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  1. e-flat

    How much love for Menatone pedals?

    Great, but watch that top end! o_O If stacking, I’d usually pair either of those with something warmer / darker in the highs. Either the TBIAC or RS with a Honey Bee or Earth Drive sounds great, for instance. But the recent TBIAC’s stand alone Boost circuit runs into the front end of the TBIAC...
  2. e-flat

    How much love for Menatone pedals?

    I’ve owned too many Menatones to count off the top of my head, but the vertical dual switch TBIAC that Dave built me this year is the business. May be the best all-around OD I’ve owned, but my tastes are biased toward the Vox AC / chimey camp. Huge Red Snapper fan, too!
  3. e-flat

    Nickel Strings - really late to the party

    I’ve got one set installed on my main Tele just to enjoy (& refresh my memory!) and I’ll probably save the other two sets for the future.
  4. e-flat

    Nickel Strings - really late to the party

    These 3 packs of Snake Oil Strings were just a random eBay score - dumb luck, really.
  5. e-flat

    Let's get picky ... (for the Jazz III / V-Pick crowd)

    I’ve gone a little overboard with trying picks lately. I won’t list them all because it really belongs in a post of its own... that being said, I almost always just reach for a 1mm Dunlop Flow. Terrific balance of treble clarity & Low-end body. Just a great pick, and they’re cheap.
  6. e-flat

    Fuzz repair?

    I received your email re: the Oracle. I’ll get it squared away for you, just ship it back to the address I provided. I have some OC76s held back from the same batch as used in your unit, so if they need to be replaced then it’ll be all original & good as new.
  7. e-flat

    Sold Boss VB-2W Waza $160

    I have a VB-2W in very good shape. There is one small scratch near one of the jacks (see pics). The original owner replaced the Waza pad with a standard Boss pad to make it look like an original - looks great. No original box. $160 OBO I’m mostly looking to sell but will consider trades (+/-...
  8. e-flat

    Colorful boosts and effects thread

    The Bearfoot Pale Green Comp is excellent as a preamp to add a little plump, bounce & color to your clean tone.
  9. e-flat

    Really trippy, interesting delay that's affordable

    Line 6 Echo Park I’ve found both of the units I’ve owned for ~ $75 and the EP on tape mode w/ flutter cranked and mix up over 50% has tons of character.
  10. e-flat

    Menatone tbiac 8 knob question

    My custom color vertical dual switch TBIAC arrived earlier than anticipated (order to delivery was only about 1.5 weeks!) and I’ve had a full day with it. Short version: If you want an amazing sounding & versatile TBIAC and don’t want to hunt around for an 8 knobber for ages - just get one of...
  11. e-flat

    Nickel Strings - really late to the party

    I just scored three NOS sets of the Snake Oil nickel strings I used to use 15 or so years ago. No visible tarnish so I’m going to give a set a spin on my Tele soon. 04FE3E60-DDD6-4297-92C4-E23A3B577F1C by e-flat posted Jun 5, 2020 at 3:29 PM
  12. e-flat

    Sarno Earth Drive : Quick Review

    I’ve had friends ask me what the ED sounds like, and I’ve answered “It’s what I wish a Klon sounded like but doesn’t.” Cue the confused looks :D ... but it’s true, I do think of the ED as just sort of it’s own benchmark in ODs.
  13. e-flat

    Sarno Earth Drive : Quick Review

    IIRC, the Earth Drive used to be $195 direct from Sarno but they’re $170 now that I’m looking on his site. S#it, at that price I might get a backup, too :D
  14. e-flat

    Sarno Earth Drive : Quick Review

    :dunno I know it’s IC based and uses clipping diodes in the circuit, but that is all I know... and that also describes 90% of other overdrive circuits :D Joking aside, though, I like to be able to play & appreciate a pedal for what it is without “looking under the hood”. For as long as I’ve...
  15. e-flat

    True Tone CS7 - 9V @500mA

    I just wanted to follow up since I had a similar issue with my CS6 - I got a replacement cable directly from TRUEtone and it solved my issue.
  16. e-flat

    Menatone tbiac 8 knob question

    No, this is the red / Foxey version I referenced: 6CFB2655-70C9-47DB-AFD5-B616ACDEBEC6 by e-flat posted May 29, 2020 at 12:44 PM
  17. e-flat

    Menatone tbiac 8 knob question

    I’d suggest any TBIAC except the red 6 knobber with Foxey graphics. They all share a common sound, just variations on a theme. And those Rubber Soul boxes of Skreddy’s sound incredible in samples...can’t go wrong w/ Marc’s creations. That guy is OG Fuzz Guru royalty :aok
  18. e-flat

    Menatone tbiac 8 knob question

    Man, it’s a tough call. Take these memories w/ a grain of salt.... - The only one I DIDN’T 100% love was the red 6 knob w/ Foxey graphics. It had a weird setup w/ normal & Top Boost channels that I couldn’t jive with. Tone was really good, it was just the setup & implementation that was weird...
  19. e-flat

    Menatone tbiac 8 knob question

    I just bit the bullet & ordered a new vertical TBIAC. I’ve owned several versions and can’t wait to see how this one stacks up! (EDIT: I’ve owned 5 knob 2002, 6 knob red 2006 ish w/ Foxey Brown graphics, 4 knob small box 2010, and the 8 knob w/ boost you mentioned.)
  20. e-flat

    NPD: Surfy Trem - Surfy Industries

    This is how I ran mine, and how I currently run my Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe. (Pre compressor, too, FWIW)
  21. e-flat

    Line6 Echo Park - Discussion

    Echo Park tape mode is a classic for me- the wow & flutter emulation when you pump up the MOD knob just sounds great. I like to run an analog delay and an EP on my board for variety.
  22. e-flat

    True Tone CS7 - 9V @500mA

    I’m having a similar issue w/ a CS6 I just bought- for some reason, it didn’t want to power my Earth Drive on it’s own 9V / 500Ma tap, and it would shut down the other 9V/500Ma tap sometimes when I would try to do so. I tested the cable I was using, tested the Earth Drive, then tried running...
  23. e-flat

    What pedal for simultaneous HPF and LPF filtering? (no BPF)

    This is the one I’m hoping to snag for my bass rig once they’re in production: 8AC6A8CB-32A2-475A-962C-BA07213298F6 by e-flat posted May 20, 2020 at 2:10 AM Broughton also makes another HPF / LPF if you check out their page.
  24. e-flat

    a light fuzz?

    - Bearfoot Arctic White is great for clean all the way to Si Fuzz Face territory - Hotcake is terrific to get into fuzzy drive territory, but the bottom end will get fat as the gain is raised - SS/BS Mini is super versatile and has amazing EQ sculpting ability & some sag / starve capability
  25. e-flat

    Sold Timmy $165!

    Tried to PM you but your inbox is full

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