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  1. DiazDude

    Black Diamond (KISS) vs. School's Out (Alice Cooper)

    I've never seen the words "Kiss" & "songwriter" used in the same sentence
  2. DiazDude

    Black Diamond (KISS) vs. School's Out (Alice Cooper)

    Kiss had more popularity..Cooper had better songs
  3. DiazDude

    Concert ticket prices

    As long as people are willing to pay these prices it's not going to change.
  4. DiazDude

    Arc Angels ,new album and a tour?

    They're booked for Wanee Fest w/Allmans, Gov't Mule, Derek, Doobies & Feat 1st weekend in June!!
  5. DiazDude

    Happy Birthday David Gilmour!!

    :drinkI'd buy him a pint given the chance!!
  6. DiazDude

    Anyone Pumped for THE PHISH REUNION

    Talented but not really my cup of tea.
  7. DiazDude

    Supposing Hendrix didn't die in 1970...

    I read an interview with Keith Emerson where he mentioned there was talk of a possible project with Jimi. That would have been interesting.
  8. DiazDude

    Should I pay tax on a consignment purchase?

    Don't buy it then..simple.
  9. DiazDude

    Anyone remember Cal Jam II?

    I've got it...great album..I remember the broadcast too. I keep wondering why both 1 & 2 have never been released on DVD.
  10. DiazDude

    American Idle slipping??

    Heck I thought it was a new show...
  11. DiazDude

    War Pigs vs. Immigrant Song

    Ya think?? :rolleyes: Absolutely!!! :BEER
  12. DiazDude

    War Pigs vs. Immigrant Song

    10X more intensty in Immigrant Song's 2:26 than in War Pig's entire 7:57.
  13. DiazDude

    Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (Meatloaf) vs. Love Hurts (Nazareth)

    Could you mean Nuge? (Nugent) Loaf rules!!
  14. DiazDude

    Warren Haynes playing a Strat Plus!!!

    Saw him in in ABB w/Woody and he used the Strat on a few tunes. Same tme as this Video.
  15. DiazDude

    Whats the best way to stand when playing a Barre' chord?

    Whats the best way to stand when playing a Barre' chord? I try to maintain a "upright" stance if at all possible.
  16. DiazDude

    What type of speakers was Fender using in the mid 50's?

    What type of speakers was Fender using in the mid 50's (single 12 combos) and what would be a modern day equivalent?
  17. DiazDude

    Les Paul Shreds

    Looks like this is from the same time I saw him in 78. Same drummer & The Paulverizer too. Sure was a monster then AND now!!
  18. DiazDude

    Hurdy Gurdy Man vs. White Rabbit

    Hurdy Gurdy!!
  19. DiazDude

    When did guitar really come into it's own?

    The Most Important Decade For Guitar.. Based on your experience and feelings not only as a player but as a music lover at what point (decade) do you feel the guitar started to really make a difference in music? Note..I added a range "Mid/Late 70's to Early/Mid 80's" I picked the 60's because...
  20. DiazDude

    Wireless - walking into the crowd

    Pick & choose the moment..I've done it...not as a going concern. Ladies like it.
  21. DiazDude

    '58 reissue LP

    When I run across a guitar that has that physical resonance it gets my attention. It was that way with the 58 Custom Authentic LP I ended up with. It's electronics weren't really up to snuff but WCR & RS took care of that.

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