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  1. bluesmostly

    Axe-Fx II, Income or Hobby?

    yes, get the Axe Fx. you probably won't want to keep any of the gear you have now so that will pay for it. You will need a good speaker set up for it though.
  2. bluesmostly

    Axe-Fx II Tone Matching: A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

    I have been away from this stuff for a while, I see that 6.0 is up and running for us regular folks. whoohoo! Now I just need some time to upload the new firmware and try this out. thanks alot for posting the great vid.
  3. bluesmostly

    Does the Axe II have a looper?

    A LOOPER! Holy crap! I didn't know that! I had better look into this. thanks!
  4. bluesmostly

    What is your favorite strat color?

    That's easy, my Trussart, now that's art!
  5. bluesmostly

    thinking of moving on from the Quick Rod

    Roccaforte makes the amp you describe, exactly. I had the HD100 and the Quick Rod at the same time. Both great amps. The Rocca was more open and 3d, hugh sound, less compressed and way more thump and grind, and it could scream to boot - what a beast! Dial it back and the edgy cleans to...
  6. bluesmostly

    Axe II vs Standard/Ultra - a quick review

    mine arrived with 4.0. I am anxious to get to spend a couple more hours with it. I am even more anxious to get on with V5. BTW, can y'all tell me what cables and such I will need to hook up to my computer.
  7. bluesmostly

    Axe II vs Standard/Ultra - a quick review

    I know what you mean paul, it's more the feel, and the 'air' that I am noticing...
  8. bluesmostly

    Axe II vs Standard/Ultra - a quick review

    I just got my Axe II and I have just had a chance to A/B it with the Standard. I must say, when I heard it without comparing I could not really tell that there was much difference. I did notice the cleans were better though, without a doubt. I set them up with 3 identical presets that I am...
  9. bluesmostly

    My name came up on the waiting list... Ordered an AxeFX II today!

    well i just checked with UPS and the AXE II should be here tomorrow! I can't wait the check this thing out. I have been using my Axe for around 4 or 5 years already and although it is hard the even imagine, the ride just keeps getting better. :rotflmao
  10. bluesmostly

    Axe FX waiting list

    just got my coupon today! So there you have it, the estimated time from the 'list' was right on. thanks guys. time to take my tone to the next level! yoohooo!
  11. bluesmostly

    Axe FX waiting list

    that helps alot Steve, it looks like I tossed the email that I sent so I can't remember the exact date but I think it was somewhere mid Oct. Cheers, D
  12. bluesmostly

    Axe FX waiting list

    awesome, thanks mojo!
  13. bluesmostly

    Axe FX waiting list

    Understood. Sooooooo,... anyone got their coupon who was on the list in sept?
  14. bluesmostly

    Axe FX waiting list

    I got on the list in Oct. So mine should be coming up soon from the looks of it. Where is the 'list' of names you refer to Mojo?
  15. bluesmostly

    Axe Fx Standard/Ultra vs Axe II

    You can ignore my request for now, just found a couple of threads that answer it good enough. Cheers, D
  16. bluesmostly

    Axe Fx Standard/Ultra vs Axe II

    Seein' as the popcorn came out pretty quick I expect I might have missed a thread or two on the topic. Not a clear winner here I am guessing? Thanks for the other responses guys. anyone else have a chance to A/B the them?
  17. bluesmostly

    Pete Thorn performs "Homage" on the Axe FX 2

    now that made me laugh! :rotflmao
  18. bluesmostly

    Pete Thorn performs "Homage" on the Axe FX 2

    wait a minute, I think that was David Torn, not you Pete... mmm,... don't know why I get your names mixed up, your styles are quite different... anyway, carry on...
  19. bluesmostly

    Axe Fx Standard/Ultra vs Axe II

    I have been using the Axe for about 5 years I think since Scott first turned me on to it here. Could not be happier with with every aspect of my tones and playability with this thing in every playing situation. I have been following along and reading all about the Axe II in different threads...
  20. bluesmostly

    Pete Thorn performs "Homage" on the Axe FX 2

    thanks for posting Pete, love your playing. the tones are spectactular. I was watching a movie recently and noticed that you did the sound track, can't remember the movie right now but the music was great.
  21. bluesmostly

    Axe-FX II Clip - Twin; Trainwreck; Soldano; VHT

    Doggonit Scott, I just learned about the FX II today and I just 'upgraded' to an Ultra... I have been using the Standard for years now and love it. the add-ons such sound good but are the tones a definite improvement over the Ultra/Standard? Do you notice a big difference? How would you...
  22. bluesmostly

    Why doesn't Robben Ford fill stadiums and make millions?

    I am facinated that anyone would seriously ask such a question as the OP, perhaps it was rhetorical. As I see it there is a very important distinction between POPULAR, SUCCESSFUL, and GOOD. For the most part being a technically good player has very little to do with the first two and you...
  23. bluesmostly

    The clean blues.

    I :bow before your tone and playing. that is one amp collection you have there mate. Great clean D tone.
  24. bluesmostly

    FAS Amp Models in the Axe-Fx (Favorite Category)

    good stuff Cliff, they are some of my fav amps in the AXE. :aok
  25. bluesmostly

    Insane Glaswerks Blues

    Ok, I have been away from the board for a while and have clearly missed out on an important plot development in Tag's famous 'D' tone quest... Congrats on your aquisition Tag, it does sound amazing! Sorry if I am out of the loop with this question but Where did you get the Dumble? Is it the...

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