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    Bogner 20th Anniversary Ecstasy - it's here!

    So tell us all about the first day,...... Good amp builder you got in bed with. Love my Bogner. Was just playing it. No XTC. But there are not bad Bogners.
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    White House Blues Fest

    Not too shabby. Thanks for the post.
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    Bogner Duende: OH MY GOD

    I am glad to hear from some of you that your Duendes are working well in gig situations. Mine's never been out of the house -- and it does have the G12H-30. I like this speaker choice very much. I have a Dr. Z Closed Back Cab and will have to listen to the Duende through the V-30. I love...
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    Can we please talk about the Bogner Mephisto?

    :agree Bogner is a laid back company. I have dealt with a fellow there for years. Laid back. What a great guy. Refreshing. Super equipment. Imaginative, innovative. Killer sound.
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    My wife: Do you really "need" all those guitars?

    To the OP: Thank you for the rundown on guitars: As others have noted, taking my advice might put you on a slow road to the courthouse. If that were my collection, I would consider losing one LP. But nothing else. And then she could never mention it again. But better to have a frank, open, and...
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    what's with tele neck pickups?

    I believe it took a beefy capacitor before the neck pickup in very early Telecasters/Broadcasters had that bass sound that Leo thought musicians of the day would find appealing -- ala the pickup blend wiring scheme found in early Teles/Broadcasters and recreated in Fender's CS Time Machine...
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    My wife: Do you really "need" all those guitars?

    What does she have a lot of that she doesn't need. But I guess you can't go there. I would. But I'm single and don't suffer fools gladly. Hope you guys work it all out.] How many guitars do you have, btw.
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    Loving my new rig!!!

    Nice. Go for it. That guitar looks nice. Can't wait to play that board with that amp. Lots of tweaking there.
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    UnFendery Head for Livingroom

    Have five amps that pretty much cover Fender for me. Also have a Z Closed-Back Cab V-30 in need of a head. Anything new or used for under $650 that would give me some great tone (but very different from Fender) for blues kinda stuff in the living room. Not trying to cut through the mix as much...
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    Value of all your gear

    Do we need to provide name and addresses?
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    Jazz Tele

    Thanks for this post.
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    greatest rock photo?

    Yes. Very powerful image. Surely one of the most arresting here. I would vote first for one of the several images of Peter Townshend or even Jimi Hendrix -- because they were real rock living legends and Johnny Cash was not a rock living legend but more of a country living legend -- or whatever...
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    Bogner Duende: OH MY GOD

    I had both versions side by side in my living room for six weeks. I could not decide on which to keep. Finally decided to keep the original version -- with the black knobs...because I liked the clean tone better. What I sacrificed was a clearly tighter B channel. Just the fact that they...
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    is 40 watts loud enuff to gig

    To OP: Yes.
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    Selling off several pieces to by 1 or 2 new pieces, am I an idiot?

    I hear time and again here people gassing for gear they've sold.
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    Ugliest color strat?

    Right on. Big waste of paint.
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    Bogner Duende: OH MY GOD

    I know what you mean about the amp not biting. The second version would definitely have more bite. And it's great with Teles. I've heard the Duende aptly described as a tweed deluxe on steroids. Of course it shines doing blackface, too. Versatile -- but the original Duende with its GZ34...
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    Ugliest color strat?

    Black. What a waste of paint.
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    Bogner Duende: OH MY GOD

    What guitars did you play through your Duendes? My favorites are the Teles through a Duende.
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    Bogner Duende: OH MY GOD

    If his has a swamp switch, it's a 15watt 6v6 version. The next iteration of the amp dispensed with the swamp switch and used a different and heavier set of transformers to tighten up the bottom end.
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    Signature Models---For, Against, Why?

    Have you heard of a Les Paul? Who cares whose name is on the truss rod cover. Better than some of the stupid names Madison Avenue bestows on cars. In the case of guitars, the signature name just makes it easier to refer to the one guitar. If it's a good recreation of what the player is...
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    High slingin guitarists!

    Great post....seeing Jerry again. Is that Jimmy Page? My, my. Whoever it is, his fingers are so fluid and his wrist so flacid that he seems to have no trouble fingering his chords.

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