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    FS Bogner Atma head $950 + shipping

    For shipping reference math purposes: Box Size: 18x13x14 Weight: 18.85 lbs An example shipping quote I obtained from FedEx to an OKC zip code from 97068 was $65.50 ($55.50 +$10 for $1000 declared value).
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    Wreck Jr vs Komet K19?

    Rhino! That's a freaking outstanding clip right there, great tones all around but the Tele just does it...... my P90 loaded Hamer Special would eat that amp up. Too bad we're still mid freak show, at least the smoke has bailed out on us. Would love to pack up some stuff and come down and see...
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    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    They are really different amps, enough so to justify having both of them. The Wiz won’t do that liquid effortless Bogner thing, but the Bogner doesn’t have the teeth and clarity the Wizard has. The Bogner green channel cleans are something the Wizard won’t do, lots of ways to tweak it. If it...
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    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    All the boxes are checked off here. Very impressed with the 3534, it really is a mini Ecstacy, fantastic amp. Have it running through a Mather 2x12 with a Blue / G12H30 combo, cab has an oval Dumble style port. Sounds better than the other closed back Mather w Gold / Creamback setup....the...
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    If only the Bogner Shiva wasn't so heavy...

    That's what I did with my Duende. It was a heavy mofo for as small as it was as a combo
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    If only the Bogner Shiva wasn't so heavy...

    This is some of the most crushing Shiva tone you'll hear. Rafael is a monster player (but a C+ singer :D )
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    FS Bogner Atma head $950 + shipping

    Killer little Bogner fire-breather here. 18 watt Bogner Atma in excellent + physical and functional condition. EL84 powered , 3 channels with loop, foot-switch included. The Atma is one of Reinhold's finest moments. Operate in 1 watt, 5 watt, or 18 watt modes. 1 watt mode is awesome for late...
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    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    Great clip. That guy is a teacher at MIT / GIT, he has chops to spare.
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    Help! Wizard clean is distorted?

    No idea... hit up Rick. My MC25 is magic, but the “clean” per se is never sparky clean, there‘s always some hair there even with the gain backed off. Now if you run the channel volume up and back off your guitar volume that’s where the ‘clean cleans‘ reside, like perfect fat cleans. Also very...
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    FS VERY EARLY 1987 Fender Strat Plus !!! PRICE REDUCTION

    Alright....super cool. I’ve got an 87’/ 88’ from that first run in limited Seafoam Green, one owner (me). Funny mine did the same thing with plastic aging: knobs yellowed, pickup covers too, pickguard has stayed relatively bright white... identical initials on the piece of masking tape...
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    Any April Wine Fans?

    Yep, ripping band. Ive bought / sold some stuff with Steve Seagal, one of their guitar geeks over the years. Cool guy.
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    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    well, that’s because they’re road cyclists :D
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    C-List Deal of the Day Alert!

    This is sort of epic...
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    Sold Wildwood 10 1961 Stratocaster Relic *Big Price Drop

    Same reason I traded my Wife in.
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    Your advice to noobs...only one

    Play your electric unplugged more often than not...if it aint happening when its quiet and unplugged its not gonna sound any better plugged in and loud :D
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    Marc Culbertson Les Paul replica - anyone own one?

    I just played a Tele he built that's owned by Eddie @ Eurotubes, enormous neck, played nice, sounded fine acoustically. Guy builds nice guitars and has access to really nice wood. I've also purchased all sorts of stuff in person at Gilmer...I hit up Mark about milling some old growth koa...
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    Shell Pink

    Had a few Shell Pink guitars. Love it. Will have another!
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    Streets - 1st

    Awesome album, wore out the cassette I had of it :D Saw them in PDX on the support tour and it was killer, still listen to it. Its like like borderline metal Kansas
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    Can this car go any faster? - The song Dim by the band Dada

    Yes, fantastic band. “Who you are” was a staple back when
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    The Z-Wreck Jr. is Coming!

    Dang, that Peach Guitars demo is killer, amp sounds fantastic...hmmmm
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    Redneck Americana...From Italy!

    Heck yeah! I've never seen a snare brush type setup on an upright like that. She's a great player. Its funny with how guitar geeked I am this really struck a nerve, kinda brings everything back down to Earth haha

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