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    Crowther Hot Cake - Footswitch issue

    So I have one of the Hot Cakes with the Bluesberry/normal switches inside. It sounds great! Unfortunately, it's unreliable at best and won't turn on at worst. I'm assuming (hoping?) it's just the footswitch, but when I open it up, the footswitch is on a printed circuit board. I'm not...
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    Where to buy Fralins?

    Sadly, Acme has closed. I tried going there first, but their website was down. Checked their facebook, and it was announced a few weeks ago.
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    Where to buy Fralins?

    I'd like to try some Vintage Hots. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anywhere online that: (1) Has them readily in stock (2) Allows returns in case I don't like them better than my current pickups (3) Provides the options I need (base plate for bridge pup, aged white color, NOT RVRP...
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    RME Fireface 400, RME Fireface 800, Foccusrite Saffire Pro 40 or Steinberg MR816CSX ?

    Another +1 for RME. The biggest benefit is that those Germans know how to write device drivers that don't cause your DAW to crash repeatedly. Funny that it's so hard...but the RME is the most solid interface I've ever used. Between RME, Samplitude and my Sonica-built computer, reliability is...
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    Mixer / Recording / Drum help

    If you're trying to find something for $250, I seriously doubt you'll find anything above 8 channels...and good luck finding that. Although you can do a good drum recording with 8 channels like 99.99% of the time. Or, put a different way, if your drums suck, it's not cause you don't have enough...
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    Frustrated with Pro Tools--Any other programs worth using?

    Sometimes the problem is the hardware side, not just the software side. I have almost zero problems with Samplitude, WinXP and RME interfaces.
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    Neve 1073 copies?

    It's been a long time since I used one but looking back at old notes, the Great River was able to maintain clarity and openness without sacrificing size. It wasn't as "big" sounding as other pres (Chandler TG2, Pheonix DRS-2, DW Fearn VT2) but those weren't really going for clarity like the GR...
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    Neve 1073 copies?

    I like the Great River MP-2NV and Phoenix Audio DRS-1 and DRS-2 I mostly use Seventh Circle Audio N72s now, but that's a 1272 circuit, not 1073. Of course the 1272 wasn't a mic was a line the SCA gets around that by putting two stages back to back and splitting the gain...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    :messedup I wasn't even talking about the mis-information by a certain dealer who shall remain un-named. My point was only that mics can be manufactured in China and QC'd / tweaked in the US as a way to provide quality at low price...but, yeah, that's completely different than lying about a...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    I'm not elambo but I agree with him on this issue...there's a difference between (1) Not buying a Nady or MXL microphone because they're designed, manufactured and QC'd in China (2) Not buying a Peluso just because it's manufactured in China, despite the fact that it passes through stringent...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    Yeah, I don't get the whole fear of Chinese manufacturing. Every single car and airplane we ride in has SOMETHING of Chinese manufactured origin in them...and any business person can tell you it doesn't matter where something is built nearly as much as who's in charge of QC. Yeah...I wouldn't...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    Haven't worked there for 4 years...only mentioned my experiences because of the earlier comment: My "plug" for Mercenary was actually intended to counter-balance the notion that Mercenary stopped selling Neumann for purely sonic reasons. Now as far as Peluso... YOU were the one who said...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    Never used a Peluso but heard lots of good things about them. They're definitely not "clones" of the holy grail mics, though...different capsules, tubes, transformers, the whole nine yards. Doesn't mean they're bad...just that they're subject to a lot of marketing hype. As someone who used to...
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    Any more affordable versions of the U87 out there?

    Don't look for a "cheaper U87". There's actually nothing that special about a U87, at least nothing any MORE special about it than any other mic in the $2k+ price range. Anyone who says so either (1) is trying to sell your something, or (2) is repeating what (1) said. Instead, look for a mic...
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    40k Studio

    My above post has the general rules, here's some specifics of how I'd allocate $40k. Monitors Focal Twin6 Be - $3200 Avantone Mix Cubes w/ Alesis RA-150 power amp - $400 Console Toft ATB-24 with meter bridge - $7k Converters Radar Nyquist 24-channel - $15k Recording Platform...
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    40k Studio

    Much of this has been said before: (1) Buy quality, not quantity (2) Don't spend all your $$$ at once. Buy the absolute minimum you need to get started, LEARN that gear, then decide what's missing and replace/supplement. (3) Buy stuff that will hold it's value...e.g. mics, preamps...
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    Good books on recording etc

    Best book on recording that's out there: Mixing with your Mind, by Michael Stavrou. Not cheap...but most of what he says can't be found anywhere else.
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    Recording Acoustic Fingerpick Guitar on a tight budget

    Yeah, my first thought (which you edited in) was mic position. It makes a HUGE difference on acoustic...easily as much as the mic you choose.
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    Speaker recomendations needed for AC30CC2?

    There's a thread at Vintage Amps / Plexi Palace you might be interested in: I put Weber Alnico Blue Dogs in my AC30CC2 that I like. I also just picked up the mysterious vintage silver speakers that Southbay Ampworks believes are...
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    short rock clip - mix advice/help requested

    What decade do you want this to sound like? For classic rock, it's pretty decent though bass could come up a tad. I also like the guitar tone a lot. For modern rock, I would cut back on the snare reverb, parallel compress the drums pretty heavily, bring up drums and bass in level.
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    '86 JCM800 2205 for $795 local...decent deal?

    He wanted $900 originally, so I doubt he'd take $700... Still trying to decide...
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    '86 JCM800 2205 for $795 local...decent deal?

    I've always wanted to play around with a JCM800, and there's a guy around here who's willing to sell one for $795. Here's what he wrote about it on Craigslist: Basically, I'd only really want to buy it if I could turn it around for no loss after playing with it / feeling it out for a...
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    Basics Question: Tell me about interface i/o's.

    What's the price on the MOTU unit? My favorite budget interface a few years back was the Firepod and you should be able to pick one up rather cheap. 8 preamps + converters + a pretty solid overall system that's stackable for additional inputs. Here's some basic terminology: Connector...

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