

    Home studio - cable shielding?

    Excellent work cracking the ground loop! Les is a wealth of information, but you didn't hear it from me... Wouldn't want him mad at me when the phone starts ringing off the wall!:omg Happy New Year Les *wave* John Chase
  11. headstack

    Black Stain Cherry Finish with Matching Headstock

    Too bland! Ship it to me and I will keep it in a darkened room for you, only to be played at night:rotflmao I always thought that scheme added a kind of homogeny to an instrument when going with the same wood on a head cap. The binding looks great the way you merge in @ the neck and love the...
  12. headstack

    Ethical dilemma re: headstock break in guitar store- comments please?

    Unfortunately, when it comes to business/money, doing what is right is well above the norm these days. It is usually about the dollar not the customer and this has done nothing but thin the gravy to dirty dishwater. I do not like soggy biscuits at all, so I only "eat" at establishments where it...
  13. headstack

    Soundproofing A Basement Studio

    Is this the stuff you put down as underlayment for a rubber roof? Thanks!
  14. headstack

    What's the stupidest reason you've ever been fired from a band?

    I was hired on as a session bass player for well known "punkish" band's album. They let me go because I "was too tight and made the rest of the band sound bad". Does that count?
  15. headstack

    Soundproofing A Basement Studio

    When you folks are doing your HVAC, you can make your own sound baffles (mufflers) for the supply and return for each room using Dow Corning 703. We have simply built long rectangular boxes 18x18x48 would be a decent one for a small room with low CFM (vocal booth) and the inside of the box has...
  16. headstack

    Basement Studio: Under Contructions

    :rollMy old music teacher had one of those he'd use with his band and when he'd jam with us at the high school, we'd all carry it up the stairs together. It was something like 20 steps, but with four guys it was not that bad. Thanks for the memories!
  17. headstack

    Josephson C42 Matched Pair?

    This is the most poignant info for my crust old techniques. If you can get the sound from the instrument (voice too) by putting the right mic (s) in the right place, and not have to use any EQ, if you have planned well, the end result should be a really great starting point for your mix...
  18. headstack

    1st Major Label Credit! (A Dad Brag)

    Congratulations to Les, the proud poppa, and your son.
  19. headstack

    Basement Studio: Under Contructions

    That might be OSB Oriented Strand Board, which is very common in construction these days. Although it does not look as compressed and waxy as it usually does. The space is looking like it is shaping up nicely! Any plans to hang the ceiling to reduce transmission of sound to the upstairs?
  20. headstack

    Old 3M 8 Track, 1" Tape. Colorado Springs

    ROAD TRIP!!!!:homer
  21. headstack

    Semi OT: Amazing Mac Pro Deal

    That is a good price for that machine. However, if I have read my information correctly. The new Quad Core @2.66 is faster than that, and costs $2,400. The new Eight core is only $600 more runs at only 2.16g so it runs cooler, has multithreading architecture, so it has 16 virtual cores, and due...
  22. headstack

    Old 3M 8 Track, 1" Tape. Colorado Springs

    I am shocked nobody is interested in this! I it worth a trip from a nearby state just for the electronics to use for a DAW front end. All you young-uns can have your Game Boys. As much as I love digital, sometimes a book is great entertainment!:)
  23. headstack

    How do I get backing tracks into recording software?

    Funny, this is EXACTLY what my intuition told me, but it didn't seem to work, so I used their help menu, and got what I posted after I did a runthrough. Glad to know I can still stumble through foreign software:) Funny, I loaded the update and it works like you posted too... Cool, and back to...
  24. headstack

    How do I get backing tracks into recording software?

    I do not use Reaper, but I would suspect it's architecture is like most other DAW software. so I will give it a go... Create a session, and then... Strike that!!! I am stuck in the house, so I DLed it and installed it. Go to the "actions" drop down menu, select import on the bottom of the action...
  25. headstack

    Mics out of phase? Textbook case?

    Visually speaking, it is a beautiful description of phase cancellations :)

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