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    Play for the song = proof that the guitar is on its way out

    I'm thinking now that if playing guitar was ever really cool, it was before I started in 1977. Here's to another 43 years "on the way out" :drink
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    Technically speaking: where "should" detune go in the chain?

    They should all have effects loops so you can run the pitch detection before distortion and shifting after. Isn't that one of the main points of pitch shifting, to get harmony without playing chords through distortion? Also should be an advantage of multieffects, no loop required, but they don't...
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    Boss SD-1 has changed a lot recently...

    Could do Russian nesting doll pedals at that rate ... They're saving materials on every pedal. Few pedals break and even fewer are ever repaired, especially if more than a wire or part that's still full size. They're still using non-PCB mount audio jacks which is far more reliable than many...
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    Seymour duncan sh-4 in kramer 80’s guitar?

    If it's already wired, you don't have to go directly to the back of the pots, anything connected to them will work. It can be hard to solder to the pots as it requires a lot of heat and if there isn't a solder spot already, usually need to sand the surface first. I don't know of any glue that...
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    JHS Little Black Amp Box...just curious about it's use with MV amps

    I don't now any non-master volume amps that have a post-preamp effects loop, which you need for it to add anything.
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    What do you folks know about opamps?

    With a 1M biasing resistor, I found a 4558, compared to a FET amp, to have a bit duller sound which would be predicted from the 4558's 500K-1M impedance inputs, dropping the total to <500K. The bias also was altered ~.5 V and sweeping the gain control causes a slight rustle. The 10M resistor of...
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    Digitech Whammy WH-1 schematics?

    I found a WH-4 schematic: which will at least let you know what you're getting into. A difference, though, is the WH-4 uses a data wheel with no fixed starting position while the WH-1 uses a traditional switch. As this is the...
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    BA4560 op-amp in guitar amplifier: How noisy

    That's considered a low noise chip and the differences are small anyway. The datasheet compares it to the 4558 (TS chip) with higher output current, so it may have some limitations on replacement. There's also a chance one has gone bad. The bigger effect on noise is the circuit design, and the...
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    Definitive proof that Rock is Dead(and has been for a long time)

    I expect most of the prog rock I listened to in the early 80s is better known now than it was then.
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    Why so much available gain on modern guitar pedals?

    I don't think people are complaining the setting looks wrong or whatever, so much as that it ends up being too sensitive to control accurately. What I tried to explain in posts #21 and #32 is that this may be done so that the control is gentle and easy to adjust at what the designer considers...
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    Can a great pedal make a bad amp sound good?

    It's possible the right pedal will make a bad amp sound a lot better. The opposite is definitely true most of the time though, a bad amp will make pedals considered "great", at least when used with a good amp, sound like bad pedals. You're just asking too much of them. At the same time, there...
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    Why so much available gain on modern guitar pedals?

    Re: overdriving amps, I found the opposite, I have a fuzz that always seemed plenty loud in front of a dirty amp, but I found issues making unity when I switched to a clean amp. I think you're mixing up volume and gain like your original post. The gain definitely affects the volume and...
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    Why so much available gain on modern guitar pedals?

    While one person may want to boost with low drive using a loud pickup, while another may use single coils with the volume turned down. However the range of variation is still smaller than a main volume control, needing to go from very quiet to very loud smoothly. Usually an audio taper pot is...
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    Can Fishman Fluence pickups be wired out-of-phase?

    When I said " reverse phase with a seperate active circuit" yes the EMG would be one (sort of high priced) example. When I said "You could even use your own preamp" this would be if you were intrigued with hi-fi-ish low impedance pickups, either for a more flat sound or whatever. I'm guessing...
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    Can Fishman Fluence pickups be wired out-of-phase?

    Looking at these, the preamp for all 3 pickups is in one of them, so actually you can. However you will have the issue of doing this with 2 wire pickups, that the shield ground for the pickup will become a hot and not shield, although it may be less bothersome than usual due to the low...
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    Question about super switch in a strat...

    If you have what is still just a 3 position switch but with 5 detents and "shorting" contacts -- with "in-between" -- then you will get 2 tone controls simultaneously in the stock arrangement. That will do more than a single control, yes. Having both pickups also in parallel mostly offsets that...
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    Question about super switch in a strat...

    For what it's worth, tone controls do less when connected to 2 pickups instead of one, although if all the way down it will still do a peaking low pass filter just at a higher frequency. If I had a Strat, I might try changing the tone to 500K's or maybe one to 1M and having them both active all...
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    “You are playing your pedalboard, not your amp”

    Whatever you're using, you should be "playing" it rather than just turning it on and leaving it on as some kind of enhancer. Even the few cases where an something actually can be used that way, it will usually cease to be an enhancer at some point. I think there's a subtext to comments like...
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    Are there any time based EFX like Reverb that are designed to go in front of a distorted amp??

    It will help to use low mix but also short delays or very short reverbs, which will require an adjustment probably rather than a simple unit. On early Yamaha reverbs, there was usually a mode called early reference or something which was used with regeneration for full reverb sounds or could be...
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    Why are my "unity" pedal volumes so low?

    Most demos aren't at unity, most of them overdrive the amp and crank the pedal volume as a booster. That's why it doesn't get louder when they demo the volume, it sounds so good, and various overdrives sound more the same. That is with dirt pedals, I guess that's what you're talking about. If...
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    Way Huge Havalina thru the roof

    ^^-- Tonebender clones I think. But there is also a way huge video too?
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    Modding overdrives: bypassing clipping diodes?

    ^^-- I was going to write that. Diodes conduct when clipping so you have to make them not conduct. Disconnect by cutting or desoldering at least one end. Sometimes you can resolder a cut and of course you could add a switch. Two diodes will usually be "back to back", facing opposite ways but...
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    Way Huge Havalina thru the roof

    JHS video about it. See also Behringer-related thread.
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    Does tubes really matter for pedal platform amplifiers?

    One of the advantages of using pedals for dirt is the whole amp can be a sweetener. Tubes are best at that sweetening. In a sense, tube amps always distort some, you don't have to push them. There are other ways to get a lot of that though. I did get a really good sound from a Line 6 halfstack...
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    audio potentiometer: Are different resistance taper curves available?

    ^^-- those are usually 30% taper. A double pot with the elements in series would increase the taper, but it would go to 1% before loading interaction which would make it even more severe*. However, a bypass resistor could be used to decrease the taper. A load resistor can be used to modify...

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