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  1. BearBryan

    So are NOS tubes still worth it?

    None of my current production preamp tubes (JJ, chinese, EHX, Tung-Sol) have sounded better in any of my amps than an old production tube I put against it. I think we can have honest conversations about whether or not NOS tubes are worth it (they very well may not be) without nonsense like JJ's...
  2. BearBryan

    So are NOS tubes still worth it?

    NOS preamp and rectifiers are worth it to ME. This is a personal preference deal.
  3. BearBryan

    Mojotone British Slant 2X12 is incoming

    I have this one. I love it.
  4. BearBryan

    Enough is enough

    When you don’t have good guitar stores around flipping pedals is the only way to find out what works for you. The good news is that I am out the other side now. I’ve got what I want now and am actually going to sell a few more pedals that I thought I wouldn’t sell.
  5. BearBryan

    NAD: Ceriatone Plexi '51 "All Access"

    Only when switching between tube or solid state rectifier should the amp need to be in standby.
  6. BearBryan

    Your Strymons as well as what's your fav and why

    Mostly for slapback delay/tape chorus and then hold down the right switch for auto flange. The left side makes a great boost in the effects loop as well.
  7. BearBryan

    Your Strymons as well as what's your fav and why

    I only have the Flint and the Deco. It would be hard to choose a favorite but if you put a gun to my head it would be the Flint.
  8. BearBryan

    1986, JTM50, Early Spec 1959 or JTM45/100..........

    Look at that. I was wrong. Completely backwards.
  9. BearBryan

    1986, JTM50, Early Spec 1959 or JTM45/100..........

    I thought it was bass spec tonestack with split cathode, but I may be wrong.
  10. BearBryan

    First delay pedal... any recommandations? (Analogman vs Jam vs Catalinbread)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone on this forum exercise such restraint or do this much diligence with respect to purchasing a pedal.
  11. BearBryan

    Military tubes from aircraft for guitar amps? Tone secret?

    I haven't seen this anywhere else. Where did you get this information?
  12. BearBryan

    Treble Boosters: All Highz On Me

    I’ve got the same transistor beano and it is a beast.
  13. BearBryan

    Boss DD7

    This. Daisy chaining digital pedals often ends poorly.
  14. BearBryan

    Best current production 12at7?

    Current production 12AT7s just don’t make any sense when you can get JAN Sylvania for one to two dollars more than an EHX one. But it’s your money. Pay more for less and continue to be snarky with anyone who points this out. The reverb driver is hard on tubes and current production tubes are...
  15. BearBryan

    Suhr Reactive Load IR users: do you use the stock IRs?

    The Load works without power.
  16. BearBryan

    Marshall JTM45 6L6/KT66/5881 Schematic????

    An important detail about Peter Green’s JTM45 is that it surely had a Radiospares Output transformer.
  17. BearBryan

    Is the magic of Greenbacks lost in loadboxes and IR’s?

    I was about to point this out. No better Reactive Load for the greenback sound.
  18. BearBryan

    Marshall JTM45 6L6/KT66/5881 Schematic????

    That’s the transformer not the EL34s. That schematic is a bluesbreaker schematic. It’s tough to read some of the values but it does appear to have a bass tone stack and shared cathode so I don’t know why it says 1987t on it as well.
  19. BearBryan

    Marshall JTM45 6L6/KT66/5881 Schematic????

    Not only did they not have four 12AX7s but they never had EL34s either, so I don’t know what is happening right now.
  20. BearBryan

    Why did J.Mayor dump FENDER for PRS??

    Adele has always been a babe.
  21. BearBryan

    Desert Island..u got 1 fuzz pedal to take...??

    Sunface. That’s the easy part. NKT/RCA hybrid, NKT red dot, or BC183 is the question.
  22. BearBryan

    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    I mean, what did he expect? Cabs/amps that aren’t natural finish are ugly...... That’s going to generate some responses.

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