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    Crook Custom Paisley finish

    Not a fan of bound Fender style guitars. Having said that, Bill makes some of the best tells money can buy.
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    Gibson ES-339 Are they any good?

    Mostly the nut and bridge. There have been some other minor issues with the finish, and neck scratches (possibly made by the Plek system).
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    Gibson ES-339 Are they any good?

    I am considering picking up one of these in the future. It seem like Gibson has had some production issues with these models over the last few years. Anyone have experience with these models one way or the other. Are you happy with your purchase. Is she a keeper? Also when it comes to...
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    Your unpopular music opinions?

    • Jimmy Page has been forgettable since the Firm • Clapton's mid boost switch has ruined his tone since Blackie • If John Mayer is helping save the blues, the blues are in worse shape than I thought • Neil Young should never be allowed to play electric guitar solos...
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    Strats not massive enough - go tele?

    Try different amps or pickups. I had the same problem with strats in general. They will never sound quite as big as a Les Paul but changing amps or pickups can stop you from a never ending search for the perfect strat for you. Going to Germino amps solved the problem for me.
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    It's Freddie King Friday!

    I also think Freddie lost a step or 2 towards the 70s. THose silky fluid licks that were there in the 60s disappeared later in his career. 70s blues in general is not my thing although I think Otis Rush recorded some great stuff then.
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    It's Freddie King Friday!

    I think the Goldtop shows on Freddie King sings a bunch too.
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    It's Freddie King Friday!

    I prefer his early Goldtop playing and tone. That stuff is the stuff that influenced the English players.
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    My Review of Joe Bonamassa in Hollywood, FL

    I enjoyed the write up. I lived in Broward County for about 18 years. From what I understand, Craig is the owner of the Burst Joe played. I used to visit his store back when he was close to M.A.E. music on Davie. I really liked the store he had across from the Galeria back in the day.
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    Favorite Germino?

    That's one happy kid!
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    Germino Club 40 or 20th Anniv Shiva

    I have the Germino C40 in red & C45 in black. Love them both. Both are set up for lo voltage. I run them through matching cabs. I absolutely love the clean tones. I would have saved myself a lot of time & money flipping gear if I would have started with these 2 amps. Having said that, I am...
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    Who's down with the Vibroverb tone?

    I had the 63 VVRI. Played it for years and was glad to get rid of it. Felt the amp was too harsh and thin sounding. It was all stock. Perhaps I should have changed the speakers and tubes to help.
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    My name is Ben, and I am hopelessly infatuated with the Germino Club 40.

    That is exactly how I feel and what my ears tell me. The strat sounds best through the C45 although it sounds wonderful through the C40. My les paul sounds sweeter through the C40. Although, through my c45, the aggressive blues breaker tones are hard to equal.
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    My name is Ben, and I am hopelessly infatuated with the Germino Club 40.

    I am new to the land of germino. I recently picked up a Club 40 and classic 45. They are the only 2 amps that I have now. One is upstairs and the other is downstairs. Good luck with the gas. Once i got one, I had to get another.
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    **Sick Deal Alert** Germino Monterey

    .... Ho or UA?
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    New Joe Bonamassa Pickups With Seymour Duncan

    Anybody have first hand experience with these pickups. I am looking into getting a set.
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    New Joe Bonamassa Pickups With Seymour Duncan

    Joe sounds good and Seymour's tone is terrible to say the least. I don't think that he is using the pickups that he created for Joe.
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    For those that have a misconception about Joe Bonamassa as a person...

    He is an amazing player with a great heart. He gives 100% at his shows and is one hard workers. What more can you ask for? ............. oh wait, I forgot....... he's not perfect.
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    Just ordered a Ceriatone 50w Overtone Special!

    Congrats on the new purchase. Please provide picts when it's all done. I have considered Ceriatone but ended going the Germino route for now. What is the expected build time?
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    Bonamassa Live From New York - Beacon Theatre DVD

    The only thing missing from this Beacon DVD is the 2 songs he did with Rory's strat. Those 2 songs should have at least been on the extras section. That's my only disappointment with this release. Looking forward to the CD.
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    Bonamassa Live From New York - Beacon Theatre DVD

    I picked up a copy yesterday. Very tasteful playing coupled with wonderful tone. As great as his 59s sound, I am glad he uses some effects here and there as well as play the other stuff (v, doublneck, tele etc......) too vary the tonal spectrum thoughout the show. Having said that, I prefer when...
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    Carr Slant 6V or Tone King Metropolitan?

    I am listing a TK Metro for sale today if you are intersted.
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    Bonamassa rocking out on a Tele...

    I like it. Nice to see a Fender in the mix.
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    Check this strat out

    Not trying to hijack the thread. Kelton makes some awesome stuff for sure. My favorite tele is my Kelton tele. I have one of his 54 sunburst strats listed for sale here on TGP. I just listed the other day. She's a beauty and light too...
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    Tone King Metropoliatan Modifications and Tone Thread

    I have a TK Metro 1x12. Has anyone changed tubes or speakers to sculpt the tone differently? If so, how would you describe the before and after. What is the tonal/sound difference when running through a 2x12 cabinet? Also, what settings do you like on each of the channels.

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