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    David Gilmour played bass on half of Pink Floyd songs?

    In that case the band would go bankrupt. Read the biography 'Comfortably Numb' by Mark Blake. Roger was pretty much the only one making sure that the band fulfilled its obligations to record x amount of albums in x amount of years.
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    David Gilmour played bass on half of Pink Floyd songs?

    I don't care who played on the recordings, it could be anyone. If you listen to the live recordings from 1973-1975... that's some FINE bass playing. And it's Rogers.
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    Anyone build a Vox AC10 SRT?

    We changed the tone pot to an audio tapered one and indeed, that did it! It sounds pretty fantastic with a Scumback Scumnico. It is well balanced and surprisingly full bodied for a low-wattage amp. Overdrives beautifully when turned up. Will experiment with different pre amp tube configurations...
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    Anyone build a Vox AC10 SRT?

    Thanks JP, sounds like worth a shot!
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    Anyone build a Vox AC10 SRT?

    @ BLC, any update on your project? A buddy of mine is currently building a clone using Marshall 18W transformers. The voltages are pretty much spot on, but the tone isn't quite there yet. It gets very bright once the tone knob is above 9:00 o'clock. We're still finding out what is causing this...
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    Need Help - Black Crowes Tribute / Practice Amp

    Hi fellow Rich! I have been tinkering a lot with amps and pedals to get close to that tone. If I would generalize, Rich is from the Vox/Hiwatt camp and the lead player would be fine with most Marshalls, say a slightly flat vs a more mid heavy tone. If you want a small combo I’d Just get a Vox...
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    Vox silver vs blue alnico. What are the differences?

    I don't have any experience with original Silver Bells or Blue Alnicos, but I have a Scumback Scumnico and a Weber Silver Bell (ceramic) and have owned Blues before. The Blues are very 'present' in a mix, very loud and efficient with plenty of high mids and treble. Tight bass. I think they need...
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    RIP Ennio Morricone

    One movie hasn't been mentioned yet, and it happens that it is one of my all time favorites. It's called Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. The final scene is the most lovely, tear-jerking ending that I know and Morricone's soundtrack obviously plays a large part in it. Please watch the longer director's...
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    More noise from Red Llama clones than actual Red Llama

    Thanks JH! My Llama MKII definitely adds some noise when engaged. Will this mod work in this particular Llama? Thanks!
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    Carl Wilson

    Thanks for sharing. Haven't heard this before. His voice is that of an angel. I am really glad he stepped up both live and in the studio after Brian left a void. I am no fan of the Mike Love led era (post, say, 1980) with songs like Kokomo, but when Carl comes in on the chorus of that song and...
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    Anyone build a Vox AC10 SRT?

    I'm interested in this too. The OS/71 schematic is supposed to contain a few errors (I'm no tech). Have you seen the OS/26 schematic? That one is supposed to be correct.
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    Current users of the Tweed Deluxe and the guitars pedals they pair with them?

    Same why people like cocktails I guess. They want to experiment instead of the same thing all over again. ;)
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    Current users of the Tweed Deluxe and the guitars pedals they pair with them?

    Mike Campbell (Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Dirty Knobs) as well as his buddy Jason Sinay (Dirty Knobs) use a Way Huge Camel Toe (Green Rhino & Red Llama in one enclosure) through a Tweed Deluxe and a Blackface Princeton. The Edge (U2): Boss FET-1, Line 6 DM4 and what looks like a Boss SD-1...
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    Mike Campbell New/Latest Pedalboard

    Shameless bump here. I thought these videos are rather interesting: The Green Rhino IV and Red Llama MK II sound pretty close to their original counterparts.
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    Mike Campbell's 1964 Green Fender Strat w/ great George Harrison story

    Same here! Anyone has it and willing to share?
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    5E3 Clone, curious about the common Mods

    That's it! It's a very easy swap.
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    5E3 Clone, curious about the common Mods

    When I had a 5E3, I had the following mods done to it: - Cathode resistor from 250R to 270R. This usually gets the bias just right (when using the right transformers). - PaulC mod. This removes some of the ‘ragged’ character of the amp and makes the transition to overdrive smoother. I think the...
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    Lumpy's Leeds Boost,

    I had a CP103 clone, which I eventually had converted to a DR (still own it). The CP's tonestack is very interactive but quite limiting at the same time. It's a very bass and treble heavy sound with few mids. Only my SG with P90s sounded good through it. The regular Hiwatt...
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    Lumpy's Leeds Boost,

    Sounds like.. Who tones and limited bass/treble EQ: Leeds Boost. 4-hole DR tone: Menawatt
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    What pedal for solos in a Tweed Deluxe?

    The Way Huge Red Llama is a great one to pair with the 5E3, doesn't mess up your tone but makes it bigger. Not expensive too.
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    Original Way Huge Red Llama

    Very nice! This is a nice comparison actually.
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    More noise from Red Llama clones than actual Red Llama

    This is a nice comparison. The original one sounds a bit warmer, but that could be down to age. The newer Llama's with the tone control actually seems a lot brighter...
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    Dumble style amp for Beano tones

    Strange Brew was done on a SG I think. You can hear he has a slightly 'twangy' sound. I guess the thin strings (008's, 009's?) play a part too. By the way, many pick a 0.015uF capacitor for the neck pickup. I tried one a while ago and it gives a more throaty, less dull sound compared to the...
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    Help Me Choose a Low Wattage Apartment-Friendly Amp

    The most cost effective might actually be to use that Princeton Reverb and replace the speaker with a less efficient one. That might cut your volume in half or even more. You could try something like a 93 dB Jensen P10R-F.
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    DR103 Clone with 6L6GC's ?

    Good one, I did remove the V3 cathode bypass cap on V3 asl well, much prefer it without! It boosts the gain in the mid/treble frequencies.

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