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    Charvel DK24 fret wire size - 6100 or 6000?

    I’m looking at getting my Suhr re-fretted as I’ve torn through the Suhr Mediums. Looking for some jumbos on there and looking at my Charvel DK24 Pro Mod, I’m wondering if they might be 6000 rather than 6100? Website states jumbo. Any ideas?
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    Fender Vintera Road Worn Telecaster - nitro?

    Tell me all about the Vintera Road Worn Tele. Is it similar to the older Road Worn Teles?
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    What changed when Fender updated the Road Worn Teles?

    They released a series that had less severe relicing than previously.
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    What changed when Fender updated the Road Worn Teles?

    I used to have one of the old Road Worns, which I thought were good buys, but I foolishly let it go. Mine was one of the white guard versions that I upgraded the saddles, pickups on and changed the guard to a Bakelite black. I’m looking one of the newer Road Worns (not the Vintera) and...
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    Has anybody built a Warmoth recently?

    By the fret ends I meant more would they need a tech’s TLC or are they good to go?
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    Has anybody built a Warmoth recently?

    How were the results? Is the quality consistent? I’m toying with the idea of building one but it’s a bit of a lottery isn’t it? Do they generally need work or is it something you can put together if you can solder etc? How are the fret edges? How are the neck pockets? Any help would be great.
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    Charvel Pro Mod staggered locking tuner replacement - Fender?

    Thanks man. I’ll check those out.
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    Charvel Pro Mod staggered locking tuner replacement - Fender?

    So I’m looking to change the tuners on my DK24 to the staggered variety and I’d read online that the Fender standard locking are a direct drop in but that has proven not to be the case and I’m not mad about the idea of drilling guide holes for the pins literally right next to the original holes...
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    Stock strings on Charvel Pro Mod line?

    They feel like Elixir?
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    Fishman Fluence Open Core - user reviews?

    These things seem great and seem to offer three distinct but useful voices. Is anybody here using them or has any experience of them? Particularly interested in how true the single coil sounds are as aside maybe from the DGT, I’ve never necessarily thought a split sounds that great!
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    Suhr Thornbucker Plus v Suhr SSV in the bridge of a HSS Strat?

    I used to have the SSV in my Classic but switched it out right before a tour for the Thornbucker Plus. I'm finding that the singles (Landau Classic) feel like they're a little more balanced with the TB+, though I think I preferred the extra bit of 'push' the SSV had in the bridge. It's been a...
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    2019: Axe FX 3 vs Kemper - What's the consensus?

    I've owned the Kemper PowerRack, AX8 x 3, Helix x 2, Axe FX III and now the Kemper Profiler Stage. I've gigged and toured them all previously, and having got the Axe III in May this year, and the Stage just last weekend, I have to say, IMO, the way that Kemper does things is just preferable to...
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    I Hated My Helix....

    In ears?
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    Just double checking removing the feet to mount it to a board is cool? They're not doing anything structural, like holding the chassis together? On the AX8 you needed to replace the screws with smaller screws as they were doing exactly that. They don't appear to be on the Stage, just checking?
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    Looking for the best Kemper Plexi profiles?

    Just got these. They sound amazing. Is there a PDF with some sort of guide to what each profile is? Maybe I missed it somewhere?
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    Looking for the best Kemper Plexi profiles?

    Your recommendations below please!
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    Kemper Profiler Stage

    I'm picking one of these up tomorrow. Have an Axe III atm but thinking in gonna prefer this for live down to the form factor. I also always wanted to directly compare the Axe and Kemper. Had a Kemper for nearly three years in the last, toured it, used it everywhere, and absolutely loved it...
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    The new Suhr Pete Thorn

    Love my PT goldtop. I've actually owned two - my first one had the medium frets and whilst it was killer, I found one with Jumbos so ended up selling to buy as they're more my thing. Actually think they made a 9.5/10 a 10. Outstanding guitar - incredibly versatile and sounds killer in every...
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    PRS Tremolo setup question

    Thanks guys, as I thought. I set it up to pull up to F# on the low E. Still pitched back but feels looser and slinkier. I'd set them up this way before but as this came this way I thought I'd check.
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    PRS Tremolo setup question

    The bridge plate. It's parallel with the body but pitched back in relation to say, the pickup rings. Does that make sense? And thanks guys, it's a beautiful instrument!
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    PRS Tremolo setup question

    Hi guys. I bought a used but mint PRS Custom 24 the other day... I have a question about the setup of the trem. PRS advise 1/16" float off the body, and it's exactly that, but that causes it to be slightly pitched back from the string angle. Is that normal? I always assumed terms would be...
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    Fractal MFC-101 help - how to have scenes default rather than presets?

    Is this possible? Rather than having to hit reveal to get to scenes, can I make the default be scenes, and then hit reveal to access the IAs?
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    Just got AXE FX III: Want to know MFC-101 vs FC controller pros/cons

    I'm on the waiting list here. I'd take a 6 but ideally want the 12.
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    Just got AXE FX III: Want to know MFC-101 vs FC controller pros/cons

    I got an Axe III about two weeks ago after 2+ years on the AX8. I originally got a Voes MX18 midi controller but found it not quite what I wanted. Actually just bought an MFC-101 Mk III and a 'JORDI board' - - to control it. Should do everything I want until I can get my...
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    Which MIDI controller with Axe FX III?

    What with the wait for the FCs, and the price of the RJM stuff, I'm looking for an alternative. I tried a Voes but I don't know how roadworthy it is, it only has a Windows editor and generally isn't for me. So that's going back. Would love to know what others have had success with.

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