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    Pedals from Goodwill store?!?!?!?

    Dunlop JH-1 Wah, Pandora Px-4, V-amp2 and Dimarzio Very Metal all from thrift stores for crazy cheap prices. The wah was the funniest: "What is it?" "It's a pedal for guitar." Wheels turning in cashier trying to figure out how to pedal a guitar in the first place...."$1.99."
  2. J

    I've finally found a pedal that goes to 11

    you could of ended your search decades ago.....
  3. J

    What is a maple cap?

    Not necessarily, G&L does bi-cut construction on their necks: cut up the middle vertically and then glued back together with truss rod in the middle. Anyways, reviving old thread because I recently picked up a maple cap strat and it sounds glorious. The tone really is different than a...
  4. J

    played a les paul last night. meh....

    Wasn't a Lp fan until I got he right one in my hands and now if I had to keep one of my 15 guitars, it would that Les Paul.
  5. J

    What to do with an old ASAT...

    G&L and EBMM both will not sells necks but if you send them the guitar, they will build ya a neck to go with the guitar and send you the fixed guitar. They keep the old goes in the bin. Was that a bi-cut maple neck? Why is there not enough wood for a refret? I am gonna home and give...
  6. J

    What's with Les Paul's not staying in tune?

    9's on a Les Paul would be pretty hard to keep in tune at for any chord work..easy on the hands though. Man, that would be some low tension strings if you were playing and Eb tuned stuff.
  7. J

    What's with Les Paul's not staying in tune?

    I think my lester exacerbates any tuning issues because the sustain and pure tone couple to make it pretty clear. My strat/teles can be fractionally out and it only noticeable when playing some extended chords; conversly, when I am slighly out with my LP it bugs when only playing 1 note or two...
  8. J

    Which Les Paul Standard model is not chambered or weight relived?

    The Epiphone Elite/Elitist Lp's (now out of production) were non weight reliefed and long tenoned....heavy as hell but wonderful guitar. Yeah, I know that they are not being made today but they are a far less expensive option for those that are looking in the thread and don't have the cash for...
  9. J

    Who makes the lightest, good sounding 2x12?

    THD for me.....I have major back problems and I can still lug er around without sacrificing big tone of larger/heavier cabs.
  10. J

    NGD!! Les Paul Trad Pro

    Had the same attitude as you and I finally broke down about 9 months and purchased a good is pretty much all I play now because the tone and dynamics are just magical. Lots of good guitars are sitting in the closet hoping that the honeymoon will end so they can get back into rotation.
  11. J

    Country tone advice?

    oh yeah...if your new to country, check this site out for some awesome licks -- towards the bottom is an area which has sound bytes and tab for some amazing licks.
  12. J

    Country tone advice?

    After auditioning several pedals I ended my search when I came set up: Keeley 3 Knob compressor Keeley Katana Clean Boost (with pull out knob for a touch of dirt) DLS Echotap Delay I sometimes like to throw in an Analogman ts9 or FoxRox Zim (Clean Smile card) if I am playing that more dirtied...
  13. J

    How do you choose a Les Paul?

    My last LP is the only electric guitar I have ever bought without even plugging it in. I love the look right away, was heavy as hell but very lively and resonent, and played really well all over the nice straight neck and had a comfy neck with good frets and stayed in tune. I figured I could...
  14. J

    $140 Foxrox Zim at my local Sam Ash

    Just an H9 doesn't have a feedback issue no matter where I set it. My H9 is in the first postion and I usually keep the gain and tone around noon and use a clean boost with it if I need more hair.
  15. J

    My Les Paul Transformation...from Natural to Lemonburst

    The only person that might disagree with your decision is Nuno Bettencourt but he would also want a floyd on it so what the hell does he know. I think it looks fantastic.
  16. J

    How do you get "bloom"?

    I think you also need a sustaining guitar, like a Les Paul that rings out with wonderful overtones giving amp a little confusion to deal with. I swear I can get bloom out of a Roland Microcube with the right Les Paul.
  17. J

    Keeley Katana?

    I have an analogman ts9 brown and the keeley katana on my board. I think that a tele or strat into the ts9 into the katana to slightly boost (with the knob out to add a touch more hair) is the purest most organic sound that I have ever heard live. I am a fan of the Katana for adding a bit of...
  18. J

    Boost pedals

    I use a Keeley Katana with my Tele and I can't imagine my guitar ever sounding better: phat, clear, organic and perfect. A cheaper alternative is something like the EH nano boost which can be had for crazy is less transparent but works really well for the price.
  19. J

    Fender '63 Tube Reverb

    Tube change to proper tubes for the circuit will eliminate some of the distortion you speak of...the 5751 in place of the 12Ax7 will certainly cut down the amount of gain going into the circuit and I found mine much cleaner after the switch.
  20. J

    Fender '63 Tube Reverb

    as well as the tube swapped, which I agree, are a must, I would as suggest you do the following: Locate capacitor C10 underneath the mix pot on the circuit board. (It's obvious when you look for it). Change this cap to a ceramic disc 1Kv 390pf capacitor. This change will increase the amount...
  21. J

    Which pedal sounds like the SD9 Sonic Distortion???

    TS9 (mid bump) stacked with SD9 (dropped mid) sound just awesome together.
  22. J

    Which pedal sounds like the SD9 Sonic Distortion???

    I can get the exact same sound as my original sd9 with a foxrox zim with h9 card and some tweaking of the boost/cut for the mids; sounds just as good without any added noise or buffers. Oh, and it has way way way more volume on tap.
  23. J

    I need a hardshell case for a Gibson SG w/ Bigsby

    I have a factory Bigsby on my Sg and it fits in a standard Gibson rectangular case.
  24. J

    Guyatone TD-X Flip Tube Echo

    I tried one out for about an hour and though I really wanted to love it, I just couldn't pull the trigger on it. I found the sound to be a tad sterile sounding compared to other delays I have used. Also, it wasn't as verstatile as I had hoped in both tones and functioning. The tones were not...
  25. J

    Anyone else hate velcro?

    Hi Papa T....been a long time :wave:wave Looking at your gear tag you seem to have nothing left from the last time I saw a post of yours; I seriously haven't changed a single thing in all that time cept for buying a Carvin Strat to satisfy my Strat needs and picking up a 60's Jensen...

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